The 2011 Norway attacks, referred to in Norway as 22 July... -
2011 norway attacks

The 2011 Norway attacks, referred to in Norway as 22 July...

wikipedia - 04 Oct 2017
The 2011 Norway attacks, referred to in Norway as 22 July (Norwegian: 22. juli), the date of the events, were two sequential lone wolf terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik against the government, the civilian population, and a Workers' Youth League (AUF)-run summer camp. The attacks claimed a total of 77 lives.
2011 norway attacks

Picasso murals caught up in bitter legacy of Norway terror attack

The Independent - 30 Oct 2017
Since 22 July 2011, Y-block and an adjacent building, known as H-block, have sat largely empty, their windows boarded up or covered by screens, a ghostly reminder of the car-bomb attack by the right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik that tore ...
2011 norway attacks

A Trip To Norway For The Oslo World Music Festival

NPR - 15 Nov 2017
Norway is known for its natural beauty of glacial fjords and Northern Lights, but NPR world music contributor Betto Arcos visited Norway for the music. Arcos traveled to the Oslo World Music Festival, where he ...
2011 norway attacks

Russian teenager handed jail sentence in Norway explosives case

Reuters - 30 Oct 2017
OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian court sentenced a 17-year-old Russian citizen to nine months in jail on Monday for making a small explosive device and bringing it to the center of Oslo in April. Prosecutors had sought a two-year sentence for the teenager, ...
2011 norway attacks

Breivik inspires right-wing terror

Views and News from Norway - 07 Nov 2017
Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians responded to the right-wing extremist's attacks in 2011 with large gatherings, waving roses and later decorating their cities with the flowers. The attacks in Norway still rank as the deadliest, with Breivik's ...
2011 norway attacks

Thousands protest new film on Utøya

Views and News from Norway - 08 Nov 2017
Norway's former prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, made a solitary trip back to the island of Utøya a year after it was the scene of a massacre carried out by a lone gunman on July 22, 2011. A film now in production about the attack on Stoltenberg's ...
2011 norway attacks

Oslo 'vulnerable' to vehicular terror

Views and News from Norway - 02 Nov 2017
London's anti-terror chief, Nick Aldworth, has warned that Oslo's main “parade boulevard,” Karl Johans gate, is vulnerable to attacks carried out by vehicular terrorists driving cars and trucks. Top Oslo politicians claim more security measures to ...
2011 norway attacks

Oslo uses flowers against terrorists

Views and News from Norway - 07 Nov 2017
“We've been working on this (planter box) project since the end of August, and it's not an acute situation,” Johansen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “It's completely coincidental that his (Aldworth's) remarks came last week, ...

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