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Fire TV, and Amazon's Commitment to Consumption

New Yorker (blog) - 02 Apr 2014
Amazon has unveiled a new device for your television. It's called Amazon Fire TV. In the industry, it's known as a set-top box. It's black, about the size of a ham sandwich, and extremely powerful. It has “over 3x the processing power of Apple TV ...
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Amazon really, really wants you to buy Fire TV

CNET - 12 Dec 2017
In his review, CNET's David Katzmaier praised Fire TV as having best-in-class voice features. He was, however, concerned at how aggressively it tries to push Amazon's entertainment over, well, everything else. Deciding which streaming gadget is right ...
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Amazon Channels Classic Moments in Fire TV Campaign

Creativity - 11 Dec 2017
In one of the more memorable scenes in "Home Alone," young Kevin McCallister famously orders a pizza, pranking the petrified delivery boy, who is allowed to "keep the change, ya filthy animal." Now, those watching the 1990 classic on Amazon's Fire TV ...
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Amazon launches web browser for Fire TV

The Verge - 29 Nov 2017
You'll never convince me that using an internet browser on a television set is anything but awkward and bad, but if for whatever reason you've been waiting to browse the web on Amazon's Fire TV devices, the company has answered that call. The Amazon ...
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Amazon Is Working on a 2nd Gen Fire TV Smart TV

Cord Cutters News, LLC - 15 Dec 2017
Back in January 2017 Amazon announced the Fire TV edition smart TVs. Now it looks like they are hard at work on a new line of 2nd gen Fire TV edition smart TVs. Yesterday AFTVnews announced they found hidden in this week's Fire TV software update a ...
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Google will pull YouTube support from Amazon Fire TVs in 2018

Ars Technica - 05 Dec 2017
That version of YouTube will be blocked immediately while the Fire TV app won't work, starting January 1, 2018. Removing YouTube from the Echo Show likely makes it a less desirable product. YouTube is consistently one of the most popular video ...
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YouTube to disappear from Amazon Fire TV

CNET - 06 Dec 2017
In a statement, Google said YouTube will no longer function on Fire TV and Echo show devices unless Amazon starts playing ball. 1:49 / December 5, 2017. Transcript. Say goodbye to YouTube on Amazon Fire TV. In a statement, Google said it will no longer ...
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There's No Great Reason to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Anymore

How-To Geek - 06 Dec 2017
Amazon has a history of using hardware platforms to make people buy stuff. The Kindle and the Echo are both useful on their own, but Amazon's long-term plan for both is all about selling things. Amazon's Fire TV line is no different. The user interface ...
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Amazon's Fire TV Stick officially debuts in Australia

TechRadar - 13 Dec 2017
Amazon's launch in Australia didn't didn't bring the company's most popular products with it; the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo smart speakers are set to arrive on Aussie shores only in 2018. However, the AmazonBasics range of accessories, like cables, was ...
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Amazon's Silk web browser is now on Fire TV devices

Engadget - 28 Nov 2017
The site also notes that the Silk browser is not able to be installed on any third generation Fire TVs, as they run a newer version of Amazon's Fire OS and the Silk browser may be incompatible with it. Silk works like pretty much any other browser ...

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