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2014 winter olympics medal standings

Who Won the Most Olympic Medals in 2014?

Sports Illustrated - 08 Feb 2018
One thing is certain about the 2018 Winter Olympics: the country at the top of the medal table will be different than the leader from 2014. In Sochi, the host Russians captured a total of 29 medals, one more than the United States. Russia also tied ...
2014 winter olympics medal standings

List of Russia Olympic medals stripped; new Sochi medal standings

OlympicTalk (blog) - 28 Nov 2017
The count of Russian medals stripped is at 13 (out of 33) and athletes disqualified is at 43 in punishments for the nation's doping scandal leading up to and during the Sochi Olympics. The full list of disqualified athletes and stripped medals: Olga ...
2014 winter olympics medal standings

These Countries Have Won the Most Winter Olympic Medals

TIME - 05 Feb 2018
More than 40 countries have won at least one Winter Olympic medal since the first games in Chamonix, France, in 1924. For any country looking to take the first spot in the all-time Winter Olympics medal count, Norway is the one to beat during the 2018 ...

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