Lawyer of stabbings suspect Alex Hribal: 'All the students liked him' -
alex hribal

Franklin Regional stabbing lawsuit transferred to federal court

Tribune-Review - 09 Jul 2018
In May, Greg Keener sued Alex Hribal, his parents, the Franklin Regional School District and a private security company that patrolled the school grounds. Keener, 19, of Murrysville, was one of 19 students and a security guard injured during the April ...
alex hribal

Alex Hribal seeks reduced sentence for Franklin Regional stabbings

Tribune-Review - 17 Mar 2018
The former Franklin Regional High School student serving up to 60 years in prison for injuring 20 students and a security guard during a knife rampage four years ago will appear in court next month seeking a lesser sentence. Westmoreland County Common ...
alex hribal

What's next for Hribal? Lots of tests, treatment

Tribune-Review - 24 Jan 2018
Just how long Hribal, who was sentenced this week for the knife rampage at Franklin Regional High School nearly four years ago, remains behind bars ultimately will be up to the state's Probation and Parole Board, which can release him as early as 2037, ...

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