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J.K. Rowling riddle had fans hopeful for Harry Potter's return

U-T San Diego - 07 Oct 2014
Which is why fans briefly thought she may have teased the beloved book and movie character's return on Twitter Tuesday, where she posted an anagram, dropped some clues about it, then let the Internet basically blow up with guesses and awesomeness ...

Off the Couch: Christie play, classical music coming up

Chattanooga Times Free Press - 22 Jan 2018
LISA DENTON: Barry, the Chattanooga Theatre Centre is starting a new play this weekend, "The Mysterious Affair at Styles," by famed British writer Agatha Christie, which reminded me that hers is one of the literary names that can form an anagram that ...

A little mixing & we've an anagram

The Tribune - 12 Jan 2018
FROM the Greek, ana (anew) gramma (letter), the Latin 'anagramma' and the French 'anagramme', anagram has formed part of the English language since the late 16th century. Any word whose letters can be rearranged to produce a different meaning is an ...

The No Man's Sky ARG is back in action

PC Gamer - 19 Jan 2018
It appears that things are once again happening in the No Man's Sky 'Waking Titan' ARG that began way back in May 2017. As noted by Game Detectives (via Eurogamer), the Atlas Passes that were promised in an earlier stage of the ARG have begun to arrive ...

Black Mirror season 4, your burning questions answered

EW.com (blog) - 02 Jan 2018
Now that your mind has been blown by six different flavors of dystopian future-shock, get at least a few answers to your burning questions. Below we interviewed Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker about each episode of the terrific fourth season of ...

How ERP software can help your business achieve GDPR compliance

ITProPortal - 05 Jan 2018
In essence, companies will now be obliged to consider data privacy during design stages of all projects, along with the lifecycle of the relevant data process. In this article, we will be looking at a number of ways in which centralising personal data ...

Efdemin, Population One feature on remix 12-inch for Anagram label

Resident Advisor - 02 Dec 2017
Efdemin, Population One feature on remix 12-inch for Anagram label. Words /. Brian Kolada. Published /. Sat / 2 Dec 2017 / 6:39 AM. Category /. Music News. Comments /. 4 / View · Previous · Next. Share. 99. Ryan James Ford and Artefakt member Lapien ...

Crossword blog: anagrams of proper nouns

The Guardian (blog) - 04 Sep 2017
Chris, is it fair to say that you take a more-than-average interest in anagrams? More than healthy, I'd say. I put it down to left-handedness. My natural inclination in spite of 40 years of practice, when glancing at some bit of text, is to scan right ...

QUIZ: Can you solve the anagram to reveal the actor's name?

JOE - 04 Dec 2017
How well do you know your favourite actors? A better question might be how good are you at solving anagrams? For instance, imagine we asked you to recognise a famous actor's name from the words “Snog any girl.” We could even give you a clue – This ...

Prince Takes a Jazzy Trip Through Japan: 365 Prince Songs in a Year

Diffuser.fm (blog) - 08 Jan 2018
Tour, and the record took its title came from an anagram of the songs contained on it: "Copenhagen," "Nagoya, "Osaka," "Tokyo" and "Empty Room." Like the three tracks that precede it, "Tokyo" is an instrumental save for Prince's repetition of the title ...

Helium: Anagram technology tackling balloon over-inflation

gasworld - 03 Oct 2017
With the development of designer films for the industry, Holographics and PET, Conwin and Anagram discovered the importance of the regulator inflation pressures. After intensive research, a standard was set and all Conwin regulators were set to 16-18 w ...

An Anagram Quiz Of The London Tube Map: Part 3

Londonist - 07 Dec 2017
Miss parts one and two of our tube anagram quiz? Catch up here and here. Grab your most competitive relatives, friends and co-workers, and see who can get the highest score in unscrambling these tube station names. Some are well known central London ...

Digilant Scoops Up Programmatic Media Consultancy Anagram

AdExchanger - 23 Mar 2017
On Thursday, programmatic ad firm Digilant acqui-hired the five-person team behind Anagram in a bid to beef up its custom programmatic ad solutions. “Providing custom solutions is not just about technology,” said Digilant global CEO Alan Osetek ...

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