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Android Marcher Variant Makes Rounds as Adobe Flash Player Update

Dark Reading - 23 Jun 2017
A new variant of the Android Marcher malware uses pornographic enticements and new game hype to lure users to download a bogus Adobe Flash player, according to Zscaler researchers who discovered the latest variant. Users are then asked to disable ...
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Lookout for phishing malware posing as Adobe Flash update

Komando - 25 Jun 2017
The latest ruse was discovered by Zscaler security researchers and they reported that the technique uses adult content links and the excitement surrounding new mobile games to trick users into downloading the fake Flash Player update. Thankfully, all ...
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Variant of Marcher Android malware poses as Flash Player update

SC Magazine - 22 Jun 2017
Developers of the Android banking malware Marcher are now disguising the trojan as an Adobe Flash Player update, the cloud security company Zscaler has reported in a Thursday blog post. This new variant of Marcher, a malware that steals online banking ...
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Phishing Malware Going as Adobe Flash Player

Blorge - 27 Jun 2017
The most dangerous of the Android malware has recently went through an evolving process, and this time it is passing by as an update to the Adobe Flash Player plugin, which is still widely used. This is just one of the last versions of a long series of ...
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Adobe Patches Nine Security Flaws in Flash Player

BleepingComputer - 13 Jun 2017
Adobe released today four security bulletins announcing patches for products such as Flash Player, Shockwave Player, Captivate, and Digital Editions. In total, these four security bulletins fix 20 security flaws, among which the most crucial are the ...
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Google Chrome: Stopping Adobe Flash Player From Crashing

Donklephant - 26 Jun 2017
According to Adobe, a bug that was causing the Flash Player to crash in Google Chrome has been fixed. However, if you are still facing issues, you should make sure that you run the latest version of the Google Chrome. We have to remind you that Google ...
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Adobe Flash Player [Update]

Neowin - 13 Jun 2017
Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering rich Web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich Web experience. Flash Player ...
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Stop Shockwave Flash crashing in Google Chrome

Tech Advisor - 20 Jun 2017
If you use Google Chrome you may have become used to the Shockwave Flash plugin crashing. Here's what you can do to try and fix it. Google Chrome, unlike other browsers, has its own version of Adobe Flash Player built in. When you update Chrome, ...
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Adobe Flash Player: What Alternatives Should You Use?

Blorge - 23 Jun 2017
“Is there any good alternative to Adobe Flash Player. I found free (free as in freedom) ones like Gnash or Lightspark but they seem to be no longer developed and doesn't work on the majority of flash based content used today,” said Sboderman from Reddit.
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Google Chrome: Adobe Flash Player Not Functioning – Fixes

Blorge - 22 Jun 2017
Everything was fine until he noticed that the Flash Player was not playing any content on the newly installed browser. It seems that he wanted to play something from HBOnow website, but the website then mentioned that “HBONOW requires Flash Player ...
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Uninstalling Adobe Flash Player from Safari

Blorge - 24 Jun 2017
If you keep up with technology news, you probably already know that Adobe Flash Player is one of the least dependable web clients in the world because of the numerous vulnerabilities it possesses. Adobe is doing its best to deal with these security ...
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Update Adobe Flash Player And Stay Away From Potential Attacks

Blorge - 14 Jun 2017
The reason why Adobe Flash Player has no longer received support from Android devices is mainly the vulnerability issue. You might have heard about the recent scam called ransomware, which was designed to trick people into paying a certain amount of ...
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Download Adobe Flash Player Update For PC And Mobile Devices

Blorge - 19 Jun 2017
Support for Adobe Flash Player has been discontinued for popular browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, and Firefox. However, it shouldn't end be the end of the road for Flash Player users. In fact, there are a few websites still using Flash in order ...
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Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available

Blorge - 17 Jun 2017
We all know that Adobe Flash Player is the rule when it comes to offering some rich web content, animations, designs and other user interfaces. With its help, you can get all that in no time over all platforms and browsers. Needless to say, a rich web ...
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Adobe Flash Player New Security Update Available to Download

Blorge - 14 Jun 2017
As most of you already know, Adobe is usually releasing the security patch for its Flash Player every second Tuesday of the month. Yesterday, the company has released a new security update for the mentioned application and today we will talk a bit ...
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Here's How to Enable Adobe Flash Player in Your Safari Browser

Blorge - 21 Jun 2017
Adobe Flash Player has become known for its numerous security faults, which is why many people are now wary of using this web client. Unfortunately, a lot of websites still use Flash Player to display their content so, if you really need to browse ...
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Essential Adobe Flash Player Update For Mobile And PC Users

Blorge - 21 Jun 2017
You might already have knowledge about the discontinuance of support for Adobe Flash Player from several popular Web browsers. Despite this update, it doesn't signify the end of the road for such browsers and for the users. In fact, there are ways to ...

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