Winners and losers from the 2016 election -
2016 election

Winners and losers from the 2016 election

Washington Post - 07 Nov 2016
Let me sum up the 2016 election in two words: holy crap. This election is one for the ages, an epic upset that 100 years from now, we will all be discussing on our apparats. As always after big news events, I picked some of the best and worst of the ...
2016 election

This Map Can (Almost) Tell You How Your Neighbors Voted in 2016

Westword - 16 Aug 2018
The New York Times recently released an outstanding hyper-local map of the 2016 presidential election, breaking the entire country's votes down to precinct level. Such data offers so much detail, you can almost figure out how your neighbors voted ...
2016 election

None of the Above won the 2016 election

Boing Boing - 14 Aug 2018
A year ago, I wrote a long piece on how Trump won the election. He exploited the two parties' own longstanding, dirty tactics, which work like this: 1. Convincing your party's base that they should hold their nose and vote for you, despite your ...
2016 election

A Trump Bump in Yields at Women's Colleges

Inside Higher Ed - 13 Aug 2018
Last year's decisions about where to enroll came after Election Day 2016, but much of student planning and thinking about college choice that year preceded the Trump election and the Me Too movement. That impact appears to be showing up this year.
2016 election

Elections management in the US is improving

MIT News - 15 Aug 2018
The administration of elections by states improved overall by six percentage points between 2012 and 2016, according to the new Elections Performance Index (EPI) released by the MIT Election Data and Science Lab (MEDSL). Using indicators ranging from ...
2016 election

The 13 best books about the 2016 presidential election

Business Insider - 29 Jul 2018
The 2016 presidential election was one of the most controversial in American history. Even though it's been almost two years since Election Day 2016, many are still hashing out what happened, and how the final result catapulted President Donald Trump ...
2016 election

Election 2016 Gets a Report Card

ProPublica - 09 Aug 2018
The report, called the Election Performance Index, also found evidence of a large group of voters who cast a protest vote in 2016. The index is based on a variety of sources, including public surveys and census data. It grades each state on 17 factors ...
2016 election

Presenting the least misleading map of the 2016 election

Washington Post - 30 Jul 2018
The fundamental tension in presenting the results of an election in a map is balancing geography with population. Maps generally depict geographic areas, and votes rarely conform neatly to geographic boundaries. We're left considering maps of ...
2016 election

Are Blockchains the Answer for Secure Elections? Probably Not

Scientific American - 16 Aug 2018
With the U.S. heading into a pivotal midterm election, little progress has been made on ensuring the integrity of voting systems—a concern that retook the spotlight when the 2016 presidential election ushered Donald Trump into the White House amid ...

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