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23AndMe Is 50% off (Its Lowest Price Ever!) for Amazon Prime Day

Prevention.com - 18 Jul 2018
23andMe Ancestry + Health was marked down on Amazon for both Mother's Day and Father's Day, bringing the kit down in price by 30 percent. If you missed those deals, you're in luck: for Amazon Prime Day, 23andMe is a whopping 50 percent off, bringing ...
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23andMe is not for me

The Stanford Daily - 17 Oct 2018
When I was eight I asked for rollerblades and a Nintendo DS, I had no idea what genetic testing was. 23andMe's website even features bright pictures of happy people holding ice cream. I'm sorry, but if I were reading the results of their testing, I'm ...
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In the 23andMe era, kids of sperm donors are finding each other

Fast Company - 26 Sep 2018
Around 2013, Johnson used the 23andMe service while trying to get information on potential health risks. Four years later, after the company's new DNA Relatives feature became available, she learned she had two half-siblings. The revelations of new ...
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23andMe helps Chaska teen find biological sister

SW News Media - 27 Sep 2018
When Brenna Mathers first signed up for 23andMe, finding a long lost relative was a just a dream. Maybe a cousin, the Chaska teen thought. “There was always a little hope that maybe I might find someone” the 16-year-old recounted. Brenna was adopted ...
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Ep. 116: Bury My Heart at 23 and Me

Ricochet.com - 20 Oct 2018
Elizabeth Warren falls for Trump's troll and loses big with a genetic test showing her to be 1/1024th Native American or Peruvian or something. And the Saudis (allegedly) murder Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Should Trump punish them and, ...
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Column: 23andMe Too

Chronicle Independent - 18 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON -- Now that the DNA is out of the bag, Sen. Elizabeth Warren can put her Native American heritage down for a nap -- maybe. After two and a half years of being mocked by Donald Trump as “Pocahontas,” referring to the Massachusetts ...
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Big Data and the End of Painful, Invasive Medical Procedures

WIRED - 15 Oct 2018
“I really look at 23andMe as a data company,” said Wojcicki. But it's taken the genetic testing provider more than a decade to get there. After an initial round of positive press and a spate of spit parties back in 2006, sales of 23andMe kits dropped ...
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Ancestry.com's ethnicity updates likely won't be the last

USA TODAY - 22 Sep 2018
Just a year ago, 23andMe identified 31 populations when it reported a person's ethnicity. This year that number has expanded to 160. That's possible because of advances in the technology and the broadening of the population samples used, the company ...

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