Body of Ariel Sharon lies in state at Israeli parliament before funeral -
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Is Nathan Englander's New Spy Novel Really About Ariel Sharon?

Forward - 20 Aug 2017
In “A Horse Walks Into a Bar,” David Grossman's Man Booker Prize-winning novel, Dovaleh Greenstein stages, under the pretext of a standup comedy set, a moral reckoning, a public wrestling match with his demons, which of necessity are also, in part ...
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This day in WND history: Ariel Sharon targeted with 'death curse' - 26 Jul 2017
WND-20-Years July 26, 2005: Fringe activists held a midnight kabbalistic ritual in an ancient cemetery calling for angels of death to kill former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and thwart his Gaza withdrawal plan, participants in the ceremony told ...
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Ariel Sharon's 'Final Will' to Rabbi Lau

Arutz Sheva - 30 Jul 2017
I recently came across proof that Ariel Sharon z"l was also concerned about this issue. However, whereas the media now thinks that there is too much religious content in secular schools, Sharon felt that there wasn't enough. In the introduction to his ...
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A twilight of reckoning

Saudi Gazette - 23 Aug 2017
Along with thousands of illegal settlers, Netanyahu is calculatedly following the game plan set by his mentor Ariel Sharon, a former Israeli prime minister who once said in a recorded interview: “I don't know something called International Principles ...
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Don't Blame Arthur Finkelstein for the State of American Politics

National Review - 21 Aug 2017
His successful efforts to elect Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon in Israel also helped that American ally along on the path to free-market prosperity and a more realistic approach to the peace process that has saved lives and allowed it to remain ...
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IDF commanders keep the calm in the West Bank

The Jerusalem Post - 22 Aug 2017
Clashes on the Temple Mount have often been the spark for deadly violence between Israel and Palestinians, such as the Second Intifada which broke out following rioting on the plaza in 2000 after a visit by former prime minister Ariel Sharon, who at ...
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Benjamin Netanyahu and the Politics of Grievance

The Atlantic - 21 Aug 2017
The political center of Ariel Sharon and Olmert, which pushed for unilateral separation from the Palestinians, was rebuffed in Israeli voters' eyes by the rockets that followed the disengagement from Gaza in 2005. It has now been 40 years since the ...
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HARTMAN: The Quiet Man Who Changed the World

The Hayride - 19 Aug 2017
Overseas, he worked for Ariel Sharon and Binyamin Netanyahu. He consulted for prime ministers and presidents all over Europe. Because Arthur couldn't be everywhere, he made a practice of discovering and cultivating young talent. He sent me to the Czech ...
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Netanyahu's legacy will haunt Israel

Al-Monitor - 10 Aug 2017
“We have to preserve [late Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon as we would an etrog. To keep him in a sealed box, padded with sponge, cotton wool and plastic wrap, at least until the end of the withdrawal. … He must be protected not only from the political ...
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Is Trump's Middle East peace effort over before it started?

Chicago Tribune - 16 Aug 2017
"The extent of the investigation is the extent of the withdrawal," went the refrain during the terms of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert. But if anything, the opposite may now be the case. In the wake of Netanyahu's decision to remove magnetometers he had ...
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Israel says will never support Pakistan on Kashmir

Times of India - 19 Aug 2017
The Delhi Declaration issued after the visit to India by then PM Ariel Sharon in 2003, the first bilateral visit by the PM of either country, did not mention Israel's position on Kashmir. Similarly, the recent visit by PM Narendra Modi, first by an ...
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Israel's support

The Shillong Times - 21 Aug 2017
The Delhi Declaration issued after the visit to India by the then Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon in 2003 did not mention Israel's stand on Kashmir. Similarly, the recent visit to Israel of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first such visit of ...
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Austrian Social Democrats fire election adviser over fraud claims

Irish Times - 17 Aug 2017
Mr Silberstein is one of Israel's most prominent political consultants, advising leaders across the political spectrum from Ehud Barak to Ariel Sharon and, more recently, prime minister Binyamin Netanjahu and Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko. Together with ...
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Life after death

The Jewish Standard - 03 Aug 2017
The entire settlement, to which residents first moved in 1970, was slated to be dismantled in 2004; Prime Minister Ariel Sharon planned to move Jews from Gaza and hand it over to the Palestinians. It was a highly controversial move (and Mr. Sharon's ...
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Netanyahu's Fate Doesn't Determine Israel's Future

New York Times - 13 Aug 2017
Being cautious and conservative, this prime minister has not provided Israel with the excitement of theatrical triumphs (like Yitzhak Rabin's peace agreements) or the anxiety of dramatic wreckages (like Ariel Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza). I won't try ...

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