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2016 manhattan explosion

Bomber Strikes Near Times Square, Disrupting City but Killing None

New York Times - 11 Dec 2017
A would-be suicide attacker detonated a pipe bomb strapped to his body in the heart of Manhattan's busiest subway corridor on Monday, sending thousands of terrified commuters fleeing the smoke-choked passageways, and bringing the heart of Midtown to a ...
2016 manhattan explosion

Bomber Sentenced to 2 Life Terms for Manhattan Attack

New York Times - 13 Feb 2018
Ahmad Khan Rahimi, an Afghan-born immigrant who worked quietly behind the counter of his family's fast-food restaurant before building and planting the bomb that exploded in Manhattan in 2016, was sentenced on Tuesday to two life terms in prison.
2016 manhattan explosion

New York's alleged 'Chelsea bomber' goes on trial Monday

CNN - 02 Oct 2017
The federal complaint said Rahimi traveled to Manhattan from New Jersey about two hours before the Chelsea blast. A manhunt throughout the region ended on the morning of September 19, 2016, when Rahimi was wounded in a shootout with police in ...
2016 manhattan explosion

September start for 2nd Ave. gas-explosion trial

The Villager - 30 Mar 2018
BY SYDNEY PEREIRA | The case for the 2015 East Village explosion is expected to go to trial Sept. 24. Ahead of the projected trial date, both parties will suggest questions for jury selection on June 25, the judge on the case, Kirke Bartley said on Friday.
2016 manhattan explosion

Police Seek Photos in 2016 Central Park Explosion

New York Times - 29 Jun 2017
Nearly a year has passed since an 18-year-old tourist from Virginia stepped off a boulder in Central Park onto a plastic bag, setting off explosive material inside that tore through his left leg. On Wednesday, Police Department officials stood by the ...
2016 manhattan explosion

Timeline: New York City a terror target for decades

USA TODAY - 02 Nov 2017
The pipe-bomb explosion Monday in the New York subway beneath Times Square, which injured three people besides the bomber, was just the latest reminder that the city has been a target of terrorist attacks for decades. Whether drawn to the iconic ...
2016 manhattan explosion

The attempted Manhattan subway terror attack: what we know so far

Vox - 11 Dec 2017
A man detonated a pipe bomb in a subway near Times Square at around 7:30 am Monday, in what New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling “an attempted terrorist attack.” The attacker is originally from Bangladesh, and the Trump administration seized on the ...

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