REVIEW: Another Grumpy Old Man Finds Love in And So It Goes -
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REVIEW: Another Grumpy Old Man Finds Love in And So It Goes

TIME - 25 Jul 2014
In a rare summer-movie weekend that offers two new comedies about grumpy old men, Oren, in Rob Reiner's And So It Goes, goes up against Colin Firth's misanthropic Stanley, in Woody Allen's Magic in the Moonlight, and easily wins the sour-persimmons ...
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Holiday Rush: Teens & Pharm Parties

HuffPost - 17 Nov 2017
And so it goes with teen party scenes in cinema, replete with beer pong, red solo cups, kegs, and boys getting with girls in pantry closets like moments in American Pie, Project X & Superbad. Too bad this milder and less dangerous form of the teen ...
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Like A War Movie, But 'On A Planet Of Teenage Girls'

NPR - 18 Nov 2017
So she decided to write a play that was like a war movie – but about girls soccer. The Wolves opens at New York's Lincoln Center on Monday. As the lights come up, nine teenage girls are in a circle atop a green expanse of artificial turf, stretching ...
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11 Filmmaking Tips from Rob Reiner

Film School Rejects - 15 Nov 2017
They've been up for the Oscar for Best Picture and the Razzie for Worst Picture. With more than 30 years experience as a filmmaker, on top of his half-century in the TV and movie industry as a writer, director, and Meathead (er, actor), he is a source ...
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Justice League Teases The Arrival of a New Team Member

CBR - 17 Nov 2017
The original founding members of the Justice League were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter (the last of which is replaced by Cyborg in the New 52 origin), the majority of which are present in ...
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17 lingering questions we had about Justice League - 17 Nov 2017
But without knowing exactly which parts are Snyder and which are Whedon, I'll confidently say Whedon's most valuable contribution to the film was cutting its runtime down to two hours flat. So let's break down what goes down together, shall we?
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Cathryn Michon on her “Cook-Off” Mockumentary

HuffPost - 16 Nov 2017
Independent films get caught up all the time in problems unrelated to the quality of the film. Somebody goes bankrupt and the film becomes an asset. It was trapped for ten years and had to be completely remade with footage we found and reshoots and, so ...
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MoviePass Goes For Broke With $7.50 Per Month Annual Plan

Forbes - 17 Nov 2017
So far the strategy pursued by MoviePass, the monthly movie ticket subscription service, has been to “make it up on volume” by acquiring as many subscribers as it can while undoubtedly losing money on the majority of them. The service provides ...
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Leslie Odom Jr. Makes a Leap to the Silver Screen on the Orient Express

Black Girl Nerds (satire) (press release) - 16 Nov 2017
And to kind of sum it up, it goes without saying that we Black Girl Nerds love everybody in that production, and we love everybody has gone out and done so much. It just seems like everybody's getting put on in every form of media like television, film ...
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My dad, the chatbot

The Times - 18 Nov 2017
So now my father is telling the story of his life. This will be the first of more than a dozen sessions, each ...
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11-17-17 Seg 1 Men's Room (blog) - 18 Nov 2017
You what we're about here is real and. So this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. Yes it's. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than. Times. Wow. Do they go look at this ...

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