These Are The Best Parts Of 'A Walk Among The Tombstones' -
a walk among the tombstones

These Are The Best Parts Of 'A Walk Among The Tombstones'

Huffington Post - 19 Sep 2014
"A Walk Among The Tombstones" is far from perfect. As Vulture's Kyle Buchanan noted on Twitter, the film is severely lacking in female characters who aren't brutalized, and its villains are problematic at best. (A dissenting take on the film's ...
a walk among the tombstones

Shirkers Documentary

Channel NewsAsia - 19 Oct 2018
This fantasy-tinged road movie shot in Singapore in 1992 never saw the light of day. All 70 reels of footage vanished into thin air, resurfacing only some 20 years later. The film's journey has been made into a documentary named Shirkers, and it's ...
a walk among the tombstones

Film review: Apostle

The Times - 11 Oct 2018
Gareth Evans, the director of the Raid films, squanders audience anticipation and the talents of Dan Stevens in this potty-brained Wicker Man revamp (it's available on Netflix). Set on a tiny, unnamed British island in the early 20th century, it ...
a walk among the tombstones

What's on TV and radio this weekend: October 20-21, 2018

The Times - 19 Oct 2018
What at first feels like a competent period thriller — the late-Eighties detail is impeccable — soon reveals itself to be something far sharper and funnier, with the bureaucratic incompetence and buck-passing among the police and government bringing ...
a walk among the tombstones

More than 70 attend first of four historic cemetery tours

Greenvilleadvocate - 11 Oct 2018
We are accustomed to seeing figures of angels, symbols of spirituality, in cemeteries. But there is so much more to discover than these winged heavenly beings when we walk among the tombstones. From clasped hands to draped urns and broken columns, ...
a walk among the tombstones

Don't Whistle Past the Graveyard

Mountain Home Magazine - 16 Oct 2018
Anyway, basket filled with lunch, we'd speed to the cemetery to dine among the tombstones. The place was way across town, so we coasted down East Avenue and crossed Main Street. (We didn't need pedestrian “Walk” buttons; we just used common sense.) ...
a walk among the tombstones

Matt Martin: A walk among Erie's tombstones - 13 May 2018
The corporators of Erie Cemetery had either foresight or fortunate timing in choosing the layout for the 75-acre property in 1851. The Rural Cemetery movement was in its second decade in the United States, and Erie's leading men and their landscape ...
a walk among the tombstones

Jersey City: What to do in the neighboring big town

amNY - 19 Oct 2018
After you've eaten, walk off the calories with a stroll around the Paulus Hook neighborhood, where Sam a.m. is located. The area dates back to the Dutch colonization and saw battle during the Revolutionary War. Today, it maintains charming old ...
a walk among the tombstones

A walk among the dead

Southwest Journal - 28 Jun 2018
Other stops feature the outright wacky, like the gravesite of world-record marathon dancer Callum deVillier; his record, 3,780 continuous hours of dancing, is etched on his tombstone. “Sometimes you find information that begs you to learn more ...
a walk among the tombstones

Good vs. Evil, Both Bloody

New York Times - 18 Sep 2014
Nasty, brutal and unforgiving, “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is one of those rare contemporary cinematic offerings: intelligent pulp. It was written and directed by Scott Frank, a script writer whose credits include “Get Shorty” and “Minority Report ...
a walk among the tombstones

Patch's 2018 Guide To The Southland's Best Halloween Yard Haunts - 10 Oct 2018
If you're looking for new zombie graveyards, body parts, floating ghosts and devil's playgrounds to explore for Halloween, you've come to the right place. Patch has assembled its annual Tour o' Yard Haunts for 2017 created by some of the Southland's ...

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