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american horror story season 4

American Horror Story: Everything We Know About Season 8

TV Guide - 15 Nov 2017
4. It might have something to do with lust or violence. OK, OK, we know that every season of American Horror Story has something to do with lust and violence, but according to this Instagram post by Murphy, each season of AHS thus far has corresponded ...
american horror story season 4

'American Horror Story': How are the seasons connected?

NME.com (blog) - 10 Nov 2017
There are many theories about how American Horror Story's seven seasons are connected. Some link just a couple of seasons, while others manage to thread lines between every single series, including ones yet to be made (yes, that's how far an AHS ...
american horror story season 4

Gotham Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Let Them Eat Pie

Den of Geek US - 17 Nov 2017
Years ago, when I first heard that DC was doing a show based on the adventures of a young James Gordon, I never thought I'd see that series morph into a hardcore horror drama that out gored Ryan Murphy and American Horror Story. But that's exactly what ...
american horror story season 4

We're Almost Done with American Horror Story: Cult

Geek - 08 Nov 2017
American Horror Story: Cult isn't the worst season the show's ever had. Though it certainly looked that way at the start, it had a string of great, terrifying episodes that really got into how cults form and how hard it is to escape from them. It's ...
american horror story season 4

American Horror Story: Cult recap: 'Winter of Our Discontent'

EW.com - 25 Oct 2017
Once upon a time, she and Kai were the hottest internet troll team on the dark web — which earned them an exciting, exclusive invite to a place called “Judgment House,” hosted by a creepy American Gothic Horror Preacher. (Side note: For a pair of kids ...
american horror story season 4

Difficult People Cancelled By Hulu, Will Not Return For Season 4

Cinema Blend - 15 Nov 2017
As we get further into the fall TV season, avid watchers are able to catch up on their favorite small screen adventures. Unfortunately, its not all peaches and cream, as networks have also begun dolling out cancellations like its their job (it kinda is ...
american horror story season 4

Evan Peters Played 4 Different Cult Leaders on 1 AHS: Cult Episode

Cosmopolitan.com - 01 Nov 2017
On Tuesday's episode of American Horror Story: Cult, appropriately titled "Drink the Kool-Aid," Evan Peters got to flex his acting (and also prosthetic makeup) muscles as not one, not two, but four different cult leaders. That episode title implied ...
american horror story season 4

The Flash: "When Harry Met Harry..."

IGN - 15 Nov 2017
It's really the same story over and over again with Season 4. The Flash offers plenty of goofy banter and lighthearted superhero fun, but it's struggling to deliver anything deeper. While “When Harry Met Harry…” made some moves in terms of escalating ...
american horror story season 4

American Horror Story: Cult recap: '11/9'

EW.com (blog) - 27 Sep 2017
If the first three weeks of American Horror Story were a marionette show, “11/9” is the episode where the camera pivots so you can really see all those dangling strings — and the puppet master who's holding them. And on one hand…well, duh. This ...
american horror story season 4

Every American Horror Story Season, Ranked From Worst to Best

Vulture - 05 Sep 2017
Even if the stories change, the show generally keeps working with the same stuff. But with American Horror Story, the show that launched a thousand anthology series, comparing seasons is like comparing apples to a basement full of monsters created by a ...
american horror story season 4

Here's Everything We Know So Far About American Horror Story: Cult

Vanity Fair - 10 Aug 2017
We're less than a month away from the premiere of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Cult, and as usual, the season remains shrouded in mystery. Will there really be clowns, or are they a metaphor for . . . something? What's up with all the bees? Who ...
american horror story season 4

American Horror Story: Could Lana Winters Be Coming Back?

Vanity Fair - 18 Jul 2017
Twisty the Clown, who ascended to some dream-like heaven along with Elsa Mars in Season 4, will also come back, at least as a legendary comic-book character, or perhaps as some kind of Freddy Krueger-like nightmare manifestation. Also, ball gags.
american horror story season 4

American Horror Story: Cult recap: 'Holes'

EW.com (blog) - 04 Oct 2017
Open graves, bullet wounds, and a nail-gun lobotomy: Even if the title of this episode weren't “Holes,” the theme would still be clear! This week, American Horror Story digs in a little to the phenomenon of trypophobia, a.k.a. the fear of clustered ...

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