Adam Lanza was 'evil' and would have killed me 'in a heartbeat,' says his dad -
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How US gun culture compares with the world

CNN - 19 Jul 2017
In 2012, Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree in Newtown, Connecticut, killing his mother before murdering 26 students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School; in 2007, 32 people were killed in the Virginia Tech massacre. Such massacres can spur ...
adam lanza

New Conspiracy Theory: Children Kidnapped for Mars Slave Colony - 01 Jul 2017
He has claimed, for example, that the December 2012 massacre in Newtown, Connecticut — in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 27 people, including 20 first-graders — was a hoax. Mars has proven to be fertile ground for conspiracy theorists ...
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The Forgotten Victim Of The Sandy Hook Shooting

Huffington Post - 15 Dec 2016
Every year, on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the country remembers. We must. No one wants to accept the normalization of the heinous events that took place on that December morning four years ago, when Adam Lanza ...
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Press Start: Stop blaming real violence on video games already

Janesville Gazette - 19 Apr 2017
Adam Lanza, who was responsible for the Sandy Hook shooting, apparently racked up 83,000 kills in online video games before carrying out his crime. James Holmes, who shot up a Colorado movie theater in 2012, loved violent video games, too.
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Sandy Hook dad fights lies about murdered son

Naples Daily News - 16 Dec 2016
17, 2012, as the town mourns victims killed in Friday's school shooting. Pozner, who was killed Friday when gunman Adam Lanza opened fire inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School, will be buried Monday. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) (Photo: Julio Cortez/AP).
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Sandy Hook families appeal case against gun maker

New York Daily News - 15 Nov 2016
With President-elect Donald Trump poised to occupy the White House and a Congress filled with lawmakers backed by the NRA, the families of nine Sandy Hook victims are hoping their fight for stricter gun laws can come through the courts. The families ...
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With Final Bills Paid, Nancy Lanza's Estate Declared Insolvent

Hartford Courant - 19 Aug 2016
Nancy Lanza was killed on Dec. 14, 2012, by her son, Adam, as she slept in her bed in the home they shared at 36 Yogananda Drive. After killing his mother, Adam Lanza drove to the school and shot and killed 20 first-graders and six women before killing ...
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Report finds missed chances to help Newtown shooter Adam Lanza

CNN - 22 Nov 2014
Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was an isolated young man with deteriorating mental health and a fascination for mass violence whose problems were not ignored but misunderstood and mistreated, according to a report released Friday by a Connecticut state ...

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