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assassination nation

Assassination Nation review – social media revenge porn

The Guardian - 19 Oct 2018
Assassination Nation has got a little of the teen satire of Heathers, and there's a sense memory of 90s-00s suburban pictures such as Election, American Beauty and Ghost World. The bacchanalian violence belongs to a different type of movie – something ...
assassination nation

'Let It Burn': Assassination Nation and the Cinema of the End

Vulture - 27 Sep 2018
The marketing for Assassination Nation suggests an orgy of empowering ultraviolence: “You asked for it, America,” blare the posters, above an image of four young women in shiny red coats brandishing an assortment of deadly weapons. But is it a movie ...
assassination nation

Review: 'Assassination Nation': Privacy is all Relative

FanFest News (press release) - 24 Sep 2018
Assassination Nation is not a film for the faint of heart. Every trigger warning that the trailer contains occurs within the film, making it not only a wild ride to watch, but a rough one as well. The film touches on fears within our society and ...
assassination nation

'Assassination Nation' a sloppy, painful and worthless movie

The Breeze - 26 Sep 2018
Assassination Nation” definitely gave me a unique experience — I was the only one in the theater. After seeing the movie, it's understandable why considering its all-around abhorrent quality. “Assassination Nation” is a film with poorly written ...
assassination nation

'Assassination Nation' aims for discomfort

The Columbian - 30 Sep 2018
LOS ANGELES — “Assassination Nation” is trying to make you uncomfortable. The film even starts out with about a dozen “trigger warnings” previewing the horror that is to come in this internet age Salem witch trial about four teenage girls who become ...
assassination nation

Assassination Nation and the Cathartic Power of Female Rage

Jezebel - 25 Sep 2018
Witches are making a pop culture comeback, so it's not a surprise that Sam Levinson's Assassination Nation trades on that rudimentary metaphor as a starting point for this horror-comedy cum political manifesto. The film scoffs at any suggestion of ...
assassination nation

'Assassination Nation' displays proper representation of feminine rage

North Texas Daily - 27 Sep 2018
“I'm not a bitch, I'm a feminist.” “Assassination Nation” is the bastard son of “The Purge” who was raised by twisted “Mean Girls” and got simultaneously abused by “Heathers.” Chaos erupts after a number of malicious data hacks that expose the dirty ...
assassination nation

Assassination Nation Review: A Highly Stylized Wild Ride

Den of Geek US - 25 Sep 2018
Highly stylized but frequently clunky, Assassination Nation is at its best when it doesn't get too bogged down in ideology. The premise of a widespread data breach is in many ways the ultimate 21st century horror show, and writer/director Sam Levinson ...
assassination nation

Review: 'Assassination Nation' is a hopeless dystopia

The Ithacan - 26 Sep 2018
There are natural comparisons between “Assassination Nation” and “The Purge.” Both films are about average citizens turned murderous, are blatantly political and revel in ruthless, endless violence. But where there's hope in “The Purge” — hope that ...
assassination nation

On Eighth Grade, Assassination Nation & Everything Being Scary

The Bull and Bear - 18 Oct 2018
Burnham wrote and directed Eighth Grade and Levinson wrote and directed Assassination Nation, both released this year. I am not and never have been a teenage girl, but for some reason, these movies seemed to capture something that felt incredibly real ...
assassination nation

Up-and-Comer of the Month: 'Assassination Nation' Star Hari Nef - 29 Sep 2018
On January 22, following a screening of Assassination Nation at the Sundance Film Festival, I tweeted, “Hari Nef really impressed me in this film.” Well, it turns out, I wasn't the only one. Sam Levinson's femme-powered revenge movie left Park City ...
assassination nation

'Assassination Nation' explores internet-based attacks on women

Manhattan Mercury - 30 Sep 2018
Assassination Nation” is a style-first movie about its own uses of gore, its quick and sometimes multipanel editing, its fashion, its vaguely mechanical pop music and its willingness to rely on conventional and sketchy cliches about small-town life ...
assassination nation

Deadly Clicks in Levinson's “Assassination Nation”

High Plains Reader - 24 Sep 2018
Slipping and sliding through its blood-soaked climax, “Assassination Nation” attempts to reconcile the lurid and exploitative embrace of its milieu with an in-your-face polemic on the modern hellscape of rape culture and toxic masculinity. As channeled ...

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