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'Addicted': Film Review

Hollywood Reporter - 09 Oct 2014
Awkwardly toggling back and forth between soft-core prurience and public service announcement-style seriousness, Addicted clearly wants to have its cake and eat it too, preferably while naked. Based on the novel by best-selling erotica author Zane, the ...
addicted movie

Addicted to sex?

Independent.ie - 13 Feb 2018
When disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein responded to the flood of allegations about his abusive behaviour by promptly seeking treatment for sex addiction, many onlookers raised their eyebrows. Was Harvey actually suffering from a real illness that ...
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To combat addiction, try a social media 'fast'

Chicago Tribune - 13 Feb 2018
Other people I know have traded in their "smart" devices for flip phones, and that seems like a radical and righteous choice for anyone who feels addicted. Dear Amy: My wife divorced me in 1978. She had a son whom I adopted after we married. He was ...
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'Unsane': Film Review | Berlin 2018

Hollywood Reporter - 21 Feb 2018
There might be some sardonic humor in this stunning advertisement for the bottom line-driven profiteering of the American health care industry, if only the movie's ludicrous plot justified any kind of real-world association. Sawyer's alarm ("This is ...
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Why the sudden rash of movies onstage now?

The Independent - 20 Feb 2018
“The difference with books is that when you use this material, it's not only about the story, but the images the audience have from the film,” she says. “Maybe this challenge provokes ideas about creation, and this is interesting for directors.” Jatahy ...
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'Cobain': Film Review | Berlin 2018

Hollywood Reporter - 17 Feb 2018
The film's strongest sequence takes place about halfway in, when 15-year-old rough-and-tumble teen Cobain (Keizer) puts makeup on in a hotel bathroom and then discovers that Romanian prostitute Adele (Dana Marineci) has secretly stashed a part of her ...
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Laurel screens "Moonlight" for African Ancestry Month

The Ramapo News - 22 Feb 2018
The movie centers on Chiron, a young, gay, African-American man during three important stages of his life: Chiron as a child, teenager and adult. It further focuses on his struggles as he grows up, questioning his identity and growing up with his ...
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Devon Alexander discusses overcoming drug addiction

Bad Left Hook - 15 Feb 2018
“About the Maidana fight, I became addicted — actually, it was after surgery. In the Maidana fight, my nose had a blood clot on the inside, and I beat him with a blood clot in my nose, I barely could breathe. After the Maidana fight I had surgery ...
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Enough already with Russian stuff

Page Six - 19 Feb 2018
Now comes Jennifer Lawrence's movie “Red Sparrow.” About Russian spies. Like there's anything else going on there. Enough with Russia. Shove Russia. Our government's not interested in America — only Putin poop. The film's director says: “With this ...
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Ask Amy: I'm addicted to social media

Marin Independent Journal - 13 Feb 2018
Dear Amy: I have realized lately, after years of denial, that I am addicted to my smartphone and to social media. Sometimes it gets to the point where I can't even watch a movie without needing to be on my phone, checking every social media account as ...
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What makes Chris Rock's Netflix stand-up special so different

Chicago Tribune - 15 Feb 2018
In "Tamborine" he lays it out all out there: He cheated on his wife, had a porn addiction, got divorced and went through a brutal custody battle. You may not like his conclusions, but those confessions lay the groundwork for the kind of intimate comedy ...
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Black Panther Discussion Thread

Addicted to Quack - 16 Feb 2018
As always, this is the place for discussions about the film, so if you don't want to see spoilers please stop reading now and come back when you've seen the film. So Black Panther is a thing that's happening this weekend that people seem to be really ...
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11 signs you're addicted to love - and how to overcome it

Daily Mail - 01 Feb 2018
If they compromise on the movie you watch, you get to choose where you eat later. Regular reviews of your love landscape will help you stay in balance. 8. Stick to your boundaries. Own your behaviors. Love addiction can turn the calmest creature into a ...
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Is Your Kid Video Game-Addicted? Here's What Experts Say

Black Enterprise - 13 Feb 2018
They have a family movie night on Fridays, which is an example of the principle Radesky touts in her research, of “joint media engagement,” or simply sharing screen time. On weekends, they allow the kids cartoons, apps, and games like Minecraft. But ...
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Sober Home and Drug Treatment Center Owner Sentenced

Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release) (blog) - 21 Feb 2018
Thousands of people struggling with drug addiction checked into Florida sober homes and drug treatment centers run by Kenneth Chatman in hopes of turning their lives around. Instead, these vulnerable men and women—many of them young adults who had ...

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