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25th amendment

25th Amendment unlikely to be invoked over Trump's mental health

Politico - 08 Jan 2018
Donald Trump's description of himself as a “very stable genius” sparked new debate this weekend about the 25th Amendment, but invoking the provision to remove a president from office is so difficult that it's highly unlikely to come into play over ...
25th amendment

Can a young female generation topple Ireland's 8th amendment?

New Internationalist - 22 May 2018
The amendment was not introduced to criminalize abortion – this was already unequivocally the case in Ireland before the '83 vote. Rather, the campaign for an anti-abortion amendment was fought as a symbolic battle to gain ground against what was seen ...
25th amendment

Improving the White House Plans for Presidential Inability

Lawfare (blog) - 09 May 2018
The chaos following the assassination attempt was a turning point for the 25th Amendment. In the following days, when Reagan was conscious and recovering, the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel completed a memo on the 25th Amendment.
25th amendment

Presidents can be indicted

KBZK Bozeman News - 22 May 2018
If this were so, an indictment could be sealed and kept secret until the president's term concluded. Or the more likely scenarios would be either a presidential resignation or resorting to the 25th Amendment, which could enable the vice president to ...
25th amendment

Why are these TV presidents in trouble?

Philly.com - 24 Apr 2018
I hadn't realized how many TV presidents I was juggling until I started to see story lines this year about the 25th Amendment. A 51-year-old addition to the U.S. Constitution, inspired by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and meant to ...
25th amendment

If President Trump is an 'idiot,' what does that make John Kelly?

Washington Post - 01 May 2018
The latter poses a problem since neither the 25th Amendment nor impeachment are designed for the situation when, to quote Kelly, the people elect an “idiot.” More about that in a minute. Third, Kelly has no business continuing to serve. He cannot ...
25th amendment

Removing a president from office

Observer-Reporter - 28 Apr 2018
Section 3 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution says the president may be removed from office if he notifies the Senate's president pro tempore and speaker of the House of Representatives that he is unable to perform his presidential duties. He is ...
25th amendment

Is There Method in Donald Trump's Madness?

POLITICO Magazine - 02 May 2018
Nor will I deny that I've never daydreamed about invoking the 25th Amendment that would put Trump in a straitjacket and handing his presidency over to Mike Pence. But if you finger-walk your way through the pages of the first 15 months of Trump ...
25th amendment

Triumph building purchase on board agenda Tuesday

The Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle - 22 May 2018
There will be a proclamation honoring the Cancer Support Center for its 25th anniversary. A budget amendment of $40,500 to the vehicle licensing line item for a sewer cleaner vactor. A variance request to allow the construction of a shed at 17902 ...
25th amendment

Mueller Won't Indict Trump if He Finds Wrongdoing, Giuliani Says

New York Times - 16 May 2018
They have also pointed to the 25th Amendment, which allows a president who is disabled from performing his duties be temporarily replaced by the vice president. But Mr. Mueller appears to have far less latitude than either of those predecessors in how ...
25th amendment

Dear Mr. Madison, you stuck us with Trump

News & Observer - 26 Apr 2018
There are those who speak of Section 6 of the 25th Amendment as an alternative, but its provisions were framed with physical debility in mind, and its procedures are so unwieldy as to be all but useless. You and your colleagues could hardly have ...
25th amendment

Can Trump resist a subpoena?

Washington Post - 08 May 2018
Giuliani was shorthanding the argument that, because the Constitution provides that the president may be removed from office only through the mechanisms of impeachment (or the 25th Amendment), a sitting president cannot be criminally prosecuted.
25th amendment

Homeland: Art imitating Life

Progress Index - 18 May 2018
Former President Elizabeth Keane, having just been removed via provisions of the 25th Amendment misapplied by her cabinet but endorsed by her straight arrow vice president, is vindicated and returned to office. Keane's first inclination is to destroy ...
25th amendment

The Destruction of the Republican Party

Project Syndicate - 07 May 2018
Beyond that, Americans should try to persuade Vice President Mike Pence that it's time to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which provides for the removal of a president who has been deemed unfit to serve by a majority of his or her cabinet.

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