The One Hundred-Fourteenth United States Congress was a meeting... -
114th united states congress

The One Hundred-Fourteenth United States Congress was a meeting...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2018
The One Hundred-Fourteenth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, D.C. from January 3, 2015, to January 3, 2017, during the final two full years of Barack Obama's presidency. The 2014 elections gave the Republicans control of the Senate (and control of both houses of Congress) for the first time since the 109th Congress. With 247 s
114th united states congress

114th Congress is most diverse ever

Pew Research Center - 12 Jan 2015
Almost one-in-five members of the House and Senate are a racial or ethnic minority, making the 114th Congress the most diverse in history. However, Congress ...
114th united states congress

Faith on the Hill | Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center's Religion and Public Life Project - 03 Jan 2017
The share of U.S. adults who describe themselves as Christians has been declining for decades, but the U.S. Congress is about as Christian today as it was in ...
114th united states congress

The changing face of Congress in 5 charts

Pew Research Center - 02 Feb 2017
The 115th Congress took office in January and set to work on an agenda that includes confirming President Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees, addressing ...
114th united states congress

The religions of the 114th Congress, mapped

Washington Post - 06 Feb 2015
The Washington Post mapped out the religious affiliations of House members of the 114th Congress by district. Here's what it looks like (click here if you can't ...
114th united states congress

By the numbers: Veterans in Congress

PBS NewsHour - 11 Nov 2014
The 114th Congress will be made up of 70 current members and 11 incoming members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have served or are serving in ...
114th united states congress

E-Filing bill now has more support than ever

Center for Responsive Politics - 18 May 2018
A bill that would require Senate candidates to electronically file campaign finance disclosures is now up to 53 sponsors. That's more sponsors than ever.
114th united states congress

The Unbearable Whiteness of Congress

Daily Beast - 08 Jan 2015
The 114th Congress may be the most diverse ever, but it's still 80 percent white male, and 92 percent Christian. Why our elected officials (still) look nothing like ...
114th united states congress

29 most liberal members of Congress

The State - 15 Mar 2016
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has made more left-leaning topics part of the national political conversation this year during his presidential run.
114th united states congress

The Gilded Age of Congress

Huffington Post - 12 Apr 2017
Of all of his many ludicrous and inflammatory statements, “Perhaps it's time to America was run like a business,” has been one of President Trump's most ...
114th united states congress

How We Can Hold Bureaucrats Accountable

Daily Signal - 05 Jul 2018
In the 114th Congress, we enacted 329 bills into law. But during the same period, the Obama administration finalized more than twice as many rules and ...
114th united states congress

Hatch named 'Most effective in Senate'

Utah Policy - 27 Sep 2017
Using a data-based system that analyzes research compiled by the Library of Congress, the nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking has named Senator ...
114th united states congress

Paul Ryan's House legacy, in photos

Politico - 11 Apr 2018
House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Wednesday he intends to retire from Congress at the end of his term. The Janesville, Wisconsin, native has served in ...
114th united states congress

Who is going negative is US politics?

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press - 23 Feb 2017
While it is easy enough for observers and pundits to declare that modern American politics is “too negative,” it is much harder for social scientists to.

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