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a walk among the tombstones

These Are The Best Parts Of 'A Walk Among The Tombstones'

Huffington Post - 19 Sep 2014
"A Walk Among The Tombstones" is far from perfect. As Vulture's Kyle Buchanan noted on Twitter, the film is severely lacking in female characters who aren't brutalized, and its villains are problematic at best. (A dissenting take on the film's ...
a walk among the tombstones

Matt Martin: A walk among Erie's tombstones - 13 May 2018
The corporators of Erie Cemetery had either foresight or fortunate timing in choosing the layout for the 75-acre property in 1851. The Rural Cemetery movement was in its second decade in the United States, and Erie's leading men and their landscape ...
a walk among the tombstones

West Milford Teen Plays Love Interest In Coming Of Age Summer Movie

North Passaic Daily Voice - 14 May 2018
The Pequannock native plays love interest Joanie Williams in " Measure of a Man ," the adaptation of the Robert Lipsyte novel "One Fat Summer" about an insecure teen who bonds with a Wall Street executive during a life-changing summer. The 19-year-old ...
a walk among the tombstones

Dan Stevens Joins Legion Creator's Astronaut Film Pale Blue Dot

Screen Rant - 11 May 2018
Stevens left the cozy confines of Downton early to launch a movie career, appearing in such films as A Walk Among the Tombstones, Norman, and Colossal. Stevens' biggest film role to date, however, has been playing the Beast opposite Emma Watson in ...
a walk among the tombstones

Scene Calendar: Fun things to do

Gainesville Sun - 24 May 2018
Veterans for Peace Memorial Mile: From dawn Saturday through dusk Monday, West Eighth Avenue just east of 31st Street where the Solar System Walk is located. Veterans for Peace will display nearly 7,000 tombstones as part of a Memorial Day weekend ...
a walk among the tombstones

Good vs. Evil, Both Bloody

New York Times - 18 Sep 2014
Nasty, brutal and unforgiving, “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is one of those rare contemporary cinematic offerings: intelligent pulp. It was written and directed by Scott Frank, a script writer whose credits include “Get Shorty” and “Minority Report ...
a walk among the tombstones

TV-Tipps für Samstag, 19. Mai - 19 May 2018
Ruhet in Frieden (A Walk Among the Tombstones, USA 2014, Scott Frank) Der ehemalige Polizist Matt Scudder arbeitet als privater Ermittler. Ein Drogendealer beauftragt ihn, die Mörder seiner Frau zu finden. Er nimmt die Spur eines psychopathischen ...
a walk among the tombstones

'Worse than death': the children who survived the battle for Okinawa

South China Morning Post - 06 May 2018
Seeking refuge from the aerial bombardment of American fighter planes above, he was hiding among tombstones in a public cemetery not far from the Naha City area, when three Japanese soldiers yanked him by the collar. He was told to give up his hiding ...
a walk among the tombstones

The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix Canada in March

New York Times - 27 Feb 2018
It's hard to keep track of all the bone-crunching Liam Neeson vehicles since “Taken” turned him into an action star, but “A Walk Among the Tombstones” stands out for its authentic grit, which puts it more in line with the noirs and Westerns of old than ...
a walk among the tombstones

A Walk Among the Tombstones - 19 Sep 2014
A Walk Among the Tombstones, the sophomore directorial outing of veteran screenwriter Scott Frank, is almost a good movie. It's got a sense of humor and suspense. It's aware. It's intelligent. It also takes a few bizarre turns, some in damningly poor ...
a walk among the tombstones

Scientifically Ranking Liam Neeson's Deadliest Characters

Nerdist - 12 Jan 2018
This weekend Liam Neeson's The Commuter pulls into theaters, but before even seeing the movie we know a few things about it will be true: Liam Neeson is going to punch people in the face, he's going to kill some others, and he's going to save the day.
a walk among the tombstones

Make morose cover songs in film trailers stop

Charleston City Paper - 08 Feb 2018
Somewhere, someone in Universal Pictures' marketing department said to their fictional boss, "Ya know JT, we got this dour crime mystery starring Liam Neeson. Let's really hammer home the dourness of A Walk Among The Tombstones by playing a slowed ...

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