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Enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome

CCM - 18 Oct 2018
In its recent versions, the web browser Google Chrome allows you to deactivate the default use of Adobe Flash Player on web pages that you visit. You may be tempted to do this for security reasons, since many weaknesses in the software have yet to be ...
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Fake Adobe Flash update hides cryptocurrency malware

Cyber Security News (blog) - 18 Oct 2018
Hiding malicious packages in update installers is nothing new. Cyber criminals exploit users' ignorance/gullibility by hiding malware inside seemingly legitimate update packages. We are more familiar with seeing such disguised malware with just one ...
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Adobe Flash Player Safety Problems on Firefox, Edge and Safari

Billionaire365 - 18 Oct 2018
As 2019 will be soon upon us, Adobe Flash is coming closer to its inevitable demise, as the company will pull the plug of the famous web plugin in 2020. Adobe's Flash Player has been a pivotal plugin that helped in shaping the web as we know it today.
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The Reliability Of Adobe

Seeking Alpha - 08 Nov 2018
This Macromedia software has been developed and distributed by Adobe Systems ever since the purchase and its functions involve viewing multimedia contents, executing rich internet applications, and streaming audio and video. Flash Player can run from a ...
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Download Adobe Flash Player APK For Android Smartphones Free

Dispatch News Desk - 22 Oct 2018
Now you can download the Adobe Flash Player manually for your android devices. Adobe Flash has been an important part of the internet for the longest period and few applications are still dependent on the player but we all are aware that Android has ...
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How To Enable Adobe Flash Player In Google Chrome

Billionaire365 - 30 Oct 2018
Adobe Flash Player is living its last days and this is no secret for anybody. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it isn't still useful. For example, in Google Chrome it is possible to deactivate the default use of Adobe Flash Player. However, if you ...
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Cryptocurrency Scammers Hide Mining Malware In Adobe Update

CryptoCoin Reporter - 25 Oct 2018
Palo Alto Networks, a cybersecurity firm, has discovered a fake Flash Player updater. This indicates that scammers are hiding mining malware in legitimate Adobe Flash Player updates. Interestingly, the fake updater began making its rounds at the start ...
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Adobe、「Flash Player 31」のセキュリティアップデートを公開

窓の杜 - 13 Nov 2018
Adobe Flash Player」の最新版は、現在同社のWebサイトから無償でダウンロード可能。自動更新機能が有効になっていれば、通常24時間以内に自動でアップデートされる。「Internet Explorer 11」および「Microsoft Edge」用のプラグインは“Windows Update”から更新可能。
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Google's latest Chrome update tightens the locks on Adobe Flash

USA TODAY - 24 Sep 2018
The latest version of Google's Chrome browser doesn't just bring a new, lighter look for its tabs: It also comes with a fresh set of handcuffs for Adobe's Flash player. This update to Chrome, released just after the 10th anniversary of that browser's ...
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You Really Shouldn't Be Running Adobe Flash Player Anymore

Lifehacker - 12 Oct 2018
For a long time, Adobe's Flash Player was one of the most widely used browser plugins on the internet. Animation, web games, and entire websites were all powered by Flash. Even YouTube's video player once ran on Flash. The only issue was that Flash has ...
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Adobe Flash Player Updates Could Contain Crypto Malware

Bitcoinist - 14 Oct 2018
Palo Alto Networks warned this week that fake Adobe Flash Player updates carrying cryptocurrency mining malware are on the increase. In its latest blog post, the cybersecurity company reveals that it has uncovered more of the fake Flash updates during ...
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Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome aktivieren

CCM - 01 Nov 2018
In den aktuellen Versionen des Google-Chrome-Browsers können Sie die standardmäßige Verwendung von Adobe Flash Player auf von Ihnen besuchten Webseiten deaktivieren. Diese Funktion ist praktisch, weil der Player noch einige Sicherheitslücken ...
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CoinMiners Use New Tricks to Impersonate Adobe Flash Installers

BleepingComputer - 11 Oct 2018
Cryptocurrency miners are now being distributed by a new campaign pretending to be Adobe Flash Player installers. While this is not new, this particular campaign is going the extra mile to appear legitimate by not only installing a miner, but also ...

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