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About Last Night: So Much for a Hangover

Canes Country - 21 Jan 2018
The Carolina Hurricanes had their mandatory five-day bye week in the days leading up to last night's win in Detroit, which is theoretically a great thing. The players, who have strained their bodies on the ice, got an extended period of relaxation ...
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About Last Night | Wolves Light Up Thunder - 11 Jan 2018
Life is good if you're a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Going into Wednesday, the team was coming off of wins over the Pelicans and the defending Eastern Conference champion, Cleveland Cavaliers. On Wednesday, the Wolves had the test of Russell Westbrook ...
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About Last Night: Going Down in Flames

Canes Country - 15 Jan 2018
Amazingly, the Hurricanes are back to last place in the Metro and will most certainly be at least four to six points back by the time they take the ice Saturday. The team is one point behind where they were at this point last year, and that quick ...
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About Last Night: The Hurricanes Didn't Bring The Thunder

Canes Country - 10 Jan 2018
The Carolina Hurricanes dropped a 5-4 decision in regulation Tuesday night against a Tampa Bay team that will undoubtedly have their best shot at a Stanley Cup since they won it all in 2004. On its face, there's no shame in losing a one-goal game to a ...
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About Last Night: In Which Last Night Didn't Actually Happen

Canes Country - 07 Jan 2018
The Seattle Times published this research review on forgetting traumatic experiences, including one study that said that recalling memories but correcting it with a different piece of information could help (e.g. “Who beat us last night?” “The Bruins ...
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About Last Night: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Canes Country - 03 Jan 2018
The Carolina Hurricanes undoubtedly play in the toughest division within the NHL. This requires them to face off at least four times with the likes of John Tavares, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Henrik Lundqvist, and so many more future Hall of Fame ...
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About last night ... Bruins stomp Canadiens 4-1

Montreal Gazette - 18 Jan 2018
And there are 37 games to play – including a visit to Washington Friday night – in this lost season. The Wednesday night stat sheet tells the game's story. Boston – outshot 4-0 in the game's opening minutes – had 63 shot attempts: 32 on Carey Price, 10 ...
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About Last Night: Is This Real?

Canes Country - 30 Dec 2017
Crosby's bad night is just one illustration of the way the Hurricanes limited shots on the night overall. There was only one team in the NHL that has outshot the Canes on average coming into last night's game: yep, the Pittsburgh Penguins. For the most ...
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About Last Night: Back to the Drawing Board

Canes Country - 31 Dec 2017
The Hurricanes ended their four-game win streak and need answers from a “starting” goaltender. By Matt Krombach@mattkrombach Dec 31, 2017, 12:03pm EST. Share More. Share. About Last Night: Back to the Drawing Board. tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard ...
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About Last Night: Thriving in the Third

Canes Country - 28 Dec 2017
However, there is one Hurricanes defenseman who actually could be negatively affected by the strong Carolina defense last night: Haydn Fleury, who was once again a healthy scratch. Klas Dahlbeck, who has started the last three games in Fleury's place ...
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About Last Night: A Holiday Feast

Canes Country - 24 Dec 2017
His workload last night was not overwhelming but he provided the saves when needed and that is the true testament. Who knows what truly has happened with Darling, but as big games approach, dear Bill Peters please take this hint: Start Cam Ward ...
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About last night ... Islanders edge Canadiens 5-4 in OT

Montreal Gazette - 16 Jan 2018
Neither Carey Price not the Islanders' Thomas Greiss played at a Tretiakian level Monday night at the Bell Centre. But the team in red jerseys – “la Sainte-Flanelle”, as we say in Quebec – outshot the visitors 56-24 … and they deserved more than a ...
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About Last Night: Struggling with the spirit of Christmas

The Sydney Morning Herald - 23 Dec 2017
Q: This year I am struggling to get into the spirit of Christmas. Apart from the fact that peace and goodwill seem to be thin on the ground around the world, I have two sulky teenagers who sneer at all my festive plans, and a partner who is more ...

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