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We Still Need Liberalism

National Review - 22 Jun 2018
Ancient Greek and early Christian political philosophy defined “liberty” as the capacity to cultivate virtue in order to govern one's self and one's city with restraint; Deneen writes approvingly of this conception of liberty. Classical liberalism ...
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Scientists just named an ancient sea creature after Barack Obama

CNET - 22 Jun 2018
One of the earliest complex lifeforms to exist on Earth has been named in honor of Barack Obama, continuing a strong love affair between scientists and the former president of the United States. The ancient, disc-shaped animal has been dubbed Obamus ...
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The most ancient African baobabs are dying and no one knows why

Science News - 18 Jun 2018
The last 13 years have been terrible for ancient African baobab trees. Nine of the 13 oldest either lost trunks or died altogether after having lived for longer than a millennium, researchers report June 11 in Nature Plants. But just what the demise ...
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YODER: When there's knocking, answer the door

Sioux City Journal - 22 Jun 2018
Proud and handsome, he's used to being the center of attention. He's successful. Some of it he has received by honest means. Some he has not. Of course, no one knows about the latter, so he assumes that he's a good man. After all, he grabbed onto the ...
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Learning the ancient art of lightsaber duelling - 22 Jun 2018
Star Wars fans and students of the martial arts don't seem to have much in common. One closely follows a tremendously popular — but fictitious — movie franchise, while the others commit themselves to practice an ancient East Asian form of combat. But ...
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An ancient galaxy hides among the young

Syfy Wire - 22 Jun 2018
It's located 240 million light years away (so, kinda sorta nearby, at least to galactic astronomers) right in the middle of one of the largest galaxy clusters in the local Universe! The Perseus Cluster is a true behemoth, containing well over a ...
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The Increasingly Intricate Story of How the Americas Were Peopled

The Atlantic - 31 May 2018
The northern group gave rise to the Algonquian-, Na-Dené-, Salishan-, and Tsimshian-speaking peoples of Canada, and to the Ancient One—a famous 8,500-year-old skeleton found in Kennewick, Washington. The southern group included the ancestors of ...
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Fossils show ancient primates had grooming claws as well as nails

HeritageDaily - 21 Jun 2018
Now, new fossil evidence shows that ancient primates – including one of the oldest known, Teilhardina brandti – had specialized grooming claws as well as nails. The findings overturn the prevailing assumption that the earliest primates had nails on all ...
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Native Roots courses explore ancient health knowledge

taosnews - 22 Jun 2018
Native Roots at Taos Farmers Market with herbalists Morgaine Witriol and Marina Trujillo. Of the Native Roots summer classes, Witriol says: "There is a true passion from each teacher to seriously address how one person, one community and the earth ...
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Discovered relics could speak to ancient history of the county

Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - 22 Jun 2018
He points to the outline of a bear on one, its nose and face evident in the ridges of the rock; another has a bird carved on its surface, and others are painted in shades of red, black and white. Some are tools, and amazingly, even they've been adorned ...
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Ancient Greek sounds transfix audience in Athens

One America News Network (press release) - 21 Jun 2018
June 21, 2018. By Deborah Kyvrikosaios. ATHENS (Reuters) – Hymns sung to the Greek gods thousands of years ago resonated from ancient musical instruments in Athens on Thursday, transporting a transfixed audience to antiquity. The phorminx, the ...
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Iran's ancient engineering marvel

BBC News - 19 Jun 2018
If, throughout the ages, there's one element my people have revered more than fire – known as the 'Son of God' in the ancient Iranian faith of Zoroastrianism – it's undoubtedly water. The Iran in which various Aryan tribes settled millennia ago was a ...
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Ancient mind game 'Go' becomes popular in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News - 22 Jun 2018
The number of possibilities on the Go game board is greater than the atomic numbers in the universe. It makes the game exciting. The game is never routine. One game is never the same as the next game,” he added. “You can learn all the rules in five ...

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