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420 memes

24 Happy 420 Memes and GIFs for Those Observing National Weed Day

Inverse - 21 Apr 2018
On the dankest of holidays, pot lovers celebrate in a variety of styles. It's a day for smoking, vaping, and baking, for example. It's day to espouse the medicinal benefits of the non-psychoactive CBD, while also enjoying the THC. It's also a day when ...
420 memes

420 memes you'll love even if you aren't celebrating

HelloGiggles - 19 Apr 2018
On Friday, it's not just the end of the week — it's also 420, a day when marijuana smokers come together to celebrate their favorite hobby. And now that weed is legal in certain states, it's never been easier to do so. As this unofficial holiday ...
420 memes

The real 420 meaning is even cooler than you thought

HelloGiggles - 20 Apr 2018
April 20th, aka 420, aka National “Smoke Weed Every Day” Day, gives stoners everywhere reason to celebrate. Even if you don't enjoy partaking in puff-puff-pass, you're probably aware of the unofficial holiday commemorating weed. Why celebrate it on ...
420 memes

No, There Won't Be a Rare 'Green Moon' Tonight

Thrillist - 20 Apr 2018
This date signifies and valorizes the smoking of marijuana, which is typically green, much like tonight's supposedly rare moon. According to legend, this supposed moon only appears every 420 years. According to the memes, it occurs when "several ...
420 memes

Y a-t-il 250 000, ou 420 000, entrées légales d'immigrés par an?

Libération - 18 Oct 2018
Vous nous avez envoyé avec votre question un lien vers une vidéo de Jean-Yves Le Gallou (TV Liberté), dénonçant les fake news du chroniqueur et politologue Clément Viktorovitch, qui lui même avait dénoncé sur CNews les fake news de la journaliste ...
420 memes

11 of Seth Rogen's funniest moments

Mashable - 11 Oct 2018
Someone's dog bears an uncanny resemblance to Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage. But someone decided to take this image of the dog and slap Seth Rogen's Twitter handle and profile picture to the meme with the caption: "Am I really stoned or does my ...
420 memes

Théâtre. Cap d'en rire, entre humour et culture

Le Télégramme - 18 Oct 2018
En trois ans, la troupe de théâtre amateur Cap d'en rire a su s'imposer dans le paysage culturel plérinais. Ce week-end du 20 et 21 octobre, ses comédiens seront à deux reprises sur la scène de l'Espace Roger-Ollivier. Leur objectif : rire et faire rire.
420 memes

Your 4/20 Will Be Blazin' With These Hilarious Memes & Tweets

College Candy (blog) - 20 Apr 2018
April isn't just the month of April Fool's Day and Easter. An unofficial holiday falls on April 20th, known as 4/20 or “Weed Day.” According to TIME, the significance of the date has a diverse amount of theories, from it either being a code among cops ...
420 memes

Top 5 Dance Highlights at Coachella 2018: ODESZA, Kygo & More

Billboard - 17 Apr 2018
Memes came to life at the Sahara tent, which was fundamentally redesigned this year to increase capacity and allow fans a closer view of the myriad LED screens lining its stage wall. Electronic performances claimed a significant slice of the festival's ...
420 memes

Man held for meme on CM

The Telegraph India - 04 Apr 2018
A young city entrepreneur was arrested on Wednesday for posting a meme using a popular ad of a mouth freshener and juxtaposing it with footage of the chief minister admonishing Opposition members in the Assembly, the police action inviting widespread ...
420 memes

Elon Musk smoking weed is now a meme

Dazed - 08 Sep 2018
Obviously more important than Tesla's stock plummet, though, are the stellar memes Elon's tiny toke has spawned, a good selection of which we've collected below. ...
420 memes

This Is The Best Meme Account on SoundCloud in 2018

Noiseporn - 16 Aug 2018
Sometimes you just need less reposts and more memes, and SoundCloud user 'PLURGATTI BOY 420' has taken advantage of the latter with one of the greatest meme accounts that SoundCloud has ever seen. Put together by producer RamonPang, this ...
420 memes

Abidos : grève ce vendredi à Toray

La République des Pyrénées - 19 Oct 2018
"On s'est rendu compte que nos copains de Lyon vivaient les mêmes choses que nous, explique Sébastien Doré, secrétaire général CGT pour Toray Abidos. C'est la première fois que les deux usines de Toray en France sont en grève en même temps".

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