Anwan Glover Stabbed at D.C. Nightclub -
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Anwan Glover Stabbed at D.C. Nightclub

People Magazine - 03 Aug 2014
In a police report obtained by The Washington Post, Glover told investigators he was at Cafe Asia early Sunday when an unknown person punched him and another person hit him on the head. Glover told police he was then kicked repeatedly and felt sharp ...
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The Deuce recap: 'Au Reservoir' (blog) - 23 Oct 2017
Reggie dismisses him, grabs Melissa, and drags her away — only for Leon to pull a gun and shoot him dead (leading to Anwan Glover's brilliantly droll reading of the line, “I shot a n—er”). It's a shocking moment that leaves Melissa paralyzed. (Recap ...
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'The Deuce,' Season 1, Episode 7 review: “Au Reservoir”

Washington Post - 23 Oct 2017
Leon (Anwan Glover) makes a similar gesture, shooting Reggie after he returns once again to beat one of his girls and to drag her away from a meal. But in both cases, I have to wonder about the result of these sacrifices — Abby's small, Leon's likely ...
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What's Up With That Half-Smoke Reference in “The Deuce”? - 27 Sep 2017
The DC novelist created the show with David Simon, another Washington native. The half-smoke reference was also a tribute to local music hero Anwan “Big G” Glover, who plays Leon. Leon, Pelecanos notes, is from the South, so “it's credible that he ...
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'Wire' actor Anwan Glover stabbed at a DC nightclub

Washington Post - 03 Aug 2014
Actor Anwan Glover, known for his role in the television series “The Wire,” was stabbed at a D.C. nightclub early Sunday morning. According to a police report, Glover reported that he was on the second floor of Cafe Asia, a restaurant at 1720 I Street ...
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George Pelecanos' 'The Deuce' To Premiere on HBO

Greek Reporter - 18 Jul 2017
“The Deuce” stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Emily Meade, and Anwan Glover, and centers on the criminal underworld as well as the rising porn industry in Times Square in the 70s. In addition to action and comedic elements, the show will also ...
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All the Ways The Deuce Will Remind You of The Wire

Vulture - 11 Sep 2017
This is also the humor of The Deuce, which is funny in any number of similarly silly and sad ways: James Franco's various mustaches, a particularly great line reading by Anwan Glover, the mechanics of filming a money shot, and a table full of pimps at ...
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TV Review: David Simon's 'The Deuce,' Starring James Franco

Variety - 31 Aug 2017
Even small roles, like Vinnie's wife, Andrea (Zoe Kazan), and local diner owner Leon (Anwan Glover) are rich players. That's the thing about Simon: When the story doesn't quite make sense, the characters still do. All of them, no matter how marginal ...
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The Deuce: HBO Unveils Official Trailer for James Franco Drama

TV Series Finale - 07 Aug 2017
“I wanna learn how to make movies.” This week, HBO released the official trailer for their upcoming TV show The Deuce. From The Wire's David Simon and George Pelecanos, the drama “follows the story of the legalization and subsequent rise of the porn ...
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The Deuce Premiere Review (Spoiler Free)

Den of Geek US - 28 Aug 2017
Vincent and Frankie Martino will ultimately front for the mob in the up-and-coming, almost legit, almost artsy industry of pornography. The series also stars Emily Meade as Lori; Anwan Glover as Leon; Jamie Neumann as Ashley; Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as ...
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HBO drops a new trailer for porn industry drama The Deuce

Flickering Myth (blog) - 07 Aug 2017
During last night's programming, HBO transported viewers back to the 1970s with a brand new trailer for The Deuce. The upcoming TV drama, which centers around the early days of the porn industry in New York City, stars James Franco and Maggie ...
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HBO's New '70s Porn Drama 'The Deuce' Casts a Female Gaze on Sex

Daily Beast - 06 Jun 2017
But The Wire—which lends alums like Gbenga Akinnagbe, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Chris Bauer, Anwan Glover, and Michael Kostroff to this new HBO project—is equally relevant. Simon and Pelecanos have a gift for casting ensembles and stocking a series with ...
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The Wire: The Ultimate 'Where Are They Now?'

The Root - 14 Jan 2017
In June 2002, when HBO debuted The Wire, no one knew what was happening. No one knew that the show was a five-part story about not only the people but also the city of Baltimore, told through all of the channels that help make its history: season 1 ...
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The Deuce teaser features double the James Franco

Looper - 10 Jul 2017
The series also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a Times Square hooker who is drawn into the industry, along with Emily Meade (The Leftovers), Anwan Glover (12 Years a Slave), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (The Walking Dead), Michael RIspoli (Kick-Ass), Chris Bauer ...

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