Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan Owned The All-Star Celebrity Game -
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Education Incoordination

U.S. News & World Report - 21 Nov 2017
Arne Duncan, Obama's first secretary of education, boasting about the department's clever administrative work, said, "Our lawyers are much smarter than many of the folks who were working on this bill." Former staffers publicly raised concerns about the ...
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A quarter of the schools Betsy DeVos has visited are private

Washington Post - 27 Oct 2017
When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos arrived in Omaha last month for her back-to-school tour, she bypassed the city's 82 public schools and decided instead to go to Nelson Mandela Elementary, a tuition-free private school. There, unlike students in ...
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The NCAA bemoans, but doesn't reform

News & Observer - 01 Nov 2017
On the first issue, Arne Duncan, a former U.S. education secretary who now co-leads the Knight Commission, expressed bafflement that the NCAA could not sanction UNC for phony classes that helped athletes because NCAA rules say the accused school ...
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On School Discipline, Fix the Problem, Not the Statistics

National Review - 13 Nov 2017
Former secretary of education Arne Duncan declared that the discipline disparity “is not caused by difference in children,” but rather by teachers. And because suspensions are correlated with dropping out, which is correlated with other bad outcomes, ...
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Academy is training principals to be stronger leaders

Philadelphia Public School Notebook - 10 Nov 2017
Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan knows those stories, too. But personal dynamism is not enough, he says — great leadership is necessary at scale. “Leadership matters,” said Duncan, who spoke Thursday night at an event sponsored by the ...
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How the Labor Movement Can Win Under National 'Right to Work'

The Nation. - 16 Nov 2017
In 2004, Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan and Mayor Richard Daley launched an attack on public education called Renaissance 2010. The plan was to create 100 new charter schools, primarily by closing “underperforming” public schools, by 2010.
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This day in history

The Boston Globe - 06 Nov 2017
Today is Monday, Nov. 6, the 310th day of 2017. There are 55 days left in the year. Birthdays: Actress June Squibb is 88. Singer P.J. Proby is 79. Actress Sally Field is 71. Singer Rory Block is 68. Jazz musician Arturo Sandoval is 68. TV host ...
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Collegiate athletic leadership gets poor marks in diversity

ESPN - 08 Nov 2017
Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education, said "The TIDES study shows an appalling lack of diversity in the FBS's marquee sport of football and a dearth of institutional commitment to diversity. Close to 60 percent of FBS football players are ...
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The student discipline delusion

New York Daily News - 16 Nov 2017
Abel Cedeno, a bisexual 18-year-old high school student, sits at Rikers Island charged with manslaughter. Cedeno claims he killed another student in self-defense, and Wednesday appeared in court to plead not guilty. He insists his school did nothing to ...
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The Miseducation of Eva Moskowitz

The Nation. - 01 Nov 2017
At the same time that he was recruiting Moskowitz, Petry was also in the midst of founding Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), a charter-school advocacy group that would go on to successfully push President Obama to appoint Arne Duncan as the US ...
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Governor Brown cracks the whip on her education cabinet

Pamplin Media Group - 27 Oct 2017
Then Google Bill Gates, the Waltons, Eli Broad and/or Arne Duncan in relation to Common Core. The goal all along was to increase standardized testing in order to gather BOTH academic and personal data. Jon H • 2 weeks ago. Ambiguous Kate would be ...
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Betsy DeVos to address Jeb Bush's education summit in Nashville

The Tennessean - 10 Nov 2017
Last year's “ExcelinEd” summit in Washington, D.C., convened more than a thousand educators, policy experts and legislators from 47 states. Speakers included former education chiefs Arne Duncan, William Bennett and Rod Paige and former U.S. Secretary ...
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Trading Places at the Accountability Table

Inside Higher Ed - 24 Oct 2017
Studley acknowledges that the administration she was most recently a part of put a lot of pressure on accreditors and the colleges that make up their members; in July 2015, then Education Secretary Arne Duncan called accreditors "the watchdogs that don ...

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