Fire TV, and Amazon's Commitment to Consumption -
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Fire TV, and Amazon's Commitment to Consumption

New Yorker (blog) - 02 Apr 2014
Amazon has unveiled a new device for your television. It's called Amazon Fire TV. In the industry, it's known as a set-top box. It's black, about the size of a ham sandwich, and extremely powerful. It has “over 3x the processing power of Apple TV ...
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Leanback Launcher is an Android TV Launcher for the Amazon Fire TV

XDA Developers (blog) - 20 Feb 2018
If you're an Android purist, or if you just aren't a fan of the Fire TV's user interface, you'll be happy to know that you can change the launcher to something different. One excellent choice is Leanback Launcher by XDA Member rockon999: a fully ...
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Leanback Launcher For Amazon Fire TV Released On XDA

Android Headlines - 19 Feb 2018
The Leanback Launcher has been ported to the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, and it can be installed without rooting the streaming devices. The Leanback Launcher is the interface commonly used by devices running Android TV, and it was ported by ...
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Amazon's Fire TV now lets you sign in just once for cable apps

The Verge - 25 Jan 2018
Amazon is eliminating the frustration of having to constantly re-enter your cable credentials whenever you install certain apps on its Fire TV streaming gadgets. Like Apple and Roku before it, Amazon has now introduced a Single Sign-On feature that ...
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Amazon's newly updated Fire TV is an amazing deal for $55 right now

Business Insider - 02 Feb 2018
Voice remotes are common on higher-end streaming boxes, letting you select the show you want without having to push a lot of buttons, but Amazon's has a trick up its sleeve. Because it's powered by Alexa, the remote can also be used to control a whole ...
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Amazon's 4K Fire TV is down to just $50, but only for today

Windows Central - 12 Feb 2018
If you already upgraded your TV to 4K, it's time to upgrade your streaming media player to match. Amazon's Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD is a great choice, and with this $20 discount, it's an even smarter buy. You can also opt for the bundle that includes ...
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The Amazon Fire TV 4K is 21% off right now

TechHive - 01 Feb 2018
If you need a 4K-compatible streaming device, Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, and Target have the 4K Fire TV on sale for $55 right now. That's about 21 percent off the usual price, and close to the all-time low of $50. It's not clear when this discount ends ...
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Google briefly broke Amazon's workaround for YouTube on Fire TV

The Verge - 22 Jan 2018
Google and Amazon aren't getting any closer to ending their bitter feud. In fact, today the user-hostile fight between them is only getting worse. YouTube briefly appeared to have blocked the Silk web browser on Fire TV from displaying the TV-optimized ...
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VRV launches on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV

FierceCable - 30 Jan 2018
VRV, an SVOD service that aggregates streaming channels and content, is adding Amazon Fire TV and Android TV to its services' list of compatible devices. "One of the most frequent requests we receive for VRV is making the app available on all key ...
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Save on Macbooks, Fire TV, KitchenAid mixers, and more today

Mashable - 12 Feb 2018
Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. If you're in the market to improve your life with all kinds ...
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Deal: Amazon Fire TV 4K (2017 Edition) for $55 – 1/30/18

Android Headlines - 30 Jan 2018
Amazon, today is selling its newest Fire TV set-top box for just $54.99. That's good for $15 off of its regular price, and also matches its Black Friday price tag from late last year. This sale is going to be good for a good bit, but Amazon has not ...
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Deal: Amazon Fire TV Stick & Echo Dot for $69 – 1/24/18

Android Headlines - 24 Jan 2018
Amazon currently has a pretty awesome bundle for anyone that is looking to get started with the Alexa platform. It includes the Fire TV Stick with Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot, for just $69.98. Now if you were to buy these separately, you would pay ...
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Pre-Pay for Two Months of DIRECTV NOW, Get An Amazon Fire TV

Android Headlines - 02 Feb 2018
Once you have pre-paid for DIRECTV NOW, you will be able to put in your claim for your Amazon Fire TV. This typically takes a couple of weeks to be fulfilled. But you are able to cancel DIRECTV NOW after your two months and keep your Fire TV. So you'll ...
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What's Next on This Wild Ride for Roku Inc Stock? - 20 Feb 2018
Because Roku doesn't have an accompanying smart home offering to complement its OTT TV platform. Over the next 5-10 years, we will see smart TVs and streaming media products morph into all-in-one hubs for smart home tech. Indeed, this trend has already ...

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