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Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online

New York Times - 20 Oct 2014
AFTER I used Apple Pay for a day of shopping in stores, a few things became clear: The new payment system is convenient, problem-free and even fun. The same can't be said for using Apple Pay to shop via apps on my phone or tablet. That system has lots ...
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Why Apple's iPhone Can't Be Used to Pay for Beijing Transport

Fortune - 15 Aug 2017
Beijing has had a contactless smart card for its public transport system for the last 14 years or so, and now it's offering the same functionality through a smartphone app. However, the app is only for Android phones, not Apple's iPhone. The issue, as ...
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Why China Is Locking Out Apple Pay

Investopedia - 15 Aug 2017
Digital payments are booming in China, but Apple Inc. (AAPL) isn't able to capitalize on it because Beijing is locking it out of the market. Earlier this week, the Chinese government announced that consumers can pay for public transportation via ...
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Apple Pay Gets New Institutional Support Across Globe

Mobile ID World - 16 Aug 2017
Apple Pay Gets New Institutional Support Across Globe Twenty-two smaller banks and credit unions have offered their support for Apple's mobile payments service in the US, where the platform already has a strong base. But it has seen a boost in markets ...
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Beijing transit opens smartphone payments to all except Apple

Financial Times - 14 Aug 2017
Everyone in Beijing can now get on to public transport with the tap of a smartphone — everyone except Apple iPhone users. Beijing's public transport payments company Yikatong has launched an app that allows most Android smartphone users to pay for ...
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Apple Pay Could Launch in Germany as Early as Next Month

Mac Rumors - 11 Aug 2017
The last rumor came back in May and suggested that Apple Pay would launch in the country in the fall or winter, but today one MacRumors reader provided us with another potential hint that Apple is gearing up to introduce its mobile payment system in ...
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Apple extends its Apple Pay services, new features in the line

Deccan Chronicle - 16 Aug 2017
Apple has extended its Apple Pay services across new banks and credit unions placed around the US, UK, Australia, Russia, and China. These countries have joined Apple's list of participating partners as a part of the second expansions of Apple Pay this ...
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UK's digital-only Starling Bank adds Apple Pay support

TechCrunch - 18 Jul 2017
Digital-only UK “challenger” bank, Starling Bank, has added support for Apple Pay — meaning its customers can now add their Starling debit card to their Apple Wallet and make contactless payments drawing from funds in their Starling account via their ...
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TransferWise links with Apple Pay globally

Reuters - 27 Jul 2017
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Financial technology startup TransferWise will allow users around the world to send money internationally through its service using Apple Pay, in a bid to make transfers easier and more secure. The London-based money transfer ...
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What Wal-Mart Pay Knows That Apple Pay Doesn't

Seeking Alpha - 07 Aug 2017
There has been slow progress to increase the consumer's appetite to turn their smartphones into a digital payment form factor when checking out in a physical store. There is one exception to this story: Wal-Mart Pay. Since March, we've seen the first ...
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Here's why Apple Pay is promoting in China

Markets Insider - 20 Jul 2017
Two firms already dominate the market, making it unlikely for Apple Pay to capture a significant share. Chinese mobile wallets Alipay and WeChat Pay together make up over 90% of China's mobile payment industry — as of Q1 2017, Alipay owned 54% of the ...

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