Chris Cornell's Family Thinks Ativan May Have Played Role in Suicide. How Safe ... -

A guy in trouble

Marietta Times - 09 Jan 2018
He was 26 years old, killed, his mother thought, by an unintentional overdose of Ativan, an antidepressant. He was less than half a mile from medical help that might have saved his life, and his mother wants to make sure that anyone who doesn't know ...

Behind Valeant's Top US Diversified Products in 3Q17

Market Realist - 09 Jan 2018
In 3Q17, Ativan's YoY (year-over-year) revenues remained flat. Ativan (lorazepam) is used for the treatment of anxiety disorders. In 3Q17, Migranal generated revenues of $14 million, which was ~7% lower on a YoY basis and 7% lower quarter-over-quarter ...

Washington County woman reminds locals of Good Samaritan law

Parkersburg News - 14 Jan 2018
When Lenora Lada finally arrived, she found her son on the ground, his pockets turned out. Trey Moats died later at Marietta Memorial Hospital. He was 26 years old, killed, his mother thought, by an unintentional overdose of Ativan, an antidepressant ...

Branford nurse discplined for stealing opioid painkiller

New Haven Register - 20 Dec 2017
Kenny also practiced outside the scope of an RN when in May, she gave the same patient 10 tablets of Ativan, an anti-anxiety medication, without a doctor's order, the consent order said. Kenny also improperly gave the patient medical advice on how to ...

Ativan: What You Need to Know About Chris Cornell's Anxiety Pills - 22 May 2017
Ativan is the brand name for lorazepam, a type of benzodiazepine medication used foremost to treat severe anxiety and panic disorders in the short term. Benzodiazepines – or "benzos," as they're commonly called – are a broad class of highly-addictive ...

How to use Narcan — a Whitestown Fire Department PSA

Indianapolis Star - 11 Jan 2018
The drug is ineffective against overdoses of cocaine, amphetamine, Valium, Xanax, Ativan and other commonly abused drugs, Kaufmann said. Westrich said multiple uses of Narcan may be necessary in some situations, as well as the use of other advanced ...

Oswego police arrest Boulder Hill man following car burglary

Kendall County Now - 12 Jan 2018
The Drug Enforcement Administration defines Schedule IV drugs as those “with a low potential for abuse and low risk of dependence,” giving examples such as Xanax, Soma, Darvon, Darvocet, Valium, Ativan, Talwin, Ambien, and Tramadol. Police said ...

What Is Ativan? The Pill That May Have Killed Chris Cornell

Big Think - 30 May 2017
Furthermore, Vicki also said that before the Detroit show Chris had been making plans for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, and yet after the show he was slurring his speech and acting, in her words, "different," adding, "When he told me he may have ...

Savvy Senior: Don't eat this if you're taking that

The Keene Sentinel - 23 Dec 2017
Anti-Anxiety Medications: If you take medication for anxiety like Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, or generic alprazolam, clonazepam, diazepam or lorazepam, you should avoid alcohol. These medications act as sedatives, binding with the brain's natural ...

Ask the Doctors

Virgin Islands Daily News - 04 Jan 2018
These include, but are not limited to, opiates, benzodiazepines (Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, Xanax) and gabapentin, which is often used in diabetic patients for painful neuropathy. Further, pain itself can lead to feelings of depression. So take note of ...

Dad arrested after 2-year-old overdoses on Ativan

Lexington Herald Leader - 26 Aug 2017
A London man was arrested after his 2-year-old daughter overdosed on an anxiety medication Friday afternoon. The Laurel County sheriff's office said the toddler managed to get and take about 18 Ativan pills while being cared for by her father, Joshua ...

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