Amendment 2 in Florida may have lost, but it still points to the political ... -
amendment 2 florida

Realtors put another $2.9M behind Amendment 2

Florida Politics (blog) - 18 Oct 2018
The Florida Realtors, the state's largest professional association, made a seven-figure donation to the principal committee backing one of the property tax measures that will be on the November ballot. Amendment 2 is for Everybody showed a pair checks ...
amendment 2 florida

A breakdown of Florida's proposed Constitutional Amendments

WWSB ABC 7 - 14 Oct 2018
If the amendment is approved by voters, it would require 2/3 of Florida's House and Senate to approve a tax. No. 6: Rights of Crime Victims; Judges. Summary: "Creates constitutional rights for victims of crime; requires courts to facilitate victims ...
amendment 2 florida

Florida's proposed constitutional amendments explained

FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay - 17 Oct 2018
AMENDMENT 2: NON-RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TAX CAP. While Amendment One offers a break for people who own and live full-time in their homes, Amendment Two affects taxes for non-homeowners, like people who own rental properties, commercial ...
amendment 2 florida

Florida Realtors Pouring Millions Into Amendment 2 Tax Cap

WJCT NEWS - 09 Oct 2018
Among the groups fighting Amendment 2's passage is the League of Women Voters of Florida saying “no tax sources or revenue should be specified, limited, exempted, or prohibited in the Constitution.” Another group, Floridians Against Misleading ...
amendment 2 florida

Florida amendments: When to vote yes, when to say no

Orlando Sentinel - 12 Oct 2018
Amendment 2 – more taxes. This is another tax break that Tallahassee politicians want local officials to fund — this time for businesses and second-home owners. It would extend a 2008 policy that says no property's taxable value can increase by more ...
amendment 2 florida

Amendment 2: Limitations on Property Tax Assessments

Sunshine State News - 03 Oct 2018
Ultimately, this would serve as a shortsighted view of the Florida economy. Opponents could claim that local governments would benefit from added revenue streams and a greater ability to provide for necessary services. However, Amendment 2 merely ...
amendment 2 florida

Amendment 2 gets $4 million boost from Florida Realtors

Florida Politics (blog) - 26 Sep 2018
The Florida Association of Realtors has almost quadrupled its spending in support of Amendment 2. The association has funneled another $4 million to the Amendment 2 is for Everybody PAC since the primary election, according to state campaign finance ...
amendment 2 florida

Editorial Board offers its views on constitutional amendments

The Florida Times-Union - 21 Oct 2018
For voters interested in progressive views of the amendments, see this website: For those interested in the Florida Chamber's views, see this site: A quick guide to our suggestions: Yes: Amendments 2, 3, 4 ...
amendment 2 florida

South Florida property appraisers endorse Amendment 2's tax break

Miami Herald - 10 Oct 2018
As the Property Appraisers for Florida's three largest counties, we urge all voters to pay close attention to Amendment 2 on the upcoming November ballot. The amendment asks voters whether to make permanent a 10 percent limit on the annual increase in ...
amendment 2 florida

Florida TaxWatch on Amendments: No on 1, Yes on 2

Florida Politics (blog) - 08 Oct 2018
Amendment 2, which would permanently extend a cap of 10 percent on yearly increases of property taxes on parcels and structures without a homestead exemption, is more agreeable, however. TaxWatch supports Amendment 2, which would extend a ...
amendment 2 florida

Three ballot measures take aim at Florida taxes

Gainesville Sun - 18 Oct 2018
Amendment 1 seeks to create a bigger property-tax break for many homeowners by increasing the homestead exemption by $25,000. Amendment 2 would make permanent a 10 percent cap on annual property-tax assessment increases for commercial ...
amendment 2 florida

Our Opinion: Our recommendations on the amendments

Daily Commercial - 20 Oct 2018
Amendment 2, Non-residential property tax cap: NO. This would permanently ensure that the taxable value of rental and commercial property doesn't increase more than 10 percent a year. Florida should be working to make its tax rolls more realistic, not ...
amendment 2 florida

Understanding Florida Amendment 2 - Taxes

CT Post - 14 Oct 2018
Florida voters will decide whether to extend a 2008 policy that says no property's taxable value can increase by more than 10 percent in single year, even if its actual value does. / Orlando Sentinel ...

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