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About Last Night: The Audacity of Bunting

Lookout Landing - 22 Jun 2017
Bunting is bad. We know this. In almost every context this has been found to be true. They almost always often reduce run expectancy, require immense precision, and have extremely low upside. They also can make people on the internet very angry in ...
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About last night: Anatomy of one of Phillies' worst losses of 2017 - 22 Jun 2017
The last hour or so of Wednesday night's game surely was a series of unfortunate events. And we'll get to most of those in a minute, but, first, something good that actually came from one of the worst games of the season, a game that ended with the ...
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About last night: Cap Region lawmakers explain 'What Just Happened?'

Albany Times Union (blog) - 22 Jun 2017
If you find yourself asking that question on the morning after the legislative session ended, we're convening a panel of four state lawmakers who hopefully can explain. From our initial announcement about the June 27 Hearst Media Center event breaking ...
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10 facts about last night's epic U2 concert

WAVE 3 - 17 Jun 2017
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If social media posts are any indication, Louisville music fans won't soon forget Friday night's U2 show at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. The Irish icons brought their "The Joshua Tree" 30-year anniversary tour to Louisville and ...
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About Last Night | About Perfect For Durant - 02 Jun 2017
Hate on Durant for leaving OKC and signing with the Warriors. That's fine. But in his first Finals with his new team, Durant was the guy, finishing with 38 points, eight rebounds and eight assists while shooting 14-for-26 from the field, 3-for-6 from ...
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(A Bit More) About Last Night

TPM (blog) - 27 May 2017
Let me follow up on last night's Post blockbuster about Jared Kushner and an attempted back-channel to Moscow. To review, Kushner allegedly asked Russian Ambassador Kislyak to arrange a secret, secure back-channel through which members of the ...
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About Last Night: Mike Zunino Has a Moment

Lookout Landing - 04 Jun 2017
This year, Mike Zunino has had a problem punishing bad pitches. He's whiffed at center-cut fastballs, chased things high in the zone, missed on bad breaking balls. Last night, Mike Zunino didn't miss Alex Cobb's bad pitches. But for how we got to that ...
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About Last Night: Danny Valencia and Roots

Lookout Landing - 01 Jun 2017
First and foremost: holy hellfire James Paxton. In five and a third innings last night he was dazzling, hitting the high 90s with pinpoint control. He was fantastic. He was the big story from this game—literally and figuratively. I am going to tell a ...
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About Last Night: Magic at the Corner of Edgar and Dave

Lookout Landing - 08 Jun 2017
But last night felt different. The Mariners are starting to win games they're supposed to win, and are doing so by glutting themselves on runs to keep pace with their shaky starting pitching. And last night, Mike Zunino delivered a signature win, the ...
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About Last Night: Jean Segura's Speed Sap

Lookout Landing - 26 May 2017
Hamstring injuries, like the least interesting guests at your party, tend to linger. You think you've shoved them out the door but alas Mary hasn't finished her drink yet or someone forgets a coat upstairs and then it's ten more minutes of banality ...
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Police confirm facts about last night and appeal for help

The Voice Online - 04 Jun 2017
THE METROPOLITAN Police arrived at London Bridge eight minutes after receiving calls about a white van mounting the pavement to mow down innocent members of the public before knife-wielding men began to indiscriminately stab those walking along ...
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Huskies' Fultz selected Number 1 pick overall in NBA Draft

Q13 FOX - 23 Jun 2017
Upon hearing his name called at the NBA Draft in New York, Fultz said, “It was unbelievable really. Truly a blessing, something I've been dreaming about. Last night I was just sitting down thinking about hearing my name called and it was unreal really ...
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Viewers had very mixed feelings about last night's Fair City - 25 May 2017
After over a year in captivity, she finally made it home, only to be welcomed home with a Cup-a-soup. Really. If Twitter is anything to go by, soap viewers have been through just as much of an ordeal as Katy over the past year. They didn't hold back in ...
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Slings and Aaron: Phillies 5, Cardinals 1

The Good Phight - 22 Jun 2017
We saw a glimpse of that last night, when Odubel Herrera infuriated Juan Samuel by blowing through a stop-sign at third. Today, Samuel showed indifference toward Herrera's complaint about a call at third. Perhaps we're seeing drama overflow into the ...
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'My youth ended the night Diana died' - 23 Jun 2017
Mine was probably the last generation to come of age in pre-digital freedom; to spend four days at Glastonbury with no make-up, because who takes a camera to a festival? Today, everyone's a paparazzo. I wonder what she would have been like in the ...

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