Sudan woman gets death sentence for apostasy -

Sudan woman gets death sentence for apostasy - 15 May 2014
A Sudanese judge has sentenced a Christian woman to hang for apostasy, despite appeals by Western embassies for compassion and respect for religious freedom. The case, thought to be the first of its kind to be heard in Sudan, involves a woman whose ...

Mauritania: Mandatory Death Penalty for Blasphemy

Human Rights Watch (press release) - 04 May 2018
(Tunis) - Mauritanian authorities should reverse the recent adoption of a law on apostasy related crimes making the death penalty mandatory for “blasphemous speech” and “sacrilegious acts,” 21 national and international nongovernmental organizations ...

First look at Molly Windsor in iFeature 'Make Up' (exclusive)

Screen International - 22 May 2018
The film is produced by Emily Morgan of Quiddity Films (I Am Not A Witch) and was developed through Creative England's iFeatures initiative - which has previously produced features including Lady Macbeth and Apostasy - in partnership with the BFI, BBC ...

Mormon Secret Holy War: Mormons Flailing in a Modern World

NewNowNext - 04 May 2018
Former Mormon John Dehlin, the excommunicated founder of the Mormon Stories podcast, posted a screenshot of a new definition of apostasy added on Nov. 5, 2015, to Handbook #1, a private guide for Mormon leaders. As KUTV reported, “being in a ...

Mauritania Passes Law Mandating Death Penalty for “Blasphemy”

Patheos (blog) - 17 May 2018
The new law eliminates the possibility under article 306 of substituting prison terms for the death penalty for certain apostasy-related crimes if the offender promptly repents. The law also extends the scope of application of the death penalty to ...

4 Countries in Asia Pass Laws Banning Religious Conversions

Christian Post - 05 May 2018
While many Muslim-majority countries have laws banning apostasy and blasphemy, which too seek to check conversions, Hindu- and Buddhist-majority countries in Asia use anti-conversion laws to maintain the religious demographic status quo. The majority ...

No, Trump didn't vote for death penalty for gay people

PolitiFact - 10 May 2018
Among other things, the resolution condemned imposing the death penalty "as a sanction for specific forms of conduct, such as apostasy, blasphemy, adultery and consensual same-sex relations, and expressing serious concern that the application of the ...

Church is in transition; what will the future hold?

Bureau County Republican - 01 May 2018
And he quotes Pope Pius X's chilling remarks regarding the apostasy that is to come. Pope Pius X said that this apostasy will be organized in every country for the establishment of a “One-World Church,” which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy ...

Camembert Without Raw Milk? It's Treason, Connoisseurs Cry

New York Times - 16 May 2018
More than 40 leading French chefs, winemakers, and cheese ripeners signed an open letter, published on Tuesday in the daily Libération, denouncing this apostasy and calling on President Emmanuel Macron to put a stop to it. Without separate designations ...

Spotlight: Straying from Jesus' teachings

Peoria Journal Star - 28 Apr 2018
And he quotes the chilling remarks of Pope Pius X regarding the apostasy that is to come. Pope Pius X said this apostasy will be organized in every country for the establishment of a “one-world church” that shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, nor ...

Rights groups speak out on Mauritanian blogger, blasphemy law

Africa Times - 12 May 2018
The experts said their concern is heightened by the recent amendment of Mauritanian law that reportedly mandates the death penalty for Muslims considered guilty of apostasy. “It is incompatible with international human rights law to criminalize ...

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