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"American Horror Story: Cult" trailer focuses on 2016 election

CBS News - 23 Aug 2017
The first real trailer is out for "American Horror Story: Cult," and it looks pretty twisted. Creator Ryan Murphy said before that it would be related to the 2016 presidential election, and now it's more clear how the theme plays out in the trailer ...
american horror story season 4

Here's Everything We Know So Far About American Horror Story: Cult

Vanity Fair - 10 Aug 2017
We're less than a month away from the premiere of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Cult, and as usual, the season remains shrouded in mystery. Will there really be clowns, or are they a metaphor for . . . something? What's up with all the bees? Who ...
american horror story season 4

'Stranger Things' Creators Plan to End Series After Season 4

PopCulture.com - 22 Aug 2017
Another hugely popular horror series, American Horror Story, has avoided the concept of bizarre things happening to a group of characters for six years by using an anthology format, as each season tells an entirely new story. The Walking Dead, on the ...
american horror story season 4

Every Season of 'American Horror Story', Ranked By Scare Factor

Zimbio - 05 Aug 2017
Entitled, sociopathic wannabe serial killers and tragically deformed circus performers aside, Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) alone is enough to catapult Season 4 to number three on our list. AHS had a slam dunk with this character, considering ...
american horror story season 4

The teasers for season 7 of American Horror Story are here

Gay Star News - 30 Jul 2017
Some clues included shots of the American flag (possibly a reference to the 2016 election), a swarm of bees, a creepy bald elephant-faced man, and allusions to Twisty the Clown from season 4 (Freak Show). While fan favorite Lady Gaga will not be ...
american horror story season 4

EW Fall TV Preview cover battle begins Round 4

EW.com - 25 Jul 2017
The race to be on the subscribers' cover of EW's Fall TV Preview has hit Round 4 with just eight shows remaining. Continue to vote each day in Round 4, and encourage friends and fellow fans to do the same by using the hashtag #EWCoverBattle on social ...
american horror story season 4

Lena Dunham is joining season 7 of American Horror Story

EW.com (blog) - 20 Jul 2017
Ryan Murphy's ability to attract A-list talent never ceases to surprise! The co-creator of American Horror Story just announced that Girls star Lena Dunham will be joining the mysterious season 7. It's unknown who or what Dunham will play but it's ...
american horror story season 4

'American Horror Story' Season 7 Gets Title & Date

Deadline - 21 Jul 2017
His posts included concept art of a creature with arms coming out of its head with the caption “AHS Season 7 clue: ambidexterity” as well as the a hint of the return of Twisty the clown from season 4 played by John Carroll Lynch. Other clues included a ...
american horror story season 4

American Horror Story: Could Lana Winters Be Coming Back?

Vanity Fair - 18 Jul 2017
Twisty the Clown, who ascended to some dream-like heaven along with Elsa Mars in Season 4, will also come back, at least as a legendary comic-book character, or perhaps as some kind of Freddy Krueger-like nightmare manifestation. Also, ball gags.

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