The aging of wine (American English) or ageing of wine i... -
aging of wine

The aging of wine (American English) or ageing of wine i...

wikipedia - 13 Nov 2016
The aging of wine (American English) or ageing of wine is potentially able to improve the quality of wine. This distinguishes wine from most other consumable goods. While wine is perishable and capable of deteriorating, complex chemical reactions involving a wine's sugars, acids and phenolic compounds (such as tannins) can alter the aroma, color, mouthfeel and taste of the wine in a way that may be more pleasing to the taster. The ability of a wine to age is influenced by many factors includin
aging of wine

Why Not All Oaks Are Alike For Wine

Forbes - 21 Sep 2018
Consider, for a moment, the multiple factors that influence how the wine we sip eventually tastes: grape type, altitude, latitude, climate, slope angle and aspect, soil type, wind direction and speed, cultivation techniques, fermentation length and aging.
aging of wine

Southold's Regan Meador Takes Texas Wine in a New Direction

Texas Monthly - 21 Sep 2018
Rather than focusing on extra-ripe, concentrated fruit and heavy oak aging, as is common with richer, California-style wines, Meador uses a minimal approach, working to retain the acidity of the grapes to reveal the fresh vibrancy of the fruit. In ...
aging of wine

Group to present “Like Fine Wine – Songs of Aging"

Gettysburg Times - 18 Sep 2018
An offering will be received to benefit Senior Services through the Adams County Office of Aging. For additional concert information contact the St. James church office at 717-334-2012 or visit the church website The church ...
aging of wine

All the Ways Wood Affects Your Wine, Explained

VinePair - 05 Sep 2018
The best-known way to infuse wine with oak is to barrel-age it. Barrels are the most expensive way to use oak, but their influence on wine extends beyond flavors. Barrels allow small amounts of oxygen to react with aging wine, which allows tertiary ...
aging of wine

Wines Of The Week: Unexpectedly Age-Worthy Bottles

Forbes - 14 Sep 2018
Aging wine is an awfully tricky business. In addition to issues of proper storage—adequate humidity, constant temperature in the mid-50s Fahrenheit, no direct sunlight, and more—there are serious questions of when to open a bottle after you've spent ...
aging of wine

The Unique Sparkling Wines Of Trentino

Forbes - 18 Sep 2018
Today, even though a Brut requires 15 months of aging, a single-vintage 24 months and a 'riserva' 35 months, many winemakers here often age their wines for 60 months to ensure optimal quality. Sparkling wines have been made in Trentino for about a ...
aging of wine

Clemens - Aging affects only small parts of wine - 04 Sep 2018
How long should wine age, and what happens when it does? The answer to the first part of the question is simple but not easy: How long a wine should age depends on the wine. Most wine is ready to drink when released and unlikely to improve with age.
aging of wine

Wine Review: These wines quell misconceptions of sherry

Springfield Business Journal - 07 Sep 2018
The process to make sherry is complex, ending in an ancient aging technique called the solera system. The aging barrels are set on their side and piled into a pyramid with eight to 10 barrels on the bottom. After a period of aging, the wine to be ...
aging of wine

Smoothing method gets under attendees' aging skin

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin - 19 Sep 2018
The “more wine” part came courtesy of DAMA Wines on Main Street, while “less lines” was from Eastern Washington Dermatology. Thus, in a tasting room of natural brick, wood tones and rich colors, a group of about 40 women and a few men had arrived to ...
aging of wine

Chemistry: Why Aged Red Wines Taste Better

American Council on Science and Health - 08 Sep 2018
Unlike human skin or electronic gadgets, aging makes red wine better. The reasons are complex, but they all boil down to chemistry. One of the benefits of aging is a reduction in astringency. Astringency is what makes your cheeks pucker slightly as you ...
aging of wine

Drinking Is Probably Aging You Much More Than You Realize

HuffPost - 20 Sep 2018
Kristin Koskinen, a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Washington, recommends drinking at least one glass of water before you take your first sip of wine and then “alternating alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ones, including seltzer water ...
aging of wine

For home wine cellars, controlling the climate is key

The Seattle Times - 06 Sep 2018
Fine wine is very sensitive and is best preserved within a very narrow margin of temperature and humidity. Straying outside the boundaries may influence the aging process of your treasured wine collection. If the room is too warm, the wine will age too ...
aging of wine

Berger on wine: Clark Smith, a daring wine innovator

Santa Rosa Press Democrat - 05 Sep 2018
“Well, you know how the market is,” he said ruefully, noting that aging wine isn't as widely appreciated as it should be. Two weeks ago, we had the same wine. It was reaching a peak of enjoyment, and it's still available. And it's still $30. “It just ...
aging of wine

Drinking Gold Was a Grisly Anti-Aging Trend of 16th-Century France

Atlas Obscura - 17 Sep 2018
It involved taking gold, silver, iron, copper, iron, steel, and lead filings, then placing that mixture “in the urine of a virgin child on the first day,” then white wine, fennel juice, egg whites, in a nursing woman's milk, in red wine, then again in ...
aging of wine

Napa Valley's Stony Hill Vineyard sells to Long Meadow Ranch

San Francisco Chronicle - 28 Aug 2018
Stony Hill, founded 70 years ago by Sarah McCrea's grandparents Fred and Eleanor, has long felt like the last holdout of a bygone era of Napa Valley wine: homegrown, humble, family-owned. It is the only major Napa producer known for white wine rather ...
aging of wine

The Finer Things. Mature Wine. Mature Love.

Murfreesboro Voice (press release) - 02 Sep 2018
Some of the most interesting information was about the aging of wine. Before visiting the wineries, my understanding was that wine was better with aging. Upon visiting a few wineries, I learned it is the producing, with an eye toward long-term storage ...

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