Alan Hale (born March 7, 1958) is an American professional astr... -
alan hale (astronomer)

Comet Discoverer Thomas Bopp (1949–2018)

Sky & Telescope - 12 Jan 2018
An unassuming amateur astronomer forever linked to one of the greatest comets in modern history has passed away. Thomas Joel Bopp, the co-discoverer of ...
alan hale (astronomer)

People (and a Logo) That Died, 2018

Cleveland Scene - 12 Dec 2018
With the nationally broadcast send-off for President George H.W. Bush only just in the rearview mirror, and with the calendar's impending turnover to 2019 just a ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Thomas Bopp, comet hunter – obituary - 20 Feb 2018
Thomas Bopp, who has died aged 68, was an amateur astronomer who shared the honours with Alan Hale, a professional astronomer, for the discovery of ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Astronomer Bradford Smith dies at 86

Press Herald - 07 Jul 2018
NEW YORK — Bradford Smith, a NASA astronomer who acted as planetary tour guide to the public with his interpretations of stunning images beamed back ...
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In Our Skies: A Bloody Well Blue Moon Twice

Alamogordo Daily News - 27 Jan 2018
This new year of 2018 began with a full moon. Strictly speaking, the moon was at its full phase on New Year's night – which corresponds to Jan. 2 in Greenwich ...
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In Our Skies: Shine on, Shine on Harvest Moon

Alamogordo Daily News - 22 Sep 2018
When we define terms in science we often have to specify our reference points. One distinct example of this involves the amount of time it takes the moon to orbit ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Farwell to Fellow Traveler McCandless

Alamogordo Daily News - 30 Dec 2017
The world community of space flight enthusiasts, and this author were saddened by the death of former astronaut Bruce McCandless on Dec. 21. He was 80.
alan hale (astronomer)

Green Comet 45P Makes Close Earth Flyby

Sky & Telescope - 10 Feb 2017
Green-glowing Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will make an unusually close pass by Earth on Saturday. Watch it boogie across the morning sky this ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Binocular Comet Lovejoy Heading Our Way

Sky & Telescope - 28 Dec 2014
The new Comet Lovejoy, C/2014 Q2, will brighten to 5th or 6th magnitude in late December 2014 and January 2015 for dark-sky Northern Hemisphere viewing.
alan hale (astronomer)

7 Discoveries by Amateur Astronomers

ABC News - 01 Aug 2009
By day, they might work as ministers, musicians and construction managers. But at night, they pull out their telescopes and scan the starry skies searching for ...
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The K7RA Solar Update

ARRL - 05 Oct 2018
Sunspots finally returned on September 29, after over two weeks with none. Average daily sunspot numbers increased from 0 to 9.6, and average daily solar flux ...
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Comet 41P/TGK Greens Up For St. Paddy's Day

Sky & Telescope - 15 Mar 2017
Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak begins its best showing of the year this week as it slingshots across the Big Dipper into circumpolar skies. Meanwhile, comet ...
alan hale (astronomer)

The Birth of the Modern Universe

The Planetary Society - 29 Aug 2014
“Humanity,” writes Alan Hirshfeld towards the end of Starlight Detectives, “inhabits a spinning globe, coursing round a central star” which is itself “moving through ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Where to See Comet Lovejoy Tonight

Sky & Telescope - 30 Jan 2015
Learn where to see Comet Lovejoy tonight; it should brighten from 5th magnitude in late December 2014 to January 4, 2015, for the Northern Hemisphere.
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Brian G. Marsden (1937-2010)

Sky & Telescope - 18 Nov 2010
Word rocketed through the astronomical community today that Brian Marsden had died after a prolonged illness. Marsden served as the long-time director of the ...
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Almanac - Thursday 3/8/18

KALW - 08 Mar 2018
Today is Thursday, the 8 th of March of 2018 It is the 67th day of 2018. There are 298 days left in the year. 12 days until spring begins ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Brian Marsden - 06 Dec 2010
Brian Marsden, who died on November 18 aged 73, was a leading tracker of comets and asteroids and was once described as a “cheery herald of fear”, after he ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Solar Flares Aren't What They Seemed

Sky & Telescope - 12 Sep 2011
Recent data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory show that solar flares are more powerful than they were previously thought to be.

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