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Adobe Patch Tuesday: Lone Flash Player security flaw noted

SC Magazine - 12 Dec 2017
Adobe had a minimal Patch Tuesday submission for December listing just one vulnerability for Flash Player. The vulnerability (CVE-2017-11305) can lead to an unintended reset of global settings preference file and affects Windows, Macintosh, Linux and ...
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Patch Tuesday, December 2017 Edition

Krebs on Security - 12 Dec 2017
The final Patch Tuesday of the year is upon us, with Adobe and Microsoft each issuing security updates for their software once again. Redmond fixed problems with various flavors of Windows, Microsoft Edge, Office, Exchange and its Malware Protection ...
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Microsoft Security Patch Offers Adobe Flash Player Update

TAJ - 10 Dec 2017
All Adobe Flash Player users need to be concerned about the software's security vulnerabilities. After all, there are many threats like the Bad Rabbit ransomware that can affect a person's computer and pocketbook. The Bad Rabbit ransomware, which was ...
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Critical updates to IE and Flash for November Patch Tuesday

Computerworld - 17 Nov 2017
Microsoft has posted a security advisory (ADV170019) for Adobe Flash Player (APSB17-33) that attempts to resolve five critical memory-related security vulnerabilities. This update affects all versions of Windows desktops (including the latest Windows ...
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Google Finance gets redesigned, finally dumps Adobe Flash

Ars Technica - 28 Nov 2017
The Finance website isn't doing much better: until this redesign, it needed Adobe Flash—in 2017—to draw the interactive stock charts. Flash is blocked by default in Chrome, which meant that Google's finance site, when run on Google's browser, popped ...
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New Adobe Flash Player Update – Fixing Vulnerabilities

Blorge - 02 Dec 2017
Adobe has stated that they have also rolled out security bulletins for many other programs: Adobe Experience Manager, Connect, DNG Converter, Digital Editions, InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, and Shockwave Player. If you haven't updated your Adobe Flash ...
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Adobe Flash Player Fake Update Requests On Your Browser

TAJ - 25 Nov 2017
Adobe Flash Player is a problematic program and its numerous issues have led to Adobe's decision to put an end to it in 2020. However, there are two years left and we still have to deal with Flash Player. Recently, many users have reported seeing Adobe ...
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Adobe Flash Player Gets New Update Patch for Vulnerabilities

TAJ - 28 Nov 2017
A new update has been released by Adobe Flash Player for Acrobat and Reader. This enables patching dozens of vulnerabilities to remote code execution. This update has also addressed a number of critical flaws to Flash Player. However, no ...
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Adobe Flash Player KB4049179 Download on Windows 10

TAJ - 20 Nov 2017
There have been a lot of security threats attacking Flash Player users. The latest attack is a ransomware called BadRabbit. This threat infected networks from different companies and infrastructures in the world. There were reports of countries that ...
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FlowPlay overhauls Vegas World, ditches Adobe Flash for Haxe

VentureBeat - 12 Dec 2017
When Adobe decided to retire its Flash software, it was a big moment for FlowPlay. Fortunately, the Seattle maker of social games had anticipated the demise of Flash, which is scheduled to end in 2020. And today, FlowPlay is announcing it has converted ...
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New Windows Update Addresses Major Adobe Flash Player Bug

Blorge - 26 Nov 2017
Most people know that Adobe Flash Player isn't perfect. It's got a host of flaws and security issues. And, it's for those reasons that Adobe has opted to quit making it in 2020. The latest Microsoft update – KB4051613 was developed to address some of ...
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Adobe bringt Mini-Update für Flash Player und AIR

PC-Welt - 13 Dec 2017
Adobe bringt Mini-Update für Flash Player und AIR. 13.12.2017 | 09:22 Uhr | Frank Ziemann. Artikel empfehlen: Adobe hat im Dezember nur ein Security Bulletin veröffentlicht, das lediglich eine Sicherheitslücke im Flash Player behandelt. Zusammen mit ...
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Adobe to Webcast Q4 and FY2017 Earnings Conference Call

Business Wire (press release) - 07 Dec 2017
On personal computers, participating in the live webcast via Adobe Connect requires Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later. On supported smartphones and tablets, Adobe Connect Mobile is required for access to the live webcast. An archive of the call ...
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「Adobe Flash Player 28」が公開 ~セキュリティ修正を施した月例 ...

窓の杜 - 12 Dec 2017
米Adobe Systemsは12日(現地時間)、「Adobe Flash Player」の最新版v28.0.0.126を公開した。重大な不具合とセキュリティに関わる修正を施した月例アップデートとなっている。 同社が公開したセキュリティ情報(APSB17-42)によると、今回修正された脆弱性はCVE番号ベースで1件。脆弱性の内容は、ビジネスロジ ...
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Documentary on One - 26 Nov 2017
The Little Mouse in the Corner. Introverts are often misunderstood, they are constantly asked the question, 'why are you so shy?'. Being an introvert is seen as something to overcome. But, how about recognising the positives and see what introverts can ...
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Adobe will finally kill Flash in 2020

The Verge - 25 Jul 2017
Adobe is finally planning to kill off Flash once and for all. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari have all been blocking Flash over the past year, but Adobe is now planning to remove support for it fully by the end of 2020. “We will stop updating and ...

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