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AJ McCarron is only one not laughing at Browns' dysfunction

New York Post - 01 Nov 2017
AJ McCarron is the dragged-through-the-Browns loser of the trade deadline after the Cleveland-Cincinnati trade fell through (or was consummated too late?) Tuesday, and the quarterback who has been itching for his own team to lead will again report to ...
aj mccarron

NFL Week 10: Failed AJ McCarron trade affects 3 quarterbacks

AL.com - 09 Nov 2017
Quarterback AJ McCarron might have been preparing for his first start for the Cleveland Browns this week and Andy Dalton would have had a new backup on the Cincinnati Bengals -- maybe a big-name QB, too. But because the Browns and Bengals didn't ...
aj mccarron

Marvin Lewis 'relieved' AJ McCarron trade fell through

NFL.com - 01 Nov 2017
The team's coach met with reporters Wednesday, expressing happiness over having AJ McCarron still sitting on the roster behind starting quarterback Andy Dalton. "AJ is a very valuable member of this team and I told him that yesterday [after] everything ...
aj mccarron

Report: Browns front office sabotaged AJ McCarron trade

247Sports - 05 Nov 2017
Numerous members of the Cleveland Browns coaching staff are under the impression that Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown intentionally dropped the ball when it came to completing a trade for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ ...

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