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annaliese nielsen

Inside 'Girls Night In,' the Exclusive All-Female Digital Club

ABC News - 28 Mar 2016
She's the founder of an exclusive digital group, “Girls Night In,” which could be shaping the future of friendships. It's a secretive online community made up of elite all-female movers and shakers. When people refer to “Girls Night In” as an online ...
annaliese nielsen

Why YouTubers are accusing the site of rampant 'censorship'

Washington Post - 01 Sep 2016
YouTube is the third-largest website on Earth, a behemoth viewed by millions each day. It's also “over” — or on the brink of it — according to a group of outraged creators who claim the company has begun censoring them. The controversy springs from ...
annaliese nielsen

Venmo is turning our friends into petty jerks

Quartz - 19 May 2016
Most of us have at least one friend who makes splitting the dinner bill a huge headache. Annaliese Nielsen, who lives in Los Angeles, said she's been keeping a running list of people she prefers not to dine with for years. “These are people who fit the ...
annaliese nielsen

WATCH: Social Justice Warrior Harasses Lyft Driver Over Hula Doll

The Libertarian Republic - 28 Aug 2016
In a new video shared on Facebook by I, Hypocrite and on YouTube by Lauren Southern, a social justice warrior takes aim at her Lyft driver for his Hula Doll. The complaining party, Annaliese Nielsen, is the founder of “Girls Night In,” a secretive ...
annaliese nielsen

On ne peut plus rien dire! Vraiment?

Le Temps - 01 Feb 2018
Aux Etats-Unis, l'alt-right (extrême droite) fustige, elle, les «social justice warriors», des guerriers de la justice sociale dont la blogueuse américaine Annaliese Nielsen est devenue la caricature préférée. Celle-ci avait demandé à un chauffeur de ...
annaliese nielsen

Gay Cult Leader JJ Brine Put a Spell on Kim Davis

Broadly (satire) (blog) - 10 Sep 2015
Brine was cursing Davis at his second performance in the new venue—a series featuring appearances from Vector government members, including Annaliese Nielsen's Girl Group, an uber exclusive secret Facebook group for trendy LA girls. Nielsen attended ...
annaliese nielsen

La face obscure des Social Justice Warriors - 23 Oct 2017
Lors d'une course partagée en Lyft, la blogueuse américaine Annaliese Nielsen ordonne au chauffeur de retirer une statuette hawaïenne de son tableau de bord parce qu'elle est «super offensive» et que c'est un «mâle blanc» (en fait, il est asiatique ...
annaliese nielsen

Meet The Secret Society That's At War With Rape Culture

UPROXX - 29 Jun 2016
For a party thrown by a secret society, the whole thing seems pretty out in the open. Volunteers hand out clipboards with pre-written letters for attendees to sign. The letters are addressed to the Commission on Judicial Performance — an oversight ...

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