Kerry “apartheid” controversy shows limits on debate over Israel -

Kerry “apartheid” controversy shows limits on debate over Israel

Washington Post (blog) - 28 Apr 2014
John Kerry has offered us a reminder that in American politics, the debate about our closest ally in the Middle East has all the candor and thoughtfulness of a cabinet meeting in North Korea. In this case it was the mention of the word “apartheid ...

UK's visa ban raises spectre of apartheid

The Guardian - 23 Jul 2017
The UK government's denial of a visa to Ehsan Abdollahi (Iranian artist barred from Edinburgh festival after 'Kafkaesque' visa refusal, 21 July) suggests a game of snakes without ladders in a hall of mirrors. Being divorced, he was told that “no one is ...

Zuma reiterates apartheid to blame for SA's economic crisis

eNCA - 23 Jul 2017
Zuma reiterates apartheid to blame for SA's economic crisis. South Africa; Sunday 23 July 2017 - 2:34pm. File: ANC president Jacob Zuma says young people should lead the fight for radical economic transformation. Photo: Flickr / GovernmentZA.

Imam Haron & The Myth of a Post-Apartheid South Africa

Patheos (blog) - 24 Jul 2017
Furthermore in Not Separate, Not Equal: Poverty and Inequality in Post-Apartheid South Africa, the authors Hoovegeen reports that 68% of Africans lived in poverty, while poverty was virtually non-existent for whites; poverty continues to ...

TERRA INCOGNITA: Israel's self-fulfilling 'apartheid' analogy

The Jerusalem Post mobile website - 17 Jul 2017
Israel's self-fulfilling 'apartheid' analogy In 2010 former prime minister Ehud Barak gave a speech in Herzliya claiming that as long as a Palestinian state did not exist Israel would become “non-Jewish or non-democratic.” According to reports he went ...

Apartheid Israel and its crimes referred to ICC

Echonetdaily - 24 Jul 2017
Byron Friends of Palestine celebrate the initiative of Palestinian Civil Society which has referred Israel directly to the International Criminal Court. Palestinians have cocked a snoot at the quisling Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel, the US and its ...

Ending Apartheid in Israel - The Jewish Press - 23 Jul 2017
Ironically, Apartheid exists in one place in Israel. The laws of separation and discrimination are blatant in the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people, in the heart of the capital of the Jewish State – the Temple Mount. And this evil is ...

Radiohead in Israel: A fig leaf for apartheid - 18 Jul 2017
Like it or not, by breaking the boycott and pressing on with business as usual, Radiohead are providing a fig leaf of legitimacy to the apartheid system imposed by Israel. Perhaps tellingly though, Yorke even disputed the reality of Israeli apartheid ...

Rousing quest for redemption in apartheid South Africa

Toronto Star - 21 Jul 2017
Hum If You Don't Know the Words, the title of a delightful yet deadly serious novel by Bianca Marais, is also a metaphor for how Robin, a white girl in apartheid South Africa who co-narrates with an educated black maid named Beauty, muddles through a ...

Travel bans and walls: shades of South Africa apartheid

The Seattle Times - 14 Jul 2017
That is the apartheid South Africa I remember and the country and system of injustice that I left in 1976. Not an act of courage, an act of defeat. The courageous stayed on and opposed the regime in whatever way they could. The courageous were ...

UN agency continues accusing Israel of apartheid

Ynetnews - 18 Jul 2017
Despite order by UN chief to remove report accusing Israel of imposing an 'apartheid regime' on the Palestinians, ESCWA continues promoting similar content on social media, NGO UN Watch finds; NGO head calls on UN secretary-general to intervene.

2 lives intersect in aftermath of deadly apartheid protest

The Seattle Times - 16 Jul 2017
In her debut novel, Bianca Marais blends history with fiction. She was born in South Africa in 1976, the year of the Soweto Uprising led by black students protesting apartheid. Although the initial June 16 march was intended to be peaceful, white ...

Advocate describes seeing Timol fall to his death

eNCA - 24 Jul 2017
JOHANNESBURG - A former security branch officer has admitted he was part of a strategic unit tasked with spreading apartheid government propaganda. Paul Francis Erasmus was stationed at the notorious John Vorster Square police station at the time ...

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