Lily Rabe on the Most 'Terrifying' Part of Playing Aileen Wuornos In 'American ... -
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Oxygen preps “Snapped” special on Aileen Wuornos case

Realscreen - 14 Mar 2018
NBC Universal-owned, crime-focused network Oxygen Media is examining the story of America's first female serial killer in a two-hour television event. Produced by Jupiter Entertainment, Snapped: Notorious – Aileen Wuornos will peel the curtain back on ...
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Charlize Theron to be honored at San Francisco Film Festival

Page Six - 01 Mar 2018
Theron received the Best Actress Academy Award in 2003 for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Patty Jenkins' “Monster.” She received a second Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of a miner who sues her company for sexual harassment ...
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11 Crazy Things Actors Have Done to Prepare for Roles

Thrillist - 28 Feb 2018
Charlize Theron cracked her own teeth training for Atomic Blonde's fight scenes. The behind-the-scenes footage of Charlize Theron training for her role in last year's spy thriller Atomic Blonde is almost more entertaining than the movie itself. We see ...
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Charlize Theron Struggles With Motherhood in New Tully Trailer

Paste Magazine - 07 Mar 2018
Bron Studios is also producing Reitman's next film, The Frontrunner, about American senator Gary Hart's 1988 scandalous presidential campaign. Theron won an Academy Award for Best Actress for the 2003 drama Monster, in which she played real-life serial ...
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Here are 60 people to watch at the 60th Daytona 500

ESPN - 18 Feb 2018
She's known in these parts for portraying Daytona Beach-area serial killer Aileen Wuornos in "Monster." 48. Brian France: The NASCAR chairman often speaks at the prerace drivers' meeting. Last year, it was a little bit of a bizarre statement. His moves ...
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Marc Hoover: Murder in the LaLaurie mansion

The Clermont Sun - 02 Mar 2018
Marc Hoover. Today, she could easily hold court with serial killers Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, and Richard Ramirez. Madame LaLaurie, a deranged woman, experienced sheer pleasure in torturing and murdering her victims. During the early ...
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Violent revenge: A gallery of Aileen Wuornos's six male victims

Daily Mail - 10 Jan 2018
Wuornos became one of America's first known female serial killers when she was convicted of the murders of six men - Richard Mallory, David Spears, Charles Carskaddon, Peter Siems, Troy Burress, Charles Humprheys and Walter Jeno Antonio - across ...
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Chilling serial killer confessions subject of new reality show - 31 Dec 2017
Aileen Wuornos was sentenced to death by lethal injection after confessing at the urging of her partnerSource:AP. Left, Charlize Theron portraying Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster. Right, Wuornos herself in front of a judge in Florida in 1991 ...

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