An 'albino'[a] redwood is a redwood tree which is unable... -
albino redwood

An 'albino'[a] redwood is a redwood tree which is unable...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
An 'albino'[a] redwood is a redwood tree which is unable to produce chlorophyll, and so has white needles instead of the normal green. It survives by obtaining sugar through the connections between its roots and those of neighboring normal redwood(s), usually the parent tree from whose base it has sprouted. (Sap exchange through roots is a general phenomenon among redwoods.) About 400 are known. They can be found in both Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park and Humboldt Redwoods State Park, with e
albino redwood

Learn about albino redwoods at Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Eureka Times Standard - 02 Sep 2017
Local arborist Tom Stapleton is set to hold a guided tour of Humboldt Redwoods State Park on Saturday afternoon to view the largest albino redwood tree known to exist, according to the state park. The 90-minute walk will begin at the Humboldt Redwoods ...
albino redwood

These Mysterious Pure White Redwood Trees Defy the Laws of Nature

Motherboard - 07 Jun 2017
Working with Tom Stapleton, an arborist and one of the few experts who has spent time researching these trees, Moore began tracking the location of each of the 441 albino redwoods. When they plotted out that data, the noticed something striking: all of ...
albino redwood

Mystery Of California's Albino Redwoods May Be Finally Solved

DOGOnews - 30 Jun 2017
However, the one mystery that has eluded them is the survival of a group of about 400 albino redwood trees that lack chlorophyll, the green pigment necessary for plants to photosynthesize. Since the trees are unable to produce glucose, scientists have ...
albino redwood

The mystery of the 'ghost trees' may be solved

Washington Post - 07 Oct 2016
It is an albino redwood, the “ghost” of California's coastal forests. “I like that metaphor a lot,” biologist Zane Moore said, as he grasps a branch of the unusual conifer and holds it up to the light. Brilliant October sunshine filters through the ...
albino redwood

New Science Helps Understand Redwood Ghosts

Bay Nature - 01 Jan 2017
Albino redwood trees, first documented in 1866, have been a mystery for as long as we've known they were out there. More than 400 albino redwoods have been found in California and the Pacific Northwest, with the greatest concentration occurring in ...
albino redwood

Albino redwoods: Mystery of 'ghosts of the forest' may be solved

The Mercury News - 11 Sep 2016
For 150 years, they've been a mystery: white trees in the middle of deep green California redwood forests. Scientists know that albino redwoods are genetic mutations that attach themselves to the roots and branches of normal redwood trees and live by ...
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Hike: Different way to see Muir Woods

Marin Independent Journal - 03 Sep 2017
A 5.5-mile loop on the Panoramic, Canopy View, Muir Woods and Alice Eastwood trails takes you through oaks and bays, down into the redwood forest of Muir Woods, past a white redwood, and up the trail and road named for the famous botanist Alice ...
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Circus within a Circus

North Coast Journal - 16 Nov 2017
Plays offer a look into a different era, with modern productions taking on material written centuries ago. But Pippin affords a chance to see a dual track on that: The era in which it was first staged is the early 1970s. To see it now is a glimpse into ...
albino redwood

Coast Line: Redwood researcher Zane Moore to speak

Santa Cruz Sentinel - 24 Aug 2017
Zane Moore, a redwood researcher, will speak at 7 p.m. Friday at Big Basin State Park about Big Basin's tallest tree in the world south of San Francisco, and then discuss the extremely rare albino redwoods, considered by some to be the redwoods ...
albino redwood

Albino Redwoods

Daily Triplicate - 28 May 2016
They are also working to determine the distribution of albino redwoods throughout the Sequoia sempervirens' range. According to Moore, who received his Bachelor's degree in botany from Colorado State University and plans to study somatic mutation in ...
albino redwood

The mystery of California's 'albino' redwoods could be solved

Earth Touch - 21 Sep 2016
Without chlorophyll, these trees lack the ability to produce precious sugar, so they must sponge off the root systems of healthy redwoods to survive. Because of their reliance on a "parent" tree, albino redwoods have been called parasites over the years.
albino redwood

This Albino Redwood Tree Isn't Dead — But It Came Close

NPR - 28 Jul 2014
An extremely rare, albino hermaphroditic redwood tree was in danger of being sent to the chipper because it was growing too close to the path of a new railroad line in Cotati, Calif. But thanks to local outcry from arborists and the community, the tree ...
albino redwood

Rare Half-Albino Redwood Tree Is Safe, For Now

Smithsonian - 30 Jul 2014
A rare, half-albino redwood tree in California was slated to be cut down this spring, as Smithsonian wrote in March. But residents of Cotati, a Sonoma County town, made a push to save the tree, and the regional railroad that was planning to raze it has ...
albino redwood

Stalking Down Answers: Why Are Some Redwoods White?

Smithsonian - 19 Sep 2016
Ghost-like trees lurk in the dark understory of California's redwood forests, appearing as white apparitions among their towering brown and green neighbors. The pale trees, known as albino redwoods, have long been a mystery to researchers, but new ...
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The mysterious world of albino redwood trees

Mother Nature Network (blog) - 15 Apr 2015
You may already be familiar with albinism in humans and other animals, but did you know there are albino plants, too? Albino redwood needles The most viable example of this phenomenon is the albino redwood. Due to a genetic mutation, these rare plants ...
albino redwood

Mysterious 'ghost redwoods' may survive to help nearby trees

Treehugger - 11 Oct 2016
Albino redwoods shouldn't exist, but they do. Now a biologist finds a possible explanation in the tree network that thrives beneath the forest floor. Rare in their improbable shimmering white, albino redwoods defy the popular logic of trees. With a ...

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