Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Donate $288000 to ACLU on Pres. Trump's Birthday -

State ACLU Sues to Overturn County-Wide Homeless Camp Ban

U.S. News & World Report - 21 Oct 2018
The ACLU of Ohio has sued on behalf of a church that wants to house homeless people on its private property. An August ruling by Judge Robert Ruehlman banned encampments from downtown Cincinnati at the Hamilton County prosecutor's request.

Readers respond: Unify behind the ACLU - 21 Oct 2018
Currently, the ACLU is advocating to protect all Oregonians from racial profiling and to preserve reproductive freedom in our state. Although these are sometimes considered "liberal" causes, ACLU has also litigated on behalf of the National Rifle ...

Commentary: The ACLU is wrong about Operation Rio Grande

Salt Lake Tribune - 21 Oct 2018
As outspoken liberals, the Caputos normally find ourselves on the same side of an issue with the ACLU. As a business owner in this neighborhood for over 20 years and a resident walking to work in this neighborhood for over a decade, I feel compelled to ...

ACLU to Immediately Sue if Trump Admin. Greenlights Trans Erasure - 21 Oct 2018
"This is an attack on the very lives and existence of transgender people," James Esseks, director of the ACLU LGBT & HIV Project, said in a statement. "It is painful, it is hateful, and it will not go unchallenged. Transgender people have the right to ...

How the ACLU Wins Big From Corporate-Employee Drives

The Chronicle of Philanthropy - 17 Oct 2018
There's no shortage of donations from corporations and their employees making their way to disaster relief, human rights, and other social causes, according to a new study, but the real key to success for the top-performing groups is their ability to ...

ACLU files complaint after woman's prescription denied at Meijer - 18 Oct 2018
Meijer's statement went on to say that the pharmacist in question has not been employed by Meijer since early July. That's around the same time Rachel Peterson's prescription was denied. The ACLU says the medication Rachel was prescribed can also be ...

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