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German Far-Right AfD Is in Parliament. Now What?

Bloomberg - 20 Nov 2017
Alternative for Germany emerged as the third-strongest political force in the country's national election in September. The anti-immigration, anti-Islam party's entry into the Bundestag showed that Europe's biggest economy isn't immune to the populism ...
alternative for germany

Merkel Wants Outline Coalition Deal With SPD by Mid-January

U.S. News & World Report - 18 Dec 2017
But Merkel said a stable government required formal agreements on policy: "Anything short of that would mean the exploratory talks were not successful." CITIZEN'S INSURANCE. Should Merkel and SPD leader Martin Schulz fail to reach an agreement ...
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Angela Merkel's ticking Bavarian time bomb - 18 Dec 2017
At the party conference, Söder, who is currently Bavaria's finance minister, gave a foretaste of his campaign, taking aim at left-leaning newspapers and “champagne drinkers,” and striking a tone that seemed designed to win back voters from the far ...
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German far-right savors new-found power as Merkel flounders

The Times of Israel - 26 Nov 2017
The party's strong showing at the polls elicited outrage among Jews and others in Germany and elsewhere, including Israel. “This result is a nightmare come true,” declared Charlotte Knobloch, chairwoman of Munich's Jewish community and former president ...
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Thousands demonstrate against Alternative for Germany party congress

World Socialist Web Site - 05 Dec 2017
Thousands of mainly young people protested over the weekend in Hanover, Germany against the right-wing extremist Alternative for Germany (AfD) as it held its first party congress since gaining seats in parliament in September's federal election. While ...
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Austrian far-right to be sworn into new government

Economic Times - 18 Dec 2017
Geert Wilders' Freedom Party became the second-largest in the Netherlands, Marine Le Pen of France's National Front was in a runoff for the presidency and Alternative for Germany entered the Bundestag. But the FPOe is rare in western Europe in having ...
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Germans troll far-right leader with Holocaust memorial outside home

The Times of Israel - 23 Nov 2017
Leading Alternative for Germany (AfD) member Hoecke provoked outrage in January when he labeled the tribute to the victims a “monument of shame in the heart of the capital” and urged Germans to focus less on their WWII guilt. Ruch revealed that the ...
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The Far Right Might Become Germany's Main Opposition Party

HuffPost - 28 Nov 2017
Just weeks after becoming the first German far-right party to enter parliament in over half a century, Alternative for Germany could also soon become the country's main opposition party. It's a scenario that most Germans and political parties had hoped ...
alternative for germany

Six of Our Favorite Stories on Germany's Politics

New York Times - 21 Nov 2017
Putin and Merkel: A Rivalry of History, Distrust and Power. The relationship between President Vladimir V. Putin and Ms. Merkel is still only cordial, despite dozens of meetings and scores of telephone calls over the years. The rivalry between Mr ...
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German lawmakers opt to increase own pay

Deutsche Welle - 13 Dec 2017
Wednesday's vote was among Bundestag agenda items including a cross-party recommendation that victims of terrorist acts and major accidents receive better compensation. Former Rhineland-Palatinate Premier Kurt Beck, who was appointed the government's ...

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