Apple Enforces Adobe Flash Player Security Upgrade with Updated Malware ... -
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Why is my computer not recognizing Adobe Flash Player in IE?

Windows Report (blog) - 15 Sep 2018
Internet Explorer was once among the foremost web browsers, and it still retains a reasonably substantial user base. Some Internet Explorer 11 users have stated that IE doesn't recognize Adobe Flash Player even though they have installed the latest ...
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Patch Tuesday, September 2018 Edition

Krebs on Security - 13 Sep 2018
Adobe and Microsoft today each released patches to fix serious security holes in their software. Adobe pushed out a new version of its beleaguered Flash Player browser plugin. Redmond issued updates to address at least 61 distinct vulnerabilities in ...
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Google's Chrome 69 update will remove Adobe Flash Player settings

WindowsLatest (blog) - 23 Aug 2018
Earlier in the week we reported that Google will soon be releasing its next major update Chrome 69 with new Material Design and more. The Chrome 69 update will also be killing or discontinuing the Adobe Flash Player for its users. After the new version ...
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PC Don't Recognize Adobe Flash Player on Internet Explorer Fix

Billionaire365 - 16 Sep 2018
This shouldn't surprise us, because a part of Internet Explorer 11 users have reported that the browser fails to recognize Adobe Flash Player. This unpleasant situation happens despite the fact that they updated the software on their computer and ...
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Disable Adobe Flash in Edge and IE

Ghacks Technology News - 17 Sep 2018
Microsoft integrated Adobe Flash natively in newer versions of the Windows operating system so that the built-in web browsers Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can make use of it automatically. ...
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Adobe Patches Six Critical Flaws in ColdFusion

Threatpost - 11 Sep 2018
In addition to ColdFusion, Adobe also released a security update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. The update addresses an important-rated vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime, Flash Player for Google ...
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Top 3 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives For 2018

Billionaire365 - 01 Sep 2018
A significant amount of people have the desire to move on from Flash and Adobe has finally released a new version which will belong to the Flash Player 30 branch. Because Flash scared users in numerous occasions last year, here are the best three ...
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Adobe Flash Player

Brinkwire (press release) - 11 Sep 2018
Adobe Flash Player is a browser plug-in and rich Internet application runtime that delivers consistent and engaging user experiences, audio/video playback, and exciting gameplay. Download for Firefox, Safari, Opera: Adobe Flash Player | 20.4 ...
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Adobe、Flash PlayerとColdFusionの脆弱性を修正

ITmedia - 12 Sep 2018
Adobe Systemsは9月11日、Flash PlayerのセキュリティアップデートをWindows、macOS、Linux、Chrome OS向けに公開した。 Adobeのセキュリティ情報によると、Flash Playerの更新版では1件の脆弱性に対処した。この問題を悪用されれば情報流出を引き起こす恐れが ...
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Darum sollten Sie Ihren Flash-Player updaten

SPIEGEL ONLINE - 07 Sep 2018
Doch die Software war vielen verhasst: Immer wieder wurde über kritische Sicherheitslücken im Flash-Player berichtet, manchmal sah und sieht sich Adobe sogar gezwungen, Notfall-Updates zu veröffentlichen. Experten empfehlen Nutzern mittlerweile, die ...
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Chrome 69 : un dernier coup de pied à Adobe Flash - 23 Aug 2018
Ainsi, dès le 4 septembre prochain, date à laquelle devrait être déployée la nouvelle version de Chrome, qui porte le numéro 69, Adobe Flash Player devra être activée manuellement par les utilisateurs, et ce, à chaque fois qu'un site le nécessitera.
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US senator wants the government to stop using Adobe Flash ASAP

Mashable - 26 Jul 2018
Flash's demise, largely bolstered by the popularity of open standards like HTML5 and its inability to work with the mobile web, has been in trouble for quite some time. Last year Adobe announced it would completely end support for Adobe Flash Media ...
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Adobe Patches Zero-Day Flash Flaw

Krebs on Security - 08 Jun 2018
Adobe has released an emergency update to address a critical security hole in its Flash Player browser plugin that is being actively exploited to deploy malicious software. If you've got Flash installed — and if you're using Google Chrome or a recent ...
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Martin O'Neill is on thin ice | Keith Andrews

Off The Ball - 07 Sep 2018
"Okay, we know we haven't 'X,Y,Z' available, we know the issues we have had with Harry Arter, with Declan Rice, but what you have got available is a set of players that are willing to run through brick walls. "If they are organised in a certain way ...

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