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'As Above/So Below' Stars Perdita Weeks

New York Times - 29 Aug 2014
The experience of watching “As Above/So Below” is much like observing a colonoscopy in the hands of a particularly inexpert and excitable physician. Instead of human intestines, we have the bowels of Paris — the mass cemetery known as the catacombs ...
as above so below

Faith in Focus: 'As above, so below'

The Sentinel - 02 Aug 2018
Shortly after the conference I came upon some literature with the words, “As above, so below.” For a Christian, this is another way of saying “...
as above so below

Weekly Horoscopes Aug 20-26

TeenVogue.com - 17 Aug 2018
As above, so below, Virgo reminds us, as we look around at the gorgeous world and see our own resonance in every fruit and lover we chose to cultivate. Take this week to reset the bones of your life, and repossess the wildness inside that can never be ...
as above so below

Spindle items

Amherst Bee - 14 Aug 2018
Later this month, Senso di Voce will present “As Above, So Below” at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25, at the Marine “A” Elevator at Silo City Row in Buffalo. The voice/oboe duo Senso di Voce (“Sense of Voice”) will be presenting a new concert that connects ...
as above so below


The Futon Critic - 02 Aug 2018
The series premiere of "Lodge 49" airs Monday, August 6th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT titled "As Above, So Below." Dud finds himself deposited by fate at the doorstep of Lodge 49, a dusty fraternal order which offers cheap beer and strange alchemical philosophies.
as above so below

Global Volume Up 23% Today: PundiX and Wanchain Feel the Bounce

Hacked - 09 Aug 2018
The daily volumes have jumped an incredible 370% in the last 16 hours or so, rising from $1.7 million earlier this morning to the current volume of $8 million. As above so below – Binance BTC trades make up 78% of that $8 million volume, with Binance ...
as above so below

What Your Sign's August 2018 Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Allure Magazine - 30 Jul 2018
But just as all divination practices are based on the axiom “as above, so below,” the full moon in Pisces on Sunday, August 26 reminds us that our psyche is also a storage device. Under this electric sky, find the balance between your outward ...
as above so below

Don Paul: After brief cooldown, more heat is on the way.

Buffalo News - 18 Aug 2018
In a typical Great Lakes summer, we get more frequent interruptions of summer warmth and humidity by fresh, cool air masses from Canada, with lower dew points and below-average temperatures for several consecutive days. Generally, if we're in a muggy ...
as above so below

Review: Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans

Patheos (blog) - 15 Aug 2018
He maps these useful lessons above and below, to the aura, the body, the day, the week, the season, working with Spirits, working with coven-mates, and spiritual evolution throughout life. Most useful are the suggestions for how to work through the ...
as above so below

Panorama 2018 – The Comeback Kid

Mix 247 EDM - 05 Aug 2018
As Above, So Below by Kate Raudenbush was a Burning Man-style, purple pyramid in the center of the ground. Pixel Vortex by Windmill Factory was a large balloon drop with an aura reading installation. There was a sense of glee and delight present when ...
as above so below

Hedge Funds Short Yen Poised for Pain as Techs Signal Strength

Bloomberg - 19 Aug 2018
The pair's moving average convergence-divergence indicator, a gauge of momentum used by traders, has dropped below both the so-called signal line and zero -- bearish signs. When it last fell below zero in January, dollar-yen tumbled more than 6 percent ...
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The Ledger: Where the Rarest Coins Gleam

Fortune - 19 Aug 2018
A block below Central Park in Manhattan, an unassuming shop appears, from the vantage point of sidewalk passersby, old, dusty, and uninteresting. Yet it contains treasures. In billboard-laden New York City, the boutique's beige awning barely snatches a ...

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