AMD stock still volatile despite fresh stability in chip maker's business -
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AMD had an EPYC 2017

ZDNet - 18 Dec 2017
Over 2016 its stock price had increased by around 300 percent, making it one of the highest-performing tech stocks of that year. It has also spent that year gaining ground in both the graphics and PC markets, expending its semi-custom business, and ...
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AMD: The Time To Buy Is Now

Seeking Alpha - 15 Dec 2017
In December of last year, AMD (AMD) stock was trading at a similar price as it is today ($10). By February 2017 the stock had risen over 50% to $15, and now it has tumbled back down to $10. is this a dip or a fall? Although there are some definite ...
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Key Reasons Why AMD Will Break Out

Seeking Alpha - 13 Dec 2017
Bears in firm control of the trade but fundamentals continue to support a strong rally in AMD stock. Four fundamental reasons AMD's prospects are improving. This is a follow-up to this article. Instead of rallying after announcing its partnership with ...
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6 Reasons Why AMD Will Be $25 By 2019

Seeking Alpha - 12 Dec 2017
And although AMD sold lots of CPU chips they were mostly under $100 and some were under $50. In graphics, they tended to be hot and heavy and that's not meant as a compliment. It looked like AMD was just another tech stock headed for oblivion. But now ...
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The Party's Over for Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Stock - 13 Dec 2017
On July 26, AMD stock came within 35 cents of making me wrong (at the time, NVDA stock was at $167 — a long way from $200), but has since slid all the way down to below $10, the lion's share of the decline coming after third-quarter earnings showed ...
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AMD's Partnership Base Is Growing, But Not Its Stock

Seeking Alpha - 10 Dec 2017
The most recent collaborations are with Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Intel. These partnerships will boost Computing and Graphics and Semi-Custom segments. Strangely, the stock does not react to the news. Therefore, AMD seems to be undervalued at the moment ...
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AMD: A Winning 2018 Trade?

Seeking Alpha - 11 Dec 2017
The last time AMD added capital gains was between Q1/2016 and Q1/2017. Since then, the stock is down and price targets are stuck. AMD is facing some uncertainty while the competition keeps attacking new product releases. However, AMD is showing ...
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Strong Upside For AMD Stock Awaits In 2018

Seeking Alpha - 04 Dec 2017
Consumer block chain will level off in Q4 but commercial block chain will grow EPYC will be sizable portion of total revenue in 2018. AMD's tempered expectations for cryptocurrency mining puts the company's at odds with Mizuho's contention that both ...
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Nvidia And AMD: Only One Month Later

Seeking Alpha - 12 Dec 2017
If we would have been asked on 11/10/2017, are we long AMD and NVDA, the answer would have been no. If we would have been asked on 11/10/2017, do we believe that we will be long AMD and NVDA within the following month time, the answer would have been ...
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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Must Rise Now or Suffer a Fall - 07 Dec 2017
If I've learned anything in my years of market analysis, it's that writing about certain companies can be hazardous. This is a sentiment shared by our contributor James Brumley whenever the topic is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD). Going ...
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AMD Bears Come Rushing In

Seeking Alpha - 28 Nov 2017
The issue I have with the bear camp is that AMD is in a much better place than it was just a few years ago, even considering the huge rally in the stock. In January 2016, analysts were looking for just $4.10 billion in revenues this year and a non-GAAP ...
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AMD: Protection Holds Up

Seeking Alpha - 07 Dec 2017
In an October article (AMD: Not So Wrong After All), we updated the final performance on our hedged portfolio from April that included an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) position. We noted there that we had exited our AMD position up 7.8%, and the ...
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Why Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Stock Will Rally 35% - 21 Nov 2017
These companies are clearly in solid position for the correct trends, although each are in different phases along the process. While AMD and Nvidia both produce GPUs, they are of different quality, with NVDA being the superior producer. In that respect ...

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