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Abraham Lincoln Was Our Tallest President Ever. This May Be Why

TIME - 24 Feb 2018
Abraham Lincoln, who would have celebrated his 209th birthday on Feb. 12, left behind an impressive legacy during his time in office — but many Americans still associate the 16th president, first and foremost, with his towering height. Standing 6'4 ...
abraham lincoln

Pen used by Abraham Lincoln fetches $41000 at auction

Chicago Tribune - 25 Feb 2018
A fountain pen that was given to Abraham Lincoln while he was president has sold for more than $41,000. Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles says in a news release that the pen was sold last week. According to the auction house, the steel-nib ...
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The mind of Abraham Lincoln and our common good

Bowling Green Daily News - 25 Feb 2018
For instance, most of us know that Lincoln read the Bible, but scholar Daniel Dreisbach further informs us that “no political figure in American history was more fluent in biblical language or adept in appropriating the distinct cadences and vernacular ...
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$41250 for Abraham Lincoln's fountain pen at auction

Washington Examiner - 23 Feb 2018
Lincoln received the pen during his presidency. It was later owned by his grandniece. Below is how the Los Angeles auction house wrote up the offering: Extraordinary collectible from the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, a personally owned and used pen by ...
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10 things you may not know about Abraham Lincoln

The Daily Progress - 22 Feb 2018
There's no danger of people forgetting Abraham Lincoln. Some 15,000 books have been written about him. And that's not including U.S. history textbooks, which can't ignore his leadership during the Civil War. So you may know a lot about the 16th ...
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Mount Zion woman creates woven hats to honor Abraham Lincoln

Northwest Herald - 24 Feb 2018
Johnson plans to make smaller baskets that would be an appropriate size for pens, pencils and highlighters. Lincoln has become the focus of many of Johnson's pieces. Because of the historical and political aspects of being the state capital ...
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Abraham Lincoln's Receiving Vault

Atlas Obscura - 15 Feb 2018
Yes, many attempts were made to snatch the body of Abraham Lincoln in the hopes of holding his remains for ransom. One group of criminals managed so far as to saw off the bottom portion of Lincoln's sarcophagus before being apprehended. Eventually the ...
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Nothing But Respect for My President: Android Abe Lincoln

Daily Beast - 19 Feb 2018
In fact, he is an Abraham Lincoln who illuminates our Abraham Lincoln, the one we read about on President's Day and watch in Steven Spielberg movies. Abraham Lincoln has loomed so large for so long in the American imagination that he's like the Mona ...
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Making an honest living as Abe Lincoln look-alike

The Journal News | LoHud.com - 12 Feb 2018
"At this point, I think of myself as a Lincoln look-alike versus a reenactor. "Reenactors take their activities very seriously, pushing for historical authenticity and they typically study their role and period extensively," he says, mentioning The ...
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We need Abraham Lincoln's friendship train again: Guestview

Pensacola News Journal - 11 Feb 2018
It's not only Abraham Lincoln's birthday Monday, but also the 70th anniversary of his Friendship Train. Back in 1948 farmers in Nebraska were so inspired by the former president they started a train in his honor to feed the world's hungry. We could use ...
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How Black Americans Shaped Abraham Lincoln's Life

Chicago Tonight | WTTW - 08 Feb 2018
Abraham Lincoln's effect on black Americans almost goes without saying – his support for emancipation and an end to slavery forever changed the course of the United States. But what effect did African-Americans have on Lincoln? A long out-of-print book ...
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President-elect Lincoln arrives in DC, Feb. 23, 1861

Politico - 23 Feb 2018
Allan Pinkerton, a Chicago police detective, had been hired by railroad officials to investigate destruction of railroad property along Lincoln's route from his home in Springfield, Illinois, to Washington. Historians differ on whether such an ...

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