Are You Being Served? (originally styled as "Are You Being Serv... -
are you being served

Are You Being Served? (originally styled as "Are You Being Serv...

wikipedia - 11 Sep 2016
Are You Being Served? (originally styled as "Are You Being Served?" in quotation marks) is a British sitcom created and written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft (Croft also directed some episodes), with contributions from Michael Knowles and John Chapman, for the BBC. Set in London, the show follows the misadventures and mishaps of the staff of the retail ladies' and gentlemen's clothing departments, in the flagship department store of a fictional chain called Grace Brothers.
are you being served

Are you really being served?

Irish Times - 21 Oct 2018
Contrast this with a time, not so long ago, when a would-be retail worker paid money to go in as an apprentice or as a trainee to learn the ropes on the shop floor, an era 1970s sitcom Are You Being Served? had a lot of fun with. “That training is ...
are you being served

EDITORIAL: Are you being served?

North Shore News - 10 Oct 2018
Accepted wisdom is that people don't get engaged in elections until about two weeks before voting day. That's now 10 days away, and with advance polls opening this week, there's no time like the present to consider what to look for in a local ...
are you being served

Are You Being Served? (blog) - 19 Oct 2018
Closed Circuit Miss Brahms becomes the store spokesperson when Grace Brothers tries out closed-circuit advertising. Comedy, with Wendy Richard, Mollie Sugden and John Inman Category: Sitcom ...
are you being served

Best of Reading captured in 2019 calendar

In Your Area - 21 Oct 2018
The photographer from Earley has been out and about in the town capturing images ranging from a deserted Madejski Stadium, entitled 'Early for the Match' to an architectural shot of the Jackson's Corner sign, called 'Are you being Served'. Tina scouted ...
are you being served

British actor to write book based on Binghamton family

WBNG-TV - 15 Oct 2018
“My husband's mother was born here,” said Kenna. Kenna resume includes a appearance on the 1970's British sitcom “Are You Being Served?” Now, Kenna's latest project is a writing a new book based on her late husband's family the Radclyffe's, who lived ...
are you being served

He's not the Python!

Chortle - 17 Oct 2018
Unfortunately, the site identified Brambell as Frank Thornton, an actor best remembered for playing Captain Peacock in another BBC sitcom, Are You Being Served? Elsewhere on breakfast television today, Harry Hill pushed a custard pie into This Morning ...
are you being served

Shoppers and ex-workers share their memories of Clements in Watford

Watford Observer - 20 Oct 2018
I loved the toy department. I've still got my dog on wheels that I got for Christmas when I was two 48 years ago. Ben Wilkinson Got my school uniform from there. I remember being told that the department store in “Are You Being Served” was based on it.
are you being served

So, Democrats: What are you hiding from the FBI?

Fox News - 01 Oct 2018
Republicans, being weaklings, caved in, thinking they can buy off Democrats with a week-long FBI probe which we all know Democrats will immediately dismiss as insufficient. We also know that they will use the delay to dredge up a bevy of ...
are you being served


The Star - 16 Oct 2018
I can likely quote chapter and verse of every episode of series like NCIS, Big Bang Theory and several British-based programs like “As Time Goes By,” “Are You Being Served,” “Father Brown,” etc. So one night about two weeks ago, we were looking for ...
are you being served

Review: Duncan Norvelle Criterion Theatre, Sheppey

Kent Online - 21 Oct 2018
The three-times married father-of-three said: "I based my character on a cross between Michael Crawford's Frank Spencer and John Inman's Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served. I was camp but gentle." For years, he had audiences in the palm of his hand ...
are you being served

'That looks good, man'. Trump Jr. is served steak by Salt Bae

Miami Herald - 12 Oct 2018
Donald Trump Jr. posted a video on Instagram Thursday night that showed him being served steak by Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish chef known as Salt Bae for finishing his elaborate steak presentations with a flourish of salt. “This happened tonight. Amazing ...
are you being served

Pop review: Matt Berry: Television Themes

The Times - 04 Oct 2018
Rainbow is on there, of course, with Berry adding poetic visions of “green from the rivers, gold from the cornfields”, while highlights elsewhere include a funky take on Are You Being Served? (“First floor, telephones, gents' ready-made suits, shirts ...

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