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25th amendment

When do we reach 25th Amendment territory?

Washington Post - 12 Oct 2017
I've not favored using the 25th Amendment as a means for dislodging an unfit president. For one thing, we shouldn't medicalize behavior for political reasons, and for another, they'll be no end to claim of mental impairment if we allow the phrase ...
25th amendment

How do you get rid of Trump? An election, not the 25th Amendment.

Washington Post - 19 Oct 2017
It appears that just as impeachment fever had started to break around the country, a 25 Amendment bug started going around. A few weeks ago, the University of Chicago's Eric Posner argued that the “conventional understanding” of the amendment should ...
25th amendment

The 25th Amendment Proves Why Trump's Mental Health Matters

NBCNews.com - 18 Oct 2017
The 25th Amendment is the ultimate constitutional "check" — a corrective mechanism for an American president who is physically or psychologically unable to lead. Most important, it grants legal authority to those closest to power — first, the vice ...
25th amendment

Is it time to talk about the 25th Amendment?

CNN - 13 Oct 2017
Julian Zelizer is a history and public affairs professor at Princeton University and the author of "The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Great Society." He's also the co-host of the "Politics & Polls" podcast. The ...
25th amendment

The 25th Amendment isn't geared toward impeachment | Letters

Sun Sentinel - 18 Oct 2017
The Oct. 18 letter ("Show backbone; end Trump presidency") suggesting the use of the 25th Amendment to have President Trump removed from office is wrong on almost every count. The writer's strident and highly provocative language aside, he appears to ...
25th amendment

Does the 25th Amendment Apply Here?

Blue Virginia (press release) (blog) - 17 Oct 2017
Clearly, it would include circumstances like those in 1919, when President Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated by a serious stroke. And it's probably safe to assume that the framers of the 25th Amendment, back in the 1960s, did not envision a situation ...
25th amendment

William Rivers Pitt | Why the 25th Amendment Won't Save Us

Truth-Out - 15 Oct 2017
You see, the president of the United States is a vacant hole posing as a person, and there has been a lot of talk about the 25th Amendment because of it. Unless Trump leaves office voluntarily, the only mechanism for his lawful removal is found in ...
25th amendment

'Trump unfit to lead,' say doctors of Duty to Warn Movement

Amsterdam News - 19 Oct 2017
Organizers say they believe the 25th Amendment of the constitution provides a mechanism for removing the president that psychiatrists and psychologists can help initiate. This amendment ratified in 1967 in the wake of John Kennedy's 1963 assassination, ...

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