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a walk among the tombstones

These Are The Best Parts Of 'A Walk Among The Tombstones'

Huffington Post - 19 Sep 2014
"A Walk Among The Tombstones" is far from perfect. As Vulture's Kyle Buchanan noted on Twitter, the film is severely lacking in female characters who aren't brutalized, and its villains are problematic at best. (A dissenting take on the film's ...
a walk among the tombstones

Walking among the tombstones

The Navhind Times - 01 Nov 2017
All Souls' Day is the time of the year when the Catholic Church exhorts us to remember the faithful departed. And so, on this day, cemeteries are beautifully decorated and buzzing with life while for most of the year, they wear a deserted look, with ...
a walk among the tombstones

IDW to adapt Matthew Scudder series for upcoming graphic novel

SYFY WIRE (blog) - 07 Nov 2017
In 1986, Jeff Bridges played Scudder in the big screen version of 8 Million Ways to Die, while Liam Neeson took over the role in 2014 for the film A Walk Among the Tombstones. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming Eight Million Ways to Die graphic ...
a walk among the tombstones

Liam Neeson's Transformation Into Nicolas Cage Is Now Complete

Forbes - 24 Oct 2017
While Neeson's post-Taken thrillers (Unknown, The Grey, Non-Stop, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Run All Night, etc.) were more Hitchcock than hardcore, he did find a second or third wind of sorts. Neeson emerged as a rare “put butts in the seats” action ...
a walk among the tombstones

'Stranger Things' opening doors for 'reinvested' actor David Harbour

The Columbus Dispatch - 30 Oct 2017
He played a two-faced homewrecker in ″Revolutionary Road,″ a dirty cop in ″The Equalizer″ and a venomous kidnapper in ″A Walk Among the Tombstones.″. The popularity of ″Stranger Things″ — and of Chief Hopper, an Indiana Jones-channeling ...
a walk among the tombstones

Reel Reviews: Nothing left to lose

Pentiction Western News - 22 Oct 2017
It's an intentional movie, you can see it showing us the things we're supposed to see. It takes itself seriously and it happens to pay off. It wouldn't have worked if Chan and Brosnan were lesser able. It reminds me of A Walk Among the Tombstones where ...
a walk among the tombstones

Review – The Foreigner

Inside Pulse - 24 Oct 2017
In the wake of Taken you've had movies like The Equalizer, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Edge of Darkness, 3 Days to Kill, The November Man, and others. Each time an older male star is chosen to be the action hero (Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, and ...
a walk among the tombstones

Karl Urban, Ashley Greene to Star in Action-Adventure 'Snowblind'

Newsline - 27 Oct 2017
The Traveling Picture Show Company produced Osgood Perkin's “The Blackcoat's Daughter,” released by A24, and Universal's “A Walk Among The Tombstones,” starring Liam Neeson. Alqueres is represented by UTA and Ground Control. Urban is repped by ...
a walk among the tombstones

Local lore: spirits, witches and mysteries galore

Easton Courier - 28 Oct 2017
1 and believed that the day before (Oct. 31) the boundaries between the spirit realm and the human world were blurred, allowing ghosts to walk the earth. In recognition of Samhain the Celts had bonfires where ...
a walk among the tombstones

'A Walk Among the Tombstones' Adapts Lawrence Block's Novel

New York Times - 18 Sep 2014
Nasty, brutal and unforgiving, “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is one of those rare contemporary cinematic offerings: intelligent pulp. It was written and directed by Scott Frank, a script writer whose credits include “Get Shorty” and “Minority Report ...

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