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J.K. Rowling riddle had fans hopeful for Harry Potter's return

U-T San Diego - 07 Oct 2014
Which is why fans briefly thought she may have teased the beloved book and movie character's return on Twitter Tuesday, where she posted an anagram, dropped some clues about it, then let the Internet basically blow up with guesses and awesomeness ...

Variety: Puns and Anagrams

New York Times - 09 Sep 2017
VARIETY PUZZLE — Today we have another Puns and Anagrams crossword (or “PandA”) from Mel Taub. PandA's are a sort of hybrid between British cryptic puzzles and regular American crosswords. Cryptic purists will disagree with this description.

Crossword blog: anagrams of proper nouns

The Guardian (blog) - 04 Sep 2017
Wanting to find company for Kate in the Celebrity Anagrams of Bands camp, I hunted for an app to let you generate letters like Scrabble tiles and slide them around the screen. I couldn't find one, so an IT consultant friend said: make one. Eventually ...

Sunday Puzzle: Holy Moly, It's Another Familiar Phrase

NPR - 03 Sep 2017
Winner: Colby Quintaro of Richlands, N.C., with his teacher Mrs. Cynthia Tucker. Next week's challenge: This challenge comes from listener Patrick Berry of Jasper, Ala., who had the clever AMERICAN DAD + C = CANDID CAMERA anagram a few weeks ago.

Family effort leads to Defeat of Jesse James Days Horseshoe

Southernminn.com - 02 Sep 2017
Jamin Taylor, holding the horseshoe, found it Friday evening in Hauberg Woods Park in Northfield with his family, from left to right, Natalie, Melissa, Adah, Asher, Jaykin and Ruthie. The horseshoe was found on the third clue. (Nick Gerhardt/Northfield ...

Beer & Mortar: Finding Eden at Branch Line in Watertown

Eater Boston - 26 Sep 2017
One such is Anagram, a blueberry cheesecake stout made by Omnipollo and Dugges Bryggeri of Sweden. The collaboration stout is extremely difficult to find on the East Coast, and is not normally distributed to Massachusetts, but Casto found her chance to ...

New Age supergroup FLOW to play preview show at Latchis

Commons - 26 Sep 2017
Born out of long term friendships with a history of playing together, FLOW is not only an unusual anagram of their names (Fiona, Lawrence, Oster, Will) but also reflects the foursome's seamless organic vibe, and the graceful ease with which each of the ...

Lingua Franca

The Chronicle of Higher Education (blog) - 26 Sep 2017
Spandex, curiously, doesn't seem to be an example of x substituting for anything. Spandex, that miracle of 1960s textiles, is, as has been pointed out to me, an anagram of expands. Meanwhile, spox may be journalistic cool or front-page typesetting ...

Scientists discover why men are better than women at Scrabble

The Australian - 04 Sep 2017
Rather than getting together with friends for a pleasant game, they spent their time consciously analysing past games and practising their anagrams — an activity that both sexes said they disliked. The results were then apparent at the tournaments.

Demi-finale un peu terne pour « The Voice Kids »

Le Parisien - 23 Sep 2017
Et pas toujours payés de leur audace, comme le duo Anagram, et son étonnante version hip-hop de « la Mauvaise Réputation » de Brassens, éliminé au profit de candidats plus lisses ou d'une énième reprise plan-plan d'Amel Bent, Nolwenn Leroy ou Bruno ...

Samsung Teases Next Galaxy With Cryptic Anagrams

Smart Office - 08 Sep 2017
It might look like incoherent spelling, but in actuality enthusiasts looking for the next Samsung flagship have pointed out it is an anagram. When deciphered, it reads 'Destination: TheNextGalaxy.' If you head over to the tgeltaayehxnx.com, it reveals ...

Sunday Puzzle: Pour Yourself A Drink If You Can Name Them

NPR - 10 Sep 2017
It was another anagram. Rearrange the 15 letters of COOL HIT FARE IN L.A. to name a famous song that's appropriate to the given phrase. Answer: "Hotel California" by the Eagles. Winner: Steven Reisman of Afton, Minn. Next week's challenge: This week's ...

Test your knowledge with Marty Smith's Brainwaves quiz

The Advertiser - 22 Sep 2017
33 What kind of creature is a slippery dick? Answer. A fish Did you get this right? YES NO. 34 Callisto is the second-largest moon of which planet? Answer. Jupiter Did you get this right? YES NO. 35 “Dynamo” is an anagram of which day of the week? Answer.

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