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a rainy day in new york

Game 116: A Rainy Day in New York

River Avenue Blues (blog) - 11 Aug 2018
The rain is supposed to stop sometime tomorrow morning. I've seen worse weather forecasts turn into playable conditions, so maybe they can get this game in. If they try, make sure you have a lead after the top of the fifth, fellas. Here are the lineups.
a rainy day in new york

Rainy Day Walk

New York Times - 09 Aug 2018
Dear Diary: The timing was perfect when I left work on a Thursday evening in June. A soaking thunderstorm had just finished up. Although the air was still thick with humidity when I got outside, I decided to take advantage of having missed the storm to ...
a rainy day in new york

Some States Sitting on Piles of Cash, and Cities Want a Cut

New York Times - 17 Aug 2018
Rainy-day funds are pots of money governments can turn to if things go bad. But the funds have a mixed record. In the past, state lawmakers often used them for political expediency — paying for employee raises, for example, rather than making cuts or ...
a rainy day in new york

New York Today: Congestion for New Jersey Commuters

New York Times - 20 Aug 2018
The New Jersey Department of Transportation has suggested joining a car pool or van pool or adjusting your schedule to avoid the peak commute times of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.. If you have more questions, the Transportation ...
a rainy day in new york

10 Cozy Spots To Spend A Rainy Day In NYC

Guestofaguest.com (blog) - 13 Aug 2018
Though soggy streets and violent umbrella sidewalk traffic are reasons enough to stay home when the sky opens up, a rainy day in New York can actually be pretty dreamy. If you're enjoying it from a safe and dry locale, of course. Whether you're looking ...
a rainy day in new york

Of rainy days, free rides, new art and The New York Times

Traverse City Record Eagle - 03 Aug 2018
Give me an attendance chart for the summer at the Dennos and I can tell you which days it rained. Rainy days are a museum's best friend and that is very true for the Dennos. With the competition of the beach and, in general, great places to be outside ...
a rainy day in new york

Rainy day activities in New York better than Netflix & chill

Metro US - 26 Jul 2018
Rainy days are a tempting time to hide in your apartment for some quality Netflix & chill time. But with all the amazing things to do in New York City, your list of places to explore is never going to get any shorter if you let a little weather get in ...
a rainy day in new york

Uber and Lyft hoped 'rainy day' fund would relax NYC regulations

Engadget - 02 Aug 2018
Ridesharing companies really, really don't like the thought of New York City capping their services and otherwise instituting new regulations. To that end, they recently tried a drastic measure: making a charity offer in return for concessions. Lyft's ...
a rainy day in new york

New York Today: A Rainy Run

New York Times - 01 Aug 2018
Updated, 7:48 a.m.. Good morning on this washed-out Wednesday. What better way to kick off August than with enough rain to ruin your hair, your shoes and your weekend plans? Plan for rain today, with thunderstorms possible in the afternoon and evening.
a rainy day in new york

What Makes California Politics So Special

New York Times - 18 Aug 2018
Mr. Schwarzenegger, another movie star elected governor, circulated Mr. Starr's op-ed among his senior staff as a road map for the new administration. ...
a rainy day in new york

More rainy weather for Upstate New York this week

Syracuse.com - 30 Jul 2018
The rain will start Monday afternoon, developing across Western New York and spreading into the Finger Lakes. This rain will drift into Central New York and the Adirondacks overnight as it dissipates. Most areas should see under a half-inch of rain ...
a rainy day in new york

8 Rainy Day Activities For Wet Weekends

Hartford Courant - 11 Aug 2018
As summer draws to a close, it can be increasingly difficult to find things to do and ways to keep your whole family entertained. That goes double for rainy weekends, when go-to summer activities like swimming, hiking, and outdoor dining are out of the ...
a rainy day in new york

Needed rainfall this week across Upstate New York

NewYorkUpstate.com - 23 Jul 2018
The highest rain totals over the next few days will extend across the Southern Tier of Western New York and Central New York and especially into the Catskills. Further north, periods of heavy rain will still be possible, but rain amounts will generally ...
a rainy day in new york

The Real Risk of the John Brennan Episode

New York Times - 16 Aug 2018
The document announcing Mr. Trump's decision was dated July 26 — suggesting strongly that the White House had been saving it for a rainy day. (After this was pointed out, the administration quickly issued a second, undated copy.) What's more, Mr ...
a rainy day in new york

Aretha Franklin Was the Personification of Black Woman Magic

New York Times - 18 Aug 2018
When Aretha Franklin roared, in several octaves no less — listen to the “Ahhhhhh-hhhhhh!” refrain from “Rock Steady” — I imagined it sprang from a place many black women know all too well. A fire in the belly. A well of pain. A personal altar for ...

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