Critic Armond White Calls Stories He Heckled Director Steve McQueen 'Lies' -
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In the Almost-Great Baby Driver, Hollywood Goes Asperger's

National Review - 23 Jun 2017
Baby's white-boy innocence is the opposite of the seething menace represented by Foxx, Hamm, and Jon Bernthal's Griff, revealing the conspicuous, audience-pampering, and ethnic cop-outs of most Hollywood entertainment. Baby's collection of personally ...
armond white

The Future of Lesbian Cinema Returns in Desert Hearts

Out Magazine - 20 Jul 2017
Desert Hearts, the 1986 lesbian drama now in revival, will come as a shock to Millennials who fell for such recent lesbian films as Carol and Blue is the Warmest Color. The problem with Carol was its civics lesson on the clichés of 1950s repression ...
armond white

Okja and Pop Aye Are Childish Propaganda

National Review - 30 Jun 2017
It's baffling how often moviegoers who consider themselves politically savvy fall for assaults on their principles when the offense is disguised as “entertainment.” This week's example is Okja, a new movie by Bong Joon-ho, the Korean director beloved ...
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The Gay Transformer

Out Magazine - 23 Jun 2017
Portugese filmmaker Joao Pedro Rodrigues always struggles with his gayness, usually in films filled with mysterious, macabre events. His best known movie, O Fantasma (2000) has been revered in some circles but it could also, reasonably, be reviled.
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This Week a Star Is Born, and Her Name Is Tiffany Haddish

Jezebel - 20 Jul 2017
Even the notoriously cranky, typically contrarian Armond White writes for the National Review, “If there is any fairness in the newly politicized Motion Picture Academy, Tiffany Haddish's friendly, obstreperous Dina will be an Oscar front-runner.” “If ...
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What Makes a Film Lesbian?

Out Magazine - 10 Jul 2017
Now, the story about a wounded Union soldier (Colin Farrell) who is rescued by a private school of white Southern maidens and its headmistress (Nicole Kidman), has become a queer- and feminist-baiting joke. Millennial reviews praise it as a pro-Hillary ...
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Return of the Get-Whitey Movie

National Review - 24 Feb 2017
What was it, exactly, that the all-media screening audience at the new movie Get Out was cheering for when the black protagonist killed an entire family of white folks one by one? Get Out isn't simply a revenge thriller; it's a state-of-the-divided ...
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What Does a Wonder Womanchild Want?

National Review - 02 Jun 2017
While it's okay for Trevor to be a pubescent girl's cartoon crush, Snyder has prepared us for more: In Batman v Superman, a black-and-white photograph showed Diana posed with Trevor and three sidekicks — Scotsman Charlie (Ewan Bremner), Turkish ...
armond white

Baywatch's Cultural Blindness

National Review - 26 May 2017
The Hollywood version of the '90s TV series panders to prurience and the longing for escape. The new Baywatch movie, a reboot of the Nineties beach-set crime-and-melodrama TV series, continues Hollywood's unoriginal marketing. It holds momentary ...
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The Mummy Unwrapped: American Guilt and Masochism

National Review - 09 Jun 2017
Tom Cruise is a product of the '80s, the period when American movies gave up that mesmerizing 1970s spirit of self-examination and became fatally “high-concept.” Cruise's recent string of action movies showcasing his bantam intrepidness have all been ...
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A critical review of the year's best and worst films

National Review - 06 Jan 2017
Emmanuelle Bercot's story of a lost urban white kid in Paris gives an updated view of how society fails then rescues its own. It bests the theatrical and political clichés of August Wilson's black Pittsburgh family drama. Contemporary humanism vs ...
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Two new films show surprising respect for history.

National Review - 23 Dec 2016
Berg parallels Dzhokhar's hip sensibility with Officer Collier's courtship of an Asian-American girl and his video-game recreation with friends, white guys from Boston who recite the rap interlude of Jason Aldean's “Dirt Road Anthem” (“Better watch out ...
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A Laddish Hero Earns His Crown in King Arthur

National Review - 12 May 2017
Ritchie replaces the Arthurian romanticism handed down from Malory and T. H. White, Camelot and John Boorman's Excalibur, with his own Laddish impudence. While the dialogue is modern, urban vulgate — dismissing with “Thous,” “arts,” and “forsooths” ...
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Heroes Debunked

National Review - 03 Feb 2017
Ask me to name my favorite contemporary actor and I'd say Robert De Niro quicker than I could endorse any politician. But De Niro disgraces himself in The Comedian. In the time between the start of filming and the premiere of The Comedian (February 21, ...
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At the Oscars: Revenge of the Hollywood Crybullies

National Review - 03 Mar 2017
But, in fact, Horowitz demonstrated that peculiar yet familiar self-righteousness of white liberals who pretend to sacrifice themselves for the downtrodden black. (“But don't take too much,” Billie Holiday warned in “God Bless the Child.”) Academy ...
armond white

Sense vs. Nonsense

National Review - 31 Dec 2016
Before the Black Lives Matter craze exacerbated contemporary attitudes about race and black social continuity, playwright August Wilson's Fences articulated a black tribal viewpoint of the ambition, grievance, and assorted religious, sexual, and ...

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