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TV Q&A: Will 'The Amazing Race' be back? - 08 Nov 2018
Q • Will “The Amazing Race” be back? A • A new season, the 31st, is due sometime in 2018-19, but I do not have an air date yet. The show's casting site,, is accepting applications for the 32nd season, which will be shot in the ...
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TV Q&A: Will 'Amazing Race' be coming back?

Lincoln Journal Star - 11 Nov 2018
You have questions. I have some answers. Q: Will "The Amazing Race" be back? A: A new season, the 31st, is due sometime in 2018-19, but I do not have an air date yet. The show's casting site,, is accepting applications for ...
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The Salvation Army's MOST 'Amazing Race' is coming to Fort Myers

The News-Press - 17 Oct 2018
When a co-worker asked Alex Thompson if she heard about the MOST Amazing Race coming to her backyard, she got excited. “She said, 'Have you ever heard of this?' Thompson said. “I watched a short video clip and I thought, 'This is coming to Fort Myers?
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The amazing race

Christian Science Monitor - 24 Oct 2018
The bright digits of the stove clock read 3:07 p.m. It's almost time to pick up my daughter from school, and my son is napping. Either he will wake up, come out of the room, and shout “Surprise!” or – ranking just below a painful dental cleaning – I ...
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When Is 'Amazing Race' Coming Back? Season 31 Premiere Update

International Business Times - 07 Nov 2018
Fans of “The Amazing Race” may actually have to wait just a little bit longer for their beloved reality competition series to come back to CBS. The series, which concluded Season 30 back in February, is expected to return for its 31st race around the ...
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Salvation Army hosts 'Most Amazing Race' fundraiser

Fox 4 - 22 Oct 2018
FORT MYERS, Fla. - The Salvation Army hosted an event called The Most Amazing Race in Fort Myers Saturday. It was a competition that helped raise money for people in the community. 14 teams entered the race and, on average, the course took three ...
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Big Brother contestants will appear on The Amazing Race 2019

Inside the BB House - 17 Oct 2018
Former Big Brother houseguests have become regular competitors on The Amazing Race. When CBS brings the show back in winter 2019, more Big Brother contestants are taking part. It has been previously reported on Inside the BB House that former ...
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Family Activities

Amherst Bee - 13 Nov 2018
Inspired by “The Amazing Race,” this one-of-a-kind game will test your problem-solving skills, strategic thinking and powers of observation. It's fun, frantic and family-friendly. The Crazy Race combines scavenger hunting, brain busting, tactile ...
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Maria Gutzeit | Nothing Ever Changed… and Then It Changed

Santa Clarita Valley Signal - 13 Nov 2018
Democrat Katie Hill had a huge and amazing race, replacing Republican Steve Knight for U.S. Congress. As of Sunday, it looks like Christy Smith is gaining on Dante Acosta for the State Assembly. City Council didn't change, but some school boards did.

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