Mo' Meta Blues: 22 Jump Street, Reviewed -
22 jump street

Mo' Meta Blues: 22 Jump Street, Reviewed

Deadspin - 13 Jun 2014
1. How much credit are we supposed to give a movie for being self-aware? 22 Jump Street is so self-conscious and nervy about its status as an unnecessary cash-grab sequel that it never stops bringing it up. There are multiple inside-baseball asides ...
22 jump street

Box Office: 'Deadpool 2' Is Doing Great For A Comedy Sequel

Forbes - 24 May 2018
For every 22 Jump Street or Meet the Fockers, there are comparative underperformers like Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Neighbors 2, Addams Family Values, Gremlins 2 and Ted 2. Even The Hangover Part II earned 9% less than the first film's $277m domestic ...
22 jump street

The secrets of City Park

Curbed New Orleans (blog) - 23 May 2018
Scenes from the movies The Expendables, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and 22 Jump Street, as well as the television shows American Horror Story and Treme, were all shot here. The park, founded in 1854, also takes part in the city's carnival culture, hosting ...
22 jump street

LeBron James & Channing Tatum Team For New Line Action Comedy

Deadline - 23 May 2018
Free Association has been behind the 22 Jump Street and Magic Mike franchises and more recently produced the Amazon series Comrade Detective and Logan Lucky. It is repped by UTA, Management 360 and Hansen, Jacobson. Carter is repped by UTA, ...
22 jump street

Liam Neeson Joins MEN IN BLACK Spin-Off

Splash Report (press release) (blog) - 23 May 2018
Here's my question: why is this getting made before the 21 Jump Street/MIB film? That film had everyone talking from the fake trailer in 22 Jump Street, and… nothing. Oh Sony, don't you see? You're blind baby, you're blind to the facts. That a rap ...
22 jump street

Dimanche soir à la télé : on mate "The Call" et "22 Jump Street"

AlloCiné - 20 May 2018
Leur alchimie à l'écran est indéniable. Si la recette est la même que pour « 21 Jump Street », il serait cependant dommage de bouder son plaisir. Mention spéciale pour le générique de fin qui est l'aboutissement ultime de l'humour méta qui traverse le ...
22 jump street

Andrew J. and Amber Stevens West Expecting First Child - 14 May 2018
In June 2014, Stevens West recalled to Conan O'Brien while promoting her film 22 Jump Street a day where there was “a heavy make-out scene” scheduled to be filmed on Greek — and the surprising way West impressed her. “The catering came out – and it ...
22 jump street

Chill & Cult : Découvrez « 22 Jump Street » sur Netflix

Just Focus (Communiqué de presse) - 22 May 2018
Malheureusement, malgré la synergie du film semblable au premier de par son humour qui fonctionne bien, on doit avouer que 22 Jump Street reste loin du 21. Le problème n'est pas dans la suite en elle-même, car on est heureux d'avoir un deuxième opus ...
22 jump street

7 tips to help you get over the middle-of-finals-week slump

Daily Californian - 09 May 2018
There's no better way to keep your mood cheery than watching Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum take on college in “22 Jump Street.” Remember that Jesus died for our Cyn-thi-as, and we at the Clog think it's a sin to not take some time to laugh a little. 3.
22 jump street

Big-Screen Comedy Seems in Need of Saving

Film School Rejects - 14 May 2018
But even if we look at unadjusted box office for comedies, only three more titles make it into the top 20: 22 Jump Street, Pitch Perfect 2, and Bridesmaids. Compare that to the all-time unadjusted list for all movies, which features 13 titles from the ...
22 jump street

22 Jump Street

TV Spielfilm - 07 May 2018
Komödie und Sequel zu „21 Jump Street“: Die Undercover-Cops sollen Dealer hopsnehmen. Jenko (Channing Tatum) und Schmidt (Jonah Hill) sollen das Auftauchen einer neuen Designerdroge am College aufklären. Dabei wird die Partnerschaft der ...

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