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25th amendment

25th Amendment unlikely to be invoked over Trump's mental health

Politico - 08 Jan 2018
Donald Trump's description of himself as a “very stable genius” sparked new debate this weekend about the 25th Amendment, but invoking the provision to remove a president from office is so difficult that it's highly unlikely to come into play over ...
25th amendment

Why Congress Won't Touch the 25th Amendment

Roll Call - 16 Jan 2018
Still, the debate made clear Congress didn't want the 25th Amendment to be a tool for combating a president's incompetence, laziness, unpopularity or even impeachable conduct. They talked about invoking the involuntarily removal mechanisms only when a ...
25th amendment

Washington's growing obsession: The 25th Amendment

Politico - 04 Jan 2018
the president wrote online Tuesday night. The tweet resuscitated the conversation about the president's mental state and the 25th Amendment, which allows for the removal of the president from office if the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet ...
25th amendment

'Madam Secretary' explores 25th Amendment episode

CNN - 11 Jan 2018
Series creator Barbara Hall noted that the specter of the 25th Amendment has been "in the discussion and atmosphere for a while, but nothing like what's come to the forefront now." She added that unlike, say, "Law & Order," "We're not doing 'ripped ...
25th amendment

Trump's FISA Tweet Shows Why the 25th Amendment Is Unnecessary

Vanity Fair - 11 Jan 2018
For much of the past year, beleaguered government officials have sought to downplay Donald Trump's tweets. “I do not follow the tweets,” White House chief of staff John Kelly said in November; a few weeks later, Paul Ryan joked that he checked Twitter ...
25th amendment

Invoking the 25th Amendment Is a Terrible Way to Get Rid of Trump

The Weekly Standard - 15 Jan 2018
There's been a lot of talk recently about invoking that amendment in order to remove Trump from office. Go ahead and read the text of the amendment. It's not a simple process. As John Podhoretz explained on this week's (excellent!) Commentary podcast ...
25th amendment

Ups and downs: Gorilla TV, the 25th Amendment and more

Washington Post - 08 Jan 2018
UP: The 25th Amendment. DOWN: Anti-anti-Trumpers. UP: Number of Trump advisers who think he lacks the brainpower to be president. DOWN: “I have a very good brain.” UP: Requiring presidents to get annual physical and cognitive checkups. DOWN: Allowing ...
25th amendment

Invoke 25th Amendment

Allentown Morning Call - 16 Jan 2018
President Donald Trump on Thursday referred to Haiti and African nations as "shithole countries" during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House. While disparaging these places, he also wanted folks from countries like Norway to ...
25th amendment

It's time to revisit the 25th Amendment

News & Observer - 05 Jan 2018
That amendment has re-entered the news with the stunning eccentricities of Donald J. Trump. Section 4 offers a guarded process for removing a president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” But unfitness is not defined; and in ...
25th amendment

25th Amendment Pushing Dem Congressman Has No Idea What It Is

FrontPage Magazine - 14 Jan 2018
The Framers didn't set up the 25th Amendment. Anyone with even the most basic grasp of the history of the Constitution should know that based on the number alone. We're talking 1967 here. That's 5 years after Raskin's mother gave birth to him. It's bad ...
25th amendment

Donald Trump's fitness for office isn't a medical question

Vox - 19 Jan 2018
Removing Trump with the 25th Amendment wouldn't be up to doctors. It's up to Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet. Here's the ultimate reason why medicalizing Trump's behavior is a dead end. The question of the mental fitness of Donald Trump isn't ...

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