How to make good TV for the web, according to Amazon -

How to make good TV for the web, according to Amazon

Fortune (blog) - 14 May 2014
FORTUNE -- Two years ago, Amazon (AMZN) started developing television content. In the past year, the company produced 24 pilots, which, according to Amazon Studios director Roy Price, is more than a typical broadcast network will prepare for primetime ...

Beyond Amazon and Alibaba: what's next for e-commerce?

TechCrunch - 21 Aug 2017
How do you outsmart an 800 lb gorilla? E-commerce retailers in the two biggest markets – China and the U.S. – grapple with this question every day. Many assume the e-commerce game is over given the immense success of Amazon and Alibaba (both have ...

Here's how Amazon-proof these 13 types of retailers are

CNBC - 20 Aug 2017
It goes without saying that retail is evolving. More shopping is occurring online, but the pace of change is uneven. "You can't paint retail with broad brush strokes," James Cook, JLL's director of retail research, told CNBC in an interview. "You have ...

Amazon's Strategy Is a Perfect Example for Growth Investors - 20 Aug 2017
Amazon, however, operates differently. While the company no doubt has a dominant position in e-commerce, it's also a leader in cloud computing, the #2 video streamer, and a leader in e-books and voice-activated technology like Alexa, and it's growing ...

Motley Fool: Growing Amazon will get bigger

The Spokesman-Review - 20 Aug 2017
Furthermore, it has demonstrated strong revenue growth across its business – revenue in Amazon's second quarter was up 25 percent year over year. Profits have been slow to appear, as Amazon has invested in growing its business and has competed on ...

Walmart Wants to Take on Amazon With Flying Warehouses

Fortune - 20 Aug 2017
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has opened a new front in its battle with Inc. The world's largest retailer has applied for a U.S. patent for a floating warehouse that could make deliveries via drones, which would bring products from the aircraft down ...

Supermarkets Fear Amazon For The Wrong Reasons, Study Finds

Forbes - 18 Aug 2017
Retailers are panicking over Amazon's salvo for grocery dominance—and rightly so, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. A deep dive into why consumers buy food tells a more nuanced story that challenges conventional wisdom about what Amazon's threat to ...

How to buy the right Amazon Echo

The Verge - 18 Aug 2017
Alexa seems to be everywhere. Since Amazon's voice assistant was introduced three years ago, it's grown and grown in size and scope. Alexa is now on dozens of devices, has over 15,000 “skills,” and is quite possibly the name you think of when a digital ...

FOOT LOCKER: We aren't afraid of being Amazon'd

Business Insider - 18 Aug 2017
Amazon has been taking market share from companies across America, and its freaking out the CEOs of the country's biggest companies. So much so that CEOs have been mentioning the e-commerce behemoth at a clip of nearly six times that of President ...

Walmart's online sales soar as it seeks to catch Amazon

Southeast Missourian - 20 Aug 2017
NEW YORK -- Walmart's recent spending spree to try to catch up to Amazon seems to be paying off. The world's largest retailer said Thursday its online sales soared 60 percent in the past three months as people shopped more at, and ...

Instant Pickup Can Provide A Boost To Amazon's Prime Business

Forbes - 18 Aug 2017
Amazon's razor sharp focus on convenience and speed of delivery has led to yet another innovative offering by the company, this time called Instant Pickup. Launched earlier this week, Instant Pickup allows Prime members and Prime Student members to ...

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