REVIEW: Another Grumpy Old Man Finds Love in And So It Goes -
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REVIEW: Another Grumpy Old Man Finds Love in And So It Goes

TIME - 25 Jul 2014
In a rare summer-movie weekend that offers two new comedies about grumpy old men, Oren, in Rob Reiner's And So It Goes, goes up against Colin Firth's misanthropic Stanley, in Woody Allen's Magic in the Moonlight, and easily wins the sour-persimmons ...
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Darren Aronofsky answers our mother! burning questions (blog) - 17 Sep 2017
[Important note: You should absolutely not read on if you haven't yet seen mother! for yourself. For one thing, it would break the heart of Aronofsky who really has done everything in his power to keep the film under wraps so that audiences can ...
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I Can't Stop Playing With Gravity Balls

WIRED - 26 Sep 2017
You can probably guess that I always have some project on the back burner. This week, I was working on a physics problem related to a superhero movie, and I started working with gravitationally interacting objects in Python. It's not exactly what I ...
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Interview: Esther May Campbell

Bristol24/7 - 26 Sep 2017
During my time directing for television and film, I lost great loves and in my grief I took to taking photographs like I used to as a teenager. It helped calm ...

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