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as above so below

'As Above/So Below' Stars Perdita Weeks

New York Times - 29 Aug 2014
The experience of watching “As Above/So Below” is much like observing a colonoscopy in the hands of a particularly inexpert and excitable physician. Instead of human intestines, we have the bowels of Paris — the mass cemetery known as the catacombs ...
as above so below

Kilkenny organic farm's rapeseed oil fit for a queen

Agriland - 17 Sep 2017
“In this context, disease and pest control in our crops could be summarised as 'as above so below'. Otherwise put, if the soil microbiome is really as alive, diverse and balanced as the biodiversity of the farm's ecosystem above ground, then natural ...
as above so below

Work Smarter

Seattle Weekly - 13 Sep 2017
Just because something's difficult doesn't mean it's impossible or not worth the trouble. Virgo, current ruler of our sky, understands that a secure building rises brick by brick, not overnight. This week as we approach a Virgo new Moon on Tuesday the ...
as above so below

Entertainment Calendar for Sept. 14

Gadsden Times - 14 Sep 2017
RITZ THEATRE: 7:30 p.m. Sept. 22-23 and 29-30 and 2:30 p.m. Sept. 24 and Oct. 1, Theatre of Gadsden presents “The Diary of Anne Frank”; $17 adults, $15 students and seniors; tickets available online at http://bit.ly/2vM2vi5; call 256-547-7469 for ...
as above so below

The Top Professions For Every Zodiac Sign

Beliefnet - 12 Sep 2017
You may have heard the phrase, “As above, so below”—this is a reference to the ancient idea that what happens in the heavens is connected to what happens here on Earth. This idea, which came about in Babylon in the 2nd century AD, is still popular ...
as above so below

Phoenix Forgotten (Blu-ray)

DVD Talk - 17 Sep 2017
Had Barber's film surfaced a decade or so ago, before the likes of Grave Encounters and As Above So Below pushed further with the capabilities of terror and tech within the concept, this antiquated hike through the late-night Arizona landscape might've ...
as above so below

What If METALLICA & IRON MAIDEN Swapped Vocal Styles?

Metal Injection.net - 31 Aug 2017
Jimmy P. Brown II has adopted a Gothic David Bowie-like vocals on his other releases as he also experimented with doom metal on one release Stay of Execution he introduced his Bowie style vocals and As Above So Below he combined the vocals with a ...
as above so below

An Imma show that's strong on skill but short on soul

Irish Times - 29 Aug 2017
So far, so good. But at this year's exhibition, you get the sense that the intellectual side of the selection process took over. To be fair, art works thrive in solo shows by their makers, where you can see or sense a cumulative narrative or experience ...
as above so below

Marie Connole to launch new exhibition at Clare Museum

The Clare Herald - 04 Sep 2017
Earlier this year her solo exhibition 'As Above So Below' featured for six months at the Irish Arts Center in New York City. She has been involved in several public art commissions and has exhibited in the National Gallery of Ireland, EVA International ...
as above so below

Unleash the Hounds! (link roundup)

The Wild Hunt - 03 Sep 2017
The article notes that one of Driver's works, As Above So Below No 1, is “a finalist in the Gallery M Open Contemporary Art Prize.” The BBC published a note and video reporting that “Paganism is the second most popular faith in southwest England.” As ...

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