Aligarh is a 2016 Indian biographical drama film directed by Ha... -
aligarh (film)

Top LGBTQ movies to watch on Valentine's Day

The Indian Express - 13 Feb 2018
Aligarh: Indian film industry does not see too many queer films and most of whatever it sees are actually jocular at the expense of the queers. But once in a while, an Aligarh hits theaters, and changes everything. The film, directed with a genuine ...
aligarh (film)

Aiyaary: The job is getting tougher now, says Manoj Bajpayee

Hindustan Times - 11 Feb 2018
I've never experienced loneliness in my life. The professor in “Aligarh” was isolated by choice. Give him his Lata Mangeshkar songs and two pegs of rum and he was fine in his own company. I consider it the first in my trilogy of loneliness. I've done ...
aligarh (film)

Rajkummar Rao's Omerta to now hit the screens on April 20th

NewsX - 10 Feb 2018
It shows you the dark reality of a dangerous world.” Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who had been earlier earned the title of bin laden's 'special son', has been charged in the case of the 1994 kidnappings of Western tourists in India and is most well known ...
aligarh (film)

Manoj Bajpayee: The job is getting tougher now - 12 Feb 2018
Very tough. Though I've pursued and explored performance-oriented characters throughout my career, the job is getting tougher now. We've a fresh crop of directors who watch cinema from all over the world on the internet and then expect themselves and ...
aligarh (film)

Rajkummar's 'Omerta' to hit the screens on April 20

Newburgh Gazette - 14 Feb 2018
After Shahid they worked together in a film called Citylights which was very well received by anyone who saw it and wen onto a great status to Raj as a performer in the Hindi film industry because the role was completely different from Shahid. Aligarh ...
aligarh (film)

In the footsteps of Hollywood, homoeroticism hits Bollywood

THE WEEK - 10 Feb 2018
In the West it's Armie Hammer and Timothy Chalamet giving interviews as a couple for their gay love story Call Me By Your Name. We haven't reached that nirvanic stage in India. But Ranveer Singh and Jim Sarbh's homoerotic act in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's ...
aligarh (film)

Acting is tough but in India it's seen as a cakewalk: Bajpayee

Outlook India - 05 Feb 2018
Mumbai, Feb 5 Regarded as one of the finest actors in Bollywood, Manoj Bajpayee feels sad that acting is considered as the easiest profession in India. In the trailer of his upcoming film "Aiyaary", Bajpayee, who plays an army officer, is seen in many ...
aligarh (film)

Rajkummar Rao's Omerta to hit the screens on THIS date

PINKVILLA - 10 Feb 2018
Mehta had shown Omar's character in his 2013 film Shahid in a brief scene where he tries to brainwash lawyer Shahid Azmi, the film's protagonist. Interestingly, Rajkummar had played the role of Shahid Azmi in that film. This is Rajkummar's fourth with ...

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