Aeroflot Flight 821, operated by Aeroflot-Nord in a service agr... -
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot Flight 821, operated by Aeroflot-Nord in a service agr...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Aeroflot Flight 821, operated by Aeroflot-Nord in a service agreement with Aeroflot and as its subsidiary, crashed on approach to Perm International Airport on 14 September 2008 at 5:10 local time (UTC+06). All 82 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. A section of the Trans-Siberian Railway was damaged by the crash. Flight 821 is the deadliest accident involving a Boeing 737-500 to date, surpassing the 1993 crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 733 and the second-deadliest aviation incident in 2008, b
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot denies banning 'old, fat and ugly' cabin crew

Buying Business Travel - 24 Feb 2017
A group of employees, who dub themselves the STS in abbreviated Russian for “old, fat and ugly”, claim they have been sidelined as part of a “rebranding exercise”. "They told us all that only the young and thin will fly abroad for Aeroflot," Aeroflot ...
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot crashed, killing dozens, 'because pilot was drunk' - 16 Mar 2010
"The crash was caused by the loss of spatial orientation by Captain Medvedev, who piloted the plane in the final stage of the flight due to his mentally unstable condition from the presence of alcohol in his body," a top investigator told Russian news ...
aeroflot flight 821

Russian Boeing 737 crashes with 88 aboard

Wikinews - 18 Sep 2008
According to Russian officials, an Aeroflot-Nord, Flight 821, a Boeing 737-500 crashed near the city of Perm at 3:15 a.m. local time with 88 people aboard, all feared to have been killed. There were six crew and 82 passengers from 21 different nations ...
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot bars Kashmiris on Turkey flight

India Today - 03 Aug 2015
One of the fliers - Mohd Iqbal Rather, a student of Aligarh Muslim University - told Mail Today: "We reached Delhi airport on Thursday around 1.30 am to catch Aeroflot flight number SU 233. When we went to the airline counter, officials told us that we ...
aeroflot flight 821

Letecké katastrofy - 25 Oct 2014
25. januára 2010 sa medzinárodný komerčný let 409 spoločnosti Ethiopian Airlines na linke Bejrút - Addis Abeba skončil tragicky. Už onedlho po štarte z letiska Rafic Hariri International Airport v Bejrúte sa Boeing 737-800 počas búrky zrútil do ...
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot says drunk pilot 'no big deal' - 03 Feb 2009
The extraordinary claim followed a mutiny by over 100 passengers at Moscow airport. They demanded that the flight crew of a New York-bound Boeing 767 be replaced after the pilot had appeared on the aircraft's tannoy apparently slurring and stumbling ...
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot plans to introduce Gatwick service

Buying Business Travel - 26 Sep 2016
Easyjet previously operated flights between Gatwick and Moscow but ended these services in March due to a lack of demand. Although the airline has said it may restore the route if demand picks up. Aeroflot is also planning to frequencies from Heathrow ...
aeroflot flight 821

Jewish Family of Four Perishes in Russian Airline Disaster - 14 Sep 2008
All 88 people aboard Aeroflot Flight 821 are presumed dead, the Interfax news agency reported. According to Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Zalman Deutch, a family friend, Ephraim and Golda Nachumov were returning home with their son Eliyahu and daughter ...
aeroflot flight 821

Skyteam launches marine & offshore airfares initiative

Buying Business Travel - 12 Apr 2017
The scheme will initially include flights with six SkyTeam members – Aeroflot, Air France, Delta, KLM, Kenya Airways and Saudia – with more airlines planned to participate. The scheme will be run by IAS Global (International Airline Services Ltd), a ...
aeroflot flight 821

An affair with Putin's Russia

India Today - 06 Nov 2015
With the ruble devaluation now, the round trip flight cost will be relatively cheaper and cost nearly Rs 31,000. But if you are booking with Air India, make sure you have a book to read or a movie to watch, because once the flight gets delayed, you ...
aeroflot flight 821

Meet the woman who is driving a new era of choral music in India

India Today - 22 Mar 2017
Neeta Helms seeks to foster the development of distinctively Indian choral tradition in the country. Adila Matra | Posted By Disha Roy Choudhury. March 22, 2017 | UPDATED 13:38 IST. A +A -. Born into a musical family, Neeta ...
aeroflot flight 821

Aeroflot refuses card payments in GDS bookings

Buying Business Travel - 22 Jul 2015
British Airways also announced a move to open up its data to encourage start-up technology firms to build new distribution channels so customers can search for flights, prices and process bookings. Earlier this month Air Astana CEO told BBT that he ...
aeroflot flight 821

Saudia to launch Manchester-Riyadh service

Buying Business Travel - 24 Feb 2017
Stephen Turner, commercial director for Manchester, said: “It's great to see Saudia increasing their presence at Manchester Airport. The new flights to Riyadh will offer business and leisure passengers alike direct access to the Saudi capital as well ...
aeroflot flight 821

Air France-KLM baggage fee rises on European flights

Buying Business Travel - 26 Apr 2016
Air France-KLM has increased the fee for check-in baggage on economy flights in Europe by €5. The fee increase, which came in last month saw the charge per-one-way trip rising to €25 when purchased online and €35 when purchased at the airport.

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