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Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online

New York Times - 20 Oct 2014
AFTER I used Apple Pay for a day of shopping in stores, a few things became clear: The new payment system is convenient, problem-free and even fun. The same can't be said for using Apple Pay to shop via apps on my phone or tablet. That system has lots ...
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Apple Pay Cash Revealed in New Video Tutorial

Mobile ID World - 26 Sep 2017
The video showed how a user could open an Apple Pay app within its Messages app, enter an amount of money to transfer, and then confirm the payment with Touch ID or Face ID, the big new facial recognition system on the iPhone X. Thus, money can be ...
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Apple Pay Hits Aldi As Part of Payment Push

Payment Week - 26 Sep 2017
Apple Pay just landed itself one doozy of a coup recently, but there's a downside to this particular coup that's worth pointing out. Apple Pay is now accepted at all nearly 1,700 Aldi locations in the United States, according to recent announcement ...
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Didi adds Apple Pay support across core mobility services

TechCrunch - 15 Sep 2017
China's ride-hailing giant Didi is this week adding support for Apple Pay to its core personal mobility services — including Didi Premier, Didi Express, Didi Luxe and ofo, a partner station-less bike-rental service also powered by an app. Apple Pay is ...
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Face ID will work with Apple Pay, third-party apps

TechCrunch - 12 Sep 2017
Goodbye fingers, hello faces. With the introduction of Face ID, and the removal of the Touch ID button, Apple today confirmed speculation about its next generation of on-device authentication when it comes to paying for things: You will now be able to ...
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​Commonwealth Bank selects Garmin Pay over Apple Pay

ZDNet - 18 Sep 2017
Apple Pay has been flagged as the most popular wallet by fintech analyst Juniper Research, with Apple Pay predicted to reach 86 million users by the end of 2017. However, its rollout in Australia has been stifled; the Australia and New Zealand Banking ...
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Banks will have to go it alone in Apple Pay fight

Blayney Chronicle - 26 Sep 2017
Apple Pay allows customers to use their phones like tap-and-go bank cards. While ANZ has already done a deal with Apple, the other three banks have been resisting over the commercial arrangements that would underpin such an arrangement. "The ACCC ...
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Apple Pay Coming Soon to Dubai's Largest Bank in Middle East

Mac Rumors - 15 Sep 2017
Apple has updated its website to indicate that Emirates NBD, the largest bank in Dubai, will soon offer Apple Pay. Emirates NBD has confirmed Apple Pay is coming soon in a recent email to customers, including MacRumors reader Hafez. ‏ ...
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Here's how peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments will work

CNET - 29 Aug 2017
Apple Pay can be used to pay online or at stores, but it'll soon get peer-to-peer payments, too. That means payments to friends or anyone else you have on your contacts list. The feature was announced in June at Apple's developer conference, where it ...
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Apple Just Unleashed Its Venmo Killer. Here's What You Need To Know

Money Magazine - 12 Sep 2017
Using the new mobile peer-to-peer payment system is simple. If you use Apple Pay, you can complete a transaction with a friend over iMessage — and it will appear within your text conversation. Users can send money with their credit or debit cards, and ...
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Apple TV lacks Dolby Atmos, YouTube 4K; Apple Pay comes to ALDI

Seeking Alpha - 21 Sep 2017
In better Apple news, grocery store chain ALDI announces that its nearly 1700 stores across the U.S. now accept Apple Pay. Apple shares are down 1.39% after sliding yesterday following a statement on Watch connectivity issues, soft iPhone 8 pre-order ...
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Siri, Must Apple Pay Workers for Post-Shift Bag Search?

Bloomberg BNA - 22 Sep 2017
The state justices agreed Sept. 20 to review whether California law requires Apple to pay 12,400 employees for time spent on the searches after they've clocked out. Workers claimed the anti-theft searches at Apple's retail stores can take up to 20 ...

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