Sonia Sotomayor gets it right in Michigan affirmative action dissent -
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Sonia Sotomayor gets it right in Michigan affirmative action dissent

Los Angeles Times - 22 Apr 2014
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's dissent from the high court's 6-2 decision Tuesday to uphold Michigan's voter-approved ban on affirmative action for public universities has been variously described as “blistering," “scathing,” and "outraged.".
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The Latest: Bachmann calls officer 'affirmative-action hire' - 21 Jul 2017
Former U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann has insinuated that a Minneapolis police officer who is Somali-American may have shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman for "cultural" reasons. Bachman's comments come as many in the city's beleaguered ...
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The Corner

National Review - 20 Jul 2017
New York City mayor Bill de Blasio wants to coerce museums and arts groups that receive city money into using hiring quotas based on race and ethnicity, according to the New York Times. But it would be illegal for employers to give into this pressure, ...
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Opinion: Ending Affirmative Action Will Hurt Us All - 28 Jun 2017
Liu's narrative is compelling because it fits the dominant narrative of a defendable anti-affirmative action crusader. He is a child of Chinese immigrants who worked hard, excelled in school, yet was denied admission to UT Austin nevertheless ...
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Affirmative Action: Class Over Race? We Asked, You Answered

OZY - 11 Jul 2017
Last week we asked, “Should we favor class over race in affirmative action?” Here are some reader perspectives, edited for clarity. Check back tomorrow for our next question. Every Wednesday, we're shelving the PC to discuss provocative topics in the ...
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Affirmative Action: Should We Favor Class Over Race?

OZY - 05 Jul 2017
The recent rumors of Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court and the prospect of President Donald Trump replacing him with a more conservative justice serve as reminders that race-based affirmative action in America may be on ...
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With new affirmative action case, no progress

UT The Daily Texan - 02 Jul 2017
Blum's lawsuit, filed in support of white and Asian plaintiffs who felt disadvantaged by the policy, makes the same denunciation of affirmative action as in the previous Fisher v. University of Texas case. This isn't an issue of whether or not certain ...
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Now netball is at the centre of affirmative action fight

SA PROMO Magazine - 20 Jul 2017
Minority groups are taking the South African government to taks about affirmative action in sport . Tweet. AfriForum and Solidarity earlier this week submitted official complaints against race quotas and political interference in South African netball ...
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India Elects 'Untouchable' President From Lowest 'Dalit' Caste - 20 Jul 2017
One-fifth of all parliamentary candidates must be Dalit under decades-long affirmative-action laws introduced to improve representation and outlaw discrimination. Dalits are also guaranteed a proportion of college places and government jobs. But while ...
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Dannenmaier a bad fit for NIU

Northern Star Online - 17 Jul 2017
The two complaints launched internal Affirmative Action investigations, which found “it is more likely than not that Dannenmaier sexually harassed [the alleged victims] by using comments and language of a sexual nature in the workplace,” according to ...
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California needs to keep its ballots spin-free

Los Angeles Times - 18 Jul 2017
For example, former Atty. Gen. Dan Lungren, a Republican, was sued for his decision not to include the hot button words "affirmative action" in the summary of Proposition 209, the controversial 1996 ballot measure that ended state affirmative action ...
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DUP opposed to 'affirmative action' on Irish language

Belfast Newsletter - 05 Jul 2017
The UUP had firmly rejected the idea of this 'affirmative action' target, with party stalwart Michael McGimpsey (Northern Ireland's first-ever devolved culture minister) telling the News Letter on Monday that “there are very strong elements of ...

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