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akira (2016 hindi film)

Akira Movie Review

Times of India - 02 Sep 2016
Our screen ki Akira is Khan, Kumar and Kapoor rolled into one. She punches and defends better than most khiladis. Her progressive, school-teacher father, Atul Kulkarni had her enrolled in karate classes instead of dance classes that girls her age ...
akira (2016 hindi film)

10 Bollywood films which saw heroines in action sequences

Livemint - 21 Nov 2016
Here are 10 recent Hindi films where the women actors were seen in action. 1. Akira (2016): Barely two months ago, Sonakshi Sinha played the title role in A.R. Murugadoss' action film, a remake of Tamil thriller Mouna Guru. The film earned Rs26 crore ...
akira (2016 hindi film)

Whatever role is written for you, it will come, says Sonakshi Sinha

The Hindu - 20 Aug 2018
“Mudassar had come to me for [the first film],” she reveals, saying she had to decline since she was already a part of action drama Akira (2016) at the time. “I believe that [everything] happens for the best, and whatever role is written for you, will ...
akira (2016 hindi film)

The Jungle Book

IMDb - 26 Mar 2016
Considering that he is basically working within the confines of his imagination and a green screen room for the entire film, he manages to make everything believable: the beauty and danger of the jungle, his kinetic and charismatic character, and his ...
akira (2016 hindi film)

Soundtrack review: 'Akira' is no 'Sultan'

Scroll.in - 21 Aug 2016
AR Murugadoss's Akira (2016) is a remake of the Tamil action drama Mouna Guru (2011), which has also been retooled in Kannada as Guru (2012) and the upcoming Telugu release Shankara (2016). The big twist in Akira is that unlike the other films, ...
akira (2016 hindi film)


Times of India - 07 May 2016
The film begins with the hero Akhil Raj, Akira for short, remembering the highs and lows of his adult life, his two encounters with love, his tumultuous relationship with his father and his "wake-up moment" when it dawned that he should turn into a ...
akira (2016 hindi film)

The 'painful' reason behind Sonakshi Sinha's scar in Akira

Hindustan Times - 30 Jun 2016
Filmmaker AR. Murugadoss, who presented Aamir Khan in the famous eight-pack abs look in Ghajini, decided to add a temporary scar on Sonakshi Sinha's face for her role in Akira. He says it was done to depict the character's painful past. The film's ...

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