Alan Hale (born March 7, 1958) is an American professional astr... -
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In Our Skies: Diamonds in our skies or just vermin

Alamogordo Daily News - 22 Jun 2018
These objects, which some early 20th century astronomers once exasperatedly referred to as “vermin of the skies” because they kept showing up on photographs taken for other purposes, have shown themselves to be quite the opposite. Alan Hale is a ...
alan hale (astronomer)

In Our Skies: Bean was a pleasant and jovial fellow

Alamogordo Daily News - 11 Jun 2018
The past few months have been rather difficult emotionally for astronomy and space enthusiasts, as several prominent luminaries in these fields have passed away. The latest to join this list is former astronaut Alan Bean, who passed away two weeks ago, ...
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Reach for the Stars: Summer nights beckon stargazers - 20 Jun 2018
The keynote address will be given by Samuel D. Hale and Todd Mason on "The Past, Present and Future of Large Professional Telescopes." Hale is chairman and CEO of the Mount Wilson Institute and the grandson ...
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In Our Skies: A Fond Farewell to Young and Bopp

Alamogordo Daily News - 13 Jan 2018
Our second farewell is to Thomas Bopp, a seemingly ordinary amateur astronomer born in Denver and raised in Ohio but who was living in the Phoenix, Arizona, area when he was exploring the nighttime sky in the nearby desert with some of his fellow ...
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Comet Discoverer Thomas Bopp (1949–2018)

Sky & Telescope - 12 Jan 2018
Alan Hale (a professional astronomer) was at his home in New Mexico. Both men spotted the fuzzy object within 5 minutes of each other. Neither knew the other had found the object, and both sent messages to Brian Marsden at the IAU's Central Bureau for ...
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In Our Skies: A quasi-objective look back at 2017 space events

Alamogordo Daily News - 05 Jan 2018
(Nov. 3, Nov. 10). And now, a new year is upon us, and we can be sure that many more exciting discoveries and events await us in 2018. Alan Hale is a professional astronomer who resides in Cloudcroft. Hale is involved in various space-related research ...
alan hale (astronomer)

Thomas Bopp, whose name was memorialized in a comet, dies at 68

Washington Post - 10 Jan 2018
Rather, Mr. Bopp — within minutes of another Southwest astronomer, 37-year-old Alan Hale — had discovered what is officially known as C/1995 O1, a dirty snowball of dust, rock and ice that went on to inspire a California death cult and light up the ...
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In Our Skies: A Bloody Well Blue Moon Twice

Alamogordo Daily News - 29 Jan 2018
This new year of 2018 began with a full moon. Strictly speaking, the moon was at its full phase on New Year's night – which corresponds to Jan. 2 in Greenwich mean time, or Universal Time, which astronomers often use – but for all intents and purposes ...
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In Our Skies: Diamonds falling from the sky, Almahata Sitta

Alamogordo Daily News - 21 Apr 2018
Last week's edition of this feature discussed the very close flyby of Earth by the asteroid Apophis that will be taking place eleven years from now. We know about Apophis, and many other Earth-approaching asteroids, primarily as a result of ...
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In Our Skies: Daytime sky watching can be spectacular views

Alamogordo Daily News - 03 Dec 2017
Thus, sometimes the universe even comes to us during the daytime hours. Alan Hale is a professional astronomer who resides in Cloudcroft. Hale is involved in various space-related research and educational activities throughout New Mexico and elsewhere.
alan hale (astronomer)

Farwell to Fellow Traveler McCandless

Alamogordo Daily News - 30 Dec 2017
The world community of space flight enthusiasts, and this author personally, were saddened by the passing of former astronaut Bruce McCandless on Dec. 21. He was 80. While McCandless' name may not be as well-known as some of the other astronauts, ...
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In Our Skies: Hopefully SpaceX's Falcon Roars

Alamogordo Daily News - 02 Feb 2018
It's a basic principle of rocket science, and indeed it comes from basic physics: the heavier the payload that one might want to launch into orbit, or the farther away from Earth that one might want to launch a heavy payload, the larger and more ...
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Thomas Bopp, comet hunter – obituary - 20 Feb 2018
Thomas Bopp, who has died aged 68, was an amateur astronomer who shared the honours with Alan Hale, a professional astronomer, for the discovery of Comet C/1995 01, better known as Comet Hale-Bopp, which put on a grand show in the spring of 1997 ...
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In Our Skies: Waiting for Andromeda to merge with us

Alamogordo Daily News - 17 Nov 2017
Any descendants of humanity, should any survive until that far-future era, will just have to watch the goings-on from somewhere else. Alan Hale is a professional astronomer who resides in Cloudcroft. Hale is involved in various space-related research ...
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In Our Skies: Apollo Command Module pilots played a unique role

Alamogordo Daily News - 25 Nov 2017
Mission Commander Alan Shepard passed away in 1998 and Lunar Module pilot Edgar Mitchell passed away in 2016, and accordingly Apollo 14 is the only moon landing mission wherein all three crew members have by now died. Alfred “Al” Worden was the ...
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In Our Skies: A/2017 U1 may carry its secrets to the outer limits

Alamogordo Daily News - 03 Nov 2017
The world's astronomers will continue to study A/2017 U1 for as long as possible, although it is already a very dim object, now 70 million miles from Earth and 150 million miles from the sun, and rapidly pulling away and growing dimmer. It is presently ...
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Astronomers Spot First-Known Interstellar “Comet” - 26 Oct 2017
At least two astronomers managed to take crude spectra of the object: Alan Fitzsimmons (Queens University Belfast) with the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope and Joseph Masiero (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) with the 5-m Hale reflector. Both show A/2017 U1 ...
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'Heaven's Gate': A ten-part podcast from another dimension

Communities Digital News - 28 Feb 2018
Eighteenth century French astronomer Charles Messier was a frustrated comet hunter. Many of the fuzzy objects he saw through his telescope were no more than dense groups of stars called globular clusters. To exclude these objects from his comet ...
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In Our Skies: A dead planet obits close to us

Alamogordo Daily News - 27 Oct 2017
Such features may provide a relatively stable environment for human inhabitants – should humanity ever decide that it wishes to return to the moon. Alan Hale is a professional astronomer who resides in Cloudcroft. Hale is involved in various space ...
alan hale (astronomer)

In Our Skies: Sputnik 1 launches into the history books

Alamogordo Daily News - 08 Oct 2017
The U.S. followed suit with Alan Shepard's suborbital flight aboard the Mercury Freedom 7 capsule a little over three weeks later. Three weeks after Shepard's flight, then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy committed the U.S. to the goal of landing ...

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