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a rainy day in new york

Cold, active weather for Central New York this weekend

Syracuse.com - 18 Oct 2018
With northwest winds in place, a spray of lake effect rain and snow showers will move into Central New York. The rain and snow will continue into Sunday morning before letting up during the early afternoon hours. A slushy coating to an inch of snow ...
a rainy day in new york

Bed bugs and block parties: my introduction to New York

Financial Times - 18 Oct 2018
After that rainy April day, the sun started peeking out again and New York revealed its charm: its inhabitants. For all their assumed bombast, New Yorkers are some of the most gregarious, charming and friendly people my wife and I have met. This is ...
a rainy day in new york

Javier Bardem Calls Woody Allen Backlash a “Public Lynching”

Vanity Fair - 19 Oct 2018
Meanwhile, three of the actors in Allen's latest film, A Rainy Day in New York—Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Hall, and Griffin Newman—have distanced themselves from the project, donating their salaries to charities like RAINN and the Time's Up Legal ...
a rainy day in new york

Stalking the Trump Family's Roots

New York Times - 16 Oct 2018
I drove off into an afternoon, and, in the space of just five hours, the sky turned purple and spit rain and snowflakes, whipping wind rose and pelted us with hail, numerous sets of double rainbows rose and fell, and finally a surreal golden light ...
a rainy day in new york

Struggling to Bring the 'Blue Wave' to Deep-Red Alabama

New York Times - 17 Oct 2018
When I visited this summer, on a rainy afternoon, the living room was furnished with cheap folding tables and decorated with white boards, homemade posters and a huge Alabama flag. An Instagram-friendly letter-board sign reading GO THE EXTRA MILE was ...
a rainy day in new york

The eyes of Texas were upon . . .

Pauls Valley Daily Democrat - 20 Oct 2018
We simply cannot look at the rain as anything but a gift, for it can be turned off quite suddenly and be as dry as a bone. The air show is always exciting, and as I report on each year, we have the ...
a rainy day in new york

How Trump Could Fatally Weaken the Dollar

New York Times - 14 Oct 2018
Other countries have long chafed at the dollar's dominance in global finance. Nearly two-thirds of the foreign exchange reserves held by the world's central banks', essentially their rainy-day funds, are held in dollars. It is the currency used to ...
a rainy day in new york

Rainy days and money

Long Island Business News - 28 Sep 2018
A New York State lawmaker plans to introduce legislation aimed at keeping school districts from over-taxing residents and discourage districts from holding onto more money than they're entitled to. Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick, R-Smithtown, says he ...
a rainy day in new york

Preparing For A Rainy Day

Financial Advisor Magazine - 01 Oct 2018
More liquid, accessible or inexpensive alternative strategies are launching at a time when advisors are struggling to allocate client capital, says Mitch Rubin, co-CIO and managing partner at New York-based RiverPark Funds. “There's a lot on the minds ...
a rainy day in new york

Our Robot Overlords

National Review - 07 Oct 2018
Flying into New York, you'll have some time to contemplate the robo-cop, because you will wait approximately forever for a taxi. That's New York for you: There are robots at the airport, but it is damned near impossible to take an Uber or Lyft like an ...
a rainy day in new york

On Oahu, 20 places for great meals for less than $20

Los Angeles Times - 21 Oct 2018
Grab your Hawaiian garb and join us for cheap eats Oahu, where the best way to catch the aloha spirit is to dine like a local. It's time for another installment in our “20 for $20” articles that examine a score of restaurants where you can eat nicely ...
a rainy day in new york

New York's Next Nickname: The Big Sponge?

New York Times - 27 Sep 2018
New York, city officials said, needs to do better at dealing with weather phenomena that are becoming more common — cloudbursts, which are especially intense rainstorms that dump enormous amounts of water in a short time. Climate change ...
a rainy day in new york

Video: Rainy day with downpours in forecast

WCVB Boston - 02 Oct 2018
The video was posted to social media on Sunday, causing outrage in the New York community. Jeremy Dufresne, who has also been identified as Jeremy Youngs in some reports, can be seen in the video being jolted awake after a pitcher full of water was ...
a rainy day in new york

Woody Allen will keep working

Cherokee Tribune Ledger News - 18 Oct 2018
Asked what he'll do if bad publicity grows stronger and more actors refuse to work with him, he told the New York Post newspaper: "I'm a writer. It's what I am. What I do. What I always will be. I'll write. Since I continually have ideas it'll be new ...

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