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2016 croydon tram derailment

On 9 November 2016, a tram operated by Tramlink, a light rail tram sys...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
On 9 November 2016, a tram operated by Tramlink, a light rail tram system serving Croydon and surrounding areas in South London, England, derailed and overturned on a sharp bend approaching a junction. There were seven fatalities with 58 other people injured, sixteen of them sustained serious injuries. The tram was carrying about 70 passengers. It was the first tram incident in the United Kingdom in which passengers were killed since 1959.
2016 croydon tram derailment

Transport group chief getting £700k pay-off

Press and Journal - 02 Jun 2018
Payment of his deferred bonus from 2017 depends on investigations into the 2016 Croydon tram crash, when a FirstGroup derailment left seven people dead and more than 60 injured. He will receive no other bonuses. Wolfhart Hauser, now executive ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash: TfL receives 87 claims

BBC News - 31 Jan 2018
Transport for London (TfL) has received 87 claims for compensation over the Croydon tram crash, a report has found. The second investigation out of four into the cause of the derailment, which killed seven and injured more than 50 people, has been ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash: Two memorials unveiled

BBC News - 09 Nov 2017
Two memorials honouring the victims of the Croydon tram derailment have been unveiled on the first anniversary of the tragedy. Seven people died when the commuter tram overturned on 9 November 2016. A stone plinth has been erected near the crash site ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash: Report says driver 'probably dozed off'

BBC News - 07 Dec 2017
The driver of a tram which derailed in Croydon had probably dozed off moments before the fatal crash, an official report has found. Seven people died and more than 50 were injured in the derailment in south London in November last year. The Rail ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

More calls for TfL officials to face questions over tram crash

Inside Croydon (satire) (blog) - 03 Apr 2018
“While I don't doubt that an arrest and a manslaughter investigation are warranted, based on the well-evidenced poor state of Croydon tram safety six months after the November 2016 crash, I'm honestly not convinced the BTP is aiming high enough on the ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash: Drivers 'fell asleep' on fatal line

BBC News - 23 Apr 2017
Four drivers have admitted falling asleep while operating trams in Croydon, where seven people were killed after a tram derailed in November 2016. Drivers said a safety device, known as "a dead man's handle", failed to activate and stop their trams.
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash prompts safety action plan

New Civil Engineer - 22 Jan 2018
On 9 November 2016 a tram, travelling between Wimbledon and New Addington, overturned on a bend as it approached Sandilands Junction in Croydon. Excessive speed was found to have been the main cause of the crash as the tram was travelling ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash could have been prevented, says widow

BBC News - 06 Dec 2017
An interim report by the RAIB found the tram was travelling at three-and-a-half times the speed limit when it came off the tracks. on 9 November, 2016. Mrs Logan said it was "crazy" there were plenty of warning signs of previous speeding incidents ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

TfL withheld key audit report from tram crash investigators

Inside Croydon (satire) (blog) - 14 Mar 2018
A transport safety campaigner has accused Transport for London of suppressing vital information related to the causes of the Sandilands tram crash by keeping secret an audit report into the events of November 9, 2016, even to the point of not releasing ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

More questions after TfL is forced to publish tram fatigue report

Inside Croydon (satire) (blog) - 20 Mar 2018
Within days of Inside Croydon highlighting the failure of Transport for London to share a safety audit report into driver fatigue with those investigating the 2016 Croydon tram tragedy, TfL decided to make the report public. In a letter to Caroline ...
2016 croydon tram derailment

Croydon tram crash: Who were the victims?

BBC News - 13 Nov 2016
Donald Collett, 62, a grandfather from Croydon, was identified by the British Transport Police as one of the seven victims of the Croydon Tram derailment on Saturday. In a statement his family said they were "struggling to deal with this tragic news ...

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